Friday, December 11, 2009

purrfectly sweet!

can you stand it? I just love these two babies! they are ....

and, yes.. I do think that little frannie pants is getting a little fat!
babies should be born about jan 17th!
I know you all are just as excieted as I am arent ya's??
they are gonna be ...
just as freaken cute as their mama and papa!
Left work at 2:00 today..
went christmas and grocery shopping ...
didnt get home til after 9:30.
then it took for ever to get everything in the house. It is nasty cold and super windy out! so many bags to carry in.. thought I might freeze to death doing it!
Anyways.. my house is a total mess.. I did get the groceries put away, and the other bags dumped in my craft room.. but it seriously is a mess everywhere I look it seems! Laundry in the bedroom, dishes in the kitchen, bags in the craft room, and empty bins of christmas stuff by the fireplace.
Tomorrow I have to get up early and clean!! then wrap! OH yeah.. and I have to pick a winner for the little pinkeep giveaway! I also have to take my car over to our friends house and hes going to fix the heat in it for me.. its not working right. then tomorrow night we have a christmas party to go to! On sunday.. I have projects to work on. laundry to do and hopefully well get our christmas tree. that sounds more like work then fun though! ok.. time to get ready for bed!
Nightie night all!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You have so much to do. I wish we were neighbors so I could help you with all of this. Have a good weekend and fun at your party....m..

Designs By CK said...

CUTE pics! :-)

Have a great weekend!

Chris (-:

Kai said...

Gloriaski, Viv! I'm exhausted just THINKING of all you have to do! Like Mary, I wish I lived near enough to help out! But you will have fun - I KNOW you will - whatever you have to do! I HAVE been reading your blog, just haven't had a chance to post many comments. Your new shelves are PERFECT and everything looks soooo festive! As for the kitties - you know I love 'em! Can't wait to see the babies! Don't get so tired you can't enjoy the festivities! HUGS!!!

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Nancy said...

Geez, this holiday season thing can exhaust a person!! Glad you get to enjoy a party in the midst of it. We are going to our 6th party this week tonight. Three more next week! Love those darling kitties of yours. Can't wait to see the new ones.
XO Nancy

Fran said...

OOOOOOOO!! Frannie is going to be a Mommy and Figgy a Daddy. How Sweet. Well, I wish I lived close by, I would have to come over when those babies are ready to be taken from Frannie and take one of the kittens home with me.Hehehehehe!!!
But I will just have to look on your blog and wish. I LOVE Cats.

Frannie & Figgy are THE CUTEST!!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, You have the cutest kitchen window ever! The shelves are perfect for all your wonderful decorating! EAK! I looked and looked again. I need more stuff! I am so happy you are out there to share your whimsical self with us! Elizabeth

Jacqueline said...

Oh, you are burning the Christmas lights at both ends. Bouncing through the holiday spirit, you go girl. I'll be out there with you soon...just starting my shopping tomorrow. Chilly here in my neck of the woods too. I don't like it one bit, Jack Frost can leave anytime!

natalea said...

oh no! with kittens- what will happen to you! HA! you may have to quit your job and stay home all day! Freakin cute! Freakin cute! Hehe- just harassing ya Viv! they will be adorable! (thanks for joining the v-day swap!) we gotta talk's been forever!
xo natalea

Lori said...

they are so sweet Viv...i can't wait to see the babies!!!