Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a shout out..for a friend....

Just a quickie post..
Anyone interested in a fun valentine swap?
Cathy Scalise of treasured heirlooms is hosting a valentine box swap..
click on the picture above..
or right here
to go check it out!
thats all for now folks!

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Creative Breathing said...

Viv, I asked if my style would be allowed in the Valentine Box swap - nervous but so fun. I see you do these all the time, and they look wonderful! So sorry, I couldn't stay up last night - for a rare change! Now look at my blog - too funny. Signed, Sweet Pea, E
PS You will never guess that my husband's nick name in HS was Sweet Pea because Tommy Roe came out with a song, "Oh, Sweet Pea, I love ya don't ya see, come on come on come on and be myyyy Sweet Pea" The poor guy's initials are PEA! Patrick Edwin!