Friday, December 18, 2009

Ornaments galore!

wow! Only 7 days before Christmas! It always seems so far away and then all of a sudden its so close.. Im sure this will be a hustle bustle weekend for most of us and we try to finish up the last minute shopping.. decorating and baking and wrapping! I know it will be for me.
I have had so many wonderful things come in the mail from swaps lately and I need to show them to you ... I'm getting backed up! so let me start with the two ornament swaps I did. the two pics above are not from those swaps, but are pieces that I made for a couple friends. I love the first one especially. I would like to make about 6 more of these over the weekend.. but I need more little tart tins! maybe i'll have to do some quick shopping in the morning!
Anyways! Here are the ornies from the 12 days of Christmas swap which I did with an amazing group of talented artists.. which I'm sure you can tell!

On the first day of christmas lori Guerin gave to me... A partridge in a pear tree!

On the second day of christmas Michelle Geller gave to me.. Two turtle doves!

ON the third day of christmas Zhulia Abrok gave to me.. Three french hens!

On the fourth day of christmas Melissa Merrill gave to me... four calling birds...
On the fifth day of christmas Lori Guerin gave to me (again).... five golden rings!

On the sixth day of christmas kathy Lowry gave to me.... 6 geese a laying!

On the seventh day of christmas Joanne Huffman gave to me... seven swans a swimming!

UMMMMMM.... On the eighth day of christmas.. Vivian killed the cow! Yes.. the eighth day was mine. I had a terrible time with my ornie and I hated them so I'm not posting it.. And not only that.. but I am going to come up with a better idea and will make new ones to send to each of the girls.. (it was so ugly and stupid that I hated to mail it!) so.. lets just move on!
On the 9th day of christmas Amy Huff gave to me.... Nine ladies dancing!

On the tenth day of Christmas Maureen Baranov gave to me... ten lords a leaping!
ON the eleventh day of Christmas ... Natalea Kandefor gave to me... 11 pipers piping!

And... finally.. on the 12th day of Christmas.. Sandy Camarda gave to me... 12 drummers drumming!
Arent they all wonderful??? I love each piece and feel like I have treasures! I will make up for the ugly cow .. I' promise girls!
OK.. so the next swap was done between 7 of us that are going away together in june.. we call ourselves the Niagara sisters.. so this was the niagara sisters christmas ornie swap! More amazing talent!
No theme for this one.. just christmas! this first ornie is from Jenny Kapinski ! cute !
This one was done by Amy Powers!
I made this one.. (and wont hide it from you this time!)

Martha Brown made this one....

Sandy Camarda did this one!
Natalea kandefor did these!
Oops.. these came with Sandy!

There is one more on the way .. by the fabulous Maija lepore. will show it when it comes..
SO thankful that today is friday.. I have a canker sore on the side of my tongue that hurts like heck.. ! Figgy is tucked into my bathrobe sitting here with me at the computer.. wish I could stay home like this all day! but today is our big christmas party that we throw for about 200 kids.. with hundreds of gifts (every child gets two!) and lots of pizza and cookies.. (none for me!) and of course Santa Claus, a clown with balloons and music, face painting, a coloring contest.. and prizes! I do the face painting with another girl.. which reminds me.. better grab my brushes!

I suppose I should get a move on here.. I need to go pack my healthy low points lunch! Hey GIRLIES!!!! I'm down 31.2 pounds now! isnt that amazingly awesome?? I'll be back over the weekend to show you more sweet stuff.. plus.. I need to show you alll the elves from the elf swap!
Happy Friday!


Lori said...

those are all so sweet Viv...i bet your tree is really looking gorgeous with all of those ornaments gracing it!!!

icandy... said...

These ornaments are all so wonderful, I couldn't pick a favorite, if I had to!
Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Persuaded said...

Oh Viv those are just so beautiful!! I should get into some of all of this wonderful crafty goodness... what fun to make and share things with other gals who love to do the same thing!

Have fun at the party... sigh, wish I had one or two of those little kiddos at my house this year. My "little" boy turns 11 in just a few days.. *cough*cough*cough* Surely that can't be true! I miss having a baby around the house soooo much, but I suppose those days are long gone for me:(

Designs By CK said...

Lovely decorations & pictures!

Have a great weekend & happy holidays Viv!

CK (-:

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Gorgeous stuff! Lovely!

kathy said...

WEll for starters --YAhoo !! 31 -- wonderful - I know you are proud of that --
** now reprimand -- "I LOVE MY CUTE COW and the bottle cap a delightful vintage addition --
I so struggled with my idea -- geese not my thing lol !!likewise not satisfied -- but my slow brain could not think of anything after I made a sample and ditched it of my first idea lol --
All those you have made too too cute -- have a fun day --kathy - ga ♥

LuLu Kellogg said...

Viv, everything looks so sweet and what a talented group of ladies! I don't think I can pick a favorite because they were all wonderful!

Merry Merry!

Sassafras and LuLu said...

HI Viv, I could not comment on one ornament just because they are each one, a work of beauty!! How special and great additions for Christmas. That is what I so love when I am able to get back into this world or creative girls, so inspiring.
Your work is lovely as always too!
hugs, Carol

Sassafras and LuLu said...

Oh, Congrats on the weight loss..I put lots of miles in walking when I can, that is almost the only way for me. hugs again, Carol

Mica said...

they are all quit delightful...wishing you a merry weekend! Mica

Libby Buttons said...

Oh such sweet ornies. Ill bet you were thrilled to open all that mail. I do hope my littlest "elf" gets to you soon. I'm such a crummy swapper this year but still better than last year huh?!! LoL. Ill bet no one asks me next year!

Sabii Wabii said...

Don't you just love seeing how clever everyone is! I think I've seen it all then I get online and check out the bloggers! Love it.
Hove and wonderful Christmas.

ceebee said...

lots of nice handmade ornaments you have.

GracedLace said...

Gorgeousness, Viv!!

Sandy Michelle said...

First of all I can't believe you didn't post your cow orni cause it was ADORABLE! If anything my drum orni was nasty! Anywho, have fun at the party and I can't wait to see the elf ornis, Merry Christmas dear friend!

Sandy xox

Susan said...

What great ornaments. They are all so nice. Such talented ladies!

Way to go! Losing that much, happy for you. Keep it up.

Creative Breathing said...

Holy Merry Christmas Vivian! I am agog with wonderment at all of the beautiful and clever ornaments. Oh, I have so much to learn. Time, I need more time, and a bigger tree! Seeing your snow bear cone reminds me of how excited I am to own one of your pincushions. You are just my Queen of Inspiration, and I already can't wait for Valentine's Day creations from you! YAHOOOOO! Elizabeth

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness, Vivian!!! What a treat was waiting for me over here!! I can't get over all the lovely things, both from your Swaps and your decorating around the house. I love, love, love your LM collection. And thanks for letting me know about the other kind of you!!
Take care,
Mary Lou

Cheryl said...

Wow~ Now... your needing to go back and give links to all those wonderful artists so I can go check them out!

Jacqueline said...

Calling all gnomes...I'm gathering them from Gnomeland to see the Elf Swap...I have been waiting with anticipation to see it! Merry Christmas Viv, ~Jacqueline~

Natasha Burns said...

They are all completely adorable Vivian!
And congrats on the 31 lbs! That's really awesome!!!
Have a great Christmas and New Year!