Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elizabeths tags are done...

Hopefully, I will get really ambitious in the next half an hour and get them packed up and ready to go into todays mail! (but, yeah, dont count on it! lol) Busy weekend this weekend. I'm on call and have to go out in the field soon as I get myself dressed and then I have to go help my daughter with her moving.
Though, I must say that I am not cut out for that kind of stuff! Remember, I was a princess switched at birth. My body isnt supposed to do any kind of physical labor! And other then packing or unpacking.. I'm about useless to her. I carried some things up and down stairs last night.. and I'm an aching princess this morning! So say some prayers that some good strong able bodied men show up to help this afternoon and that all goes well! I'm sure it'll go well. But for now on.. everyone that moves and wants me involved, needs to hire movers!

Well, I'd like to stay around and chit chat with ya' all this morning, but Im already way behind in my plans for today and I havent eaten breakfast yet and I'm really hungry! so off I go to eat and work.. and move.. (doesnt sound like fun does it?) I hope everyone has a more fun day then i do planned. I'm missing a doll show today too.. I could have gone, but it would be a pain to fit it in, and really.. do I need another little doll somewhere in my house? (well... I do.. ) but I wont!
Have a great day sunshiney day everyone!!


Valarie said...

Hi sweet have my sympathies. Nothing is worse than moving to me. I dread when my children say they are moving yet again. I lifted my 6'3" son into the shower last night, and pulled something in my back....I will be resting all day. aagh.
xxoo Valarie

Cathy said...

Hi Pumpkin,

Think of all the exercise you will be getting today, unlike myself who is sitting on her behind blogging. YOU GO PRINCESS VIV!

I'm down 3.

xo Cath

Sandy said...

Oh Viv!
These are so darn cute!!!!! I just love them!!!!!!! They make mine kind of plain...but I am who I am ! :) I was royalty switched a birth too.....:)
I can't wait to see the set together....come on Easter!

icandy... said...

These are so wonderful~ you have been busy!! Now, I am doing... nothing... I need to get inspired and quick!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I wasn't meant to do stuff like that either! At least you will sleep good after all that work!


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Viv. They are so sweet. I always love your creativity. I sure wish I would have joined this one.

Have a sweet Sunday. Hugs...Tracy :)

Sandy Michelle said...

Cute tags! What a great idea for a swap! as for the move, maybe the exercise will help you lose more weight..yeahhh!!

Happy Sunday!
Sandy xo

Creative Breathing said...

VIVIAN!!!! Can you see my smile in NY? EAK! what cute tags. It means so much to me that you added your special art to our swap. Your tea pot is my favorite colors! Lucky me! Paula Clare is making tags as well; so I won't mail out until I have hers. Tomorrow we go to see TSG sworn in, I hope she let me take at least one picture. Too funny to picture you moving your daughter! They are growing up Viv. We did a good job! Have a great week ahead! E

Lydia said...

Very cute tags...and of course, kitties:)

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