Thursday, March 11, 2010


Some times Im just out of whack I guess! I just cant seem to get it together lately. I'm not sure what my problem is to tell the truth. I just am so behind in everything. my house is a mess, the laundry needs to be done, there are dishes in the sink, christmas bins on the porch.. Christmas garlands still up outside..
I used to be so much more with it then I seem to be lately. Im fine, theres nothing physically or mentally wrong with me, (though some may beg to differ!) I really just need a fairy God mother. or a magic wand. There simply is not enough time or energy in a day. Well, at least tomorrow is friday. Hopefully I'll get caught up on the weekend. My plan is to stay home all weekend and putter. ( I seem to say that alot!) Tomorrow morning before I go to work I'll clean the bathroom and run the vacuum (and do those dishes if I dont do them in a minute!) Theres really only a few in the sink .. it was just hubby and I for dinner. (oh and dinner was so good! steaks on the grill, asperagus and baked sweet potatos! mmm!) The problem is I just dont feel like doing them.
That is the whole problem! I just dont feel like doing a lot of things.. I just want to play and have fun. OH well.. work before play.. right? Its really not that bad. If I get right up in the morning, I can get 3 hours of house work in before I leave for work! then when I get home I can get the wreaths and the garlands off the front of the house.. then saturday morning I can get my son or husband to move all the christmas bins into storage for me. Then, I can do what I want.
So what do I want to do?? finish up swappy things of course! And work on an easter project. I have a bunch of things to work on. I do need to go to bonton too. but maybe I can go right after work tomorrow. Course if I do that then the christmas stuff outside wont get done til saturday!
Are you still here with me?? what a whine box I am tonight! just a little huh?
I wonder how all my bunny swappers are doing on their bunnies. Hey? Has it been quiet out here in blog land? Seems like it to me. Maybe just because Ive been so busy.
I lost another pound this past week! but its all coming off very slowly now. Now that the weather is getting nicer I'll get more walking in and hopefully that'll help to speed things up a little.
K.. thats all for tonight bloggie buds.. I have cozy bed full of kitties to cuddle with! Hubbys asleep on the couch.. He'll wake up some time in the middle of the night and stumble in.. till then its me and them!
nightie night!


Julie said...

I'm feeling your pain, Viv! There's just too much to do! I don't think your priorities are out of whack--I just think there's not enough time!!! I'm feeling it too--sometimes I just stand there with my head spinning with all the things I need/want to do...and do nothing!

We'll be fine--think I'll go work on my tags! Hope you have fun sleeping with all your sweet kitties!

Jacqueline said...

I've started my bunny swap item....just started it!
Now, here is my recommendation for the tired out and overwhelmed craft it goes...get ready...HIRE YOURSELF A WIFE! Yes, I did it and I'm not living in the land of rich but I got sick of spending my time cleaning on my days off and I found a beautiful willing 22 hr old gal in need of work that I've come to trust. She worked for a hotel and she makes a bed like a sargent! It's the best thing I've done for myself in years and now my off work hours are free to play and nurture friendship and blogships and marriage etc...She only charges me $10 per hr and I have her minimal but I'm not cleaning 3 bathrooms or pushing a Kirby anymore. Yippeeee!

icandy... said...

Everyone deserves to take a break from the everyday and fall behind a bit, Viv... no'll all come around. Too bad that you can't recruit all those kitties to get some work done! :)))
Love and hugs, tomorrow is a new day!

Sandy said...

I agree with you! I just want to play! But I know better....but I am blessed my husband finally got me someone to clean the house...with my RA it took me so long and I couldn't really clean- clean, if you know what I mean. By the time I got done I had to start all over again! It is such a treat! Now if I could find a cook! LOL Your schedule has me exhausted! are a busy lady!
And yes, it is quiet right now on the blogs I follow the most....I think everyone is just waiting for spring to show up in most of the country. Have a great weekend and hope you get caught up!

Cottage Cozy said...

We all just fall into a funk at's will pull through...don't will have more e energy soon. Meanwhile...enjoy those kitties!

♥zoe♥ said...

Hello Viv!
Our last night dinner dishers it's still in my sink too..*lol*You're not the only one my dear frd:) Yes! i hate why my time always isn't enough for me in a day! I hate to feel tired and i'm enjoy my whole day playing around in my craftroom too. We're just the same i wish someone can help me to do all the house work instead of me alone. I adore your beautiful Easter tree and those cute ornaments too adorable of all of them:)
Lovely happy weekend for you!


Jingle said...

I've been there and I know how you feel! I attempted to just clean my desk in my studio last night. I managed to unbury it, but all I found was a messy desktop under the piles! HA! I left it that way. I was tired. LOL! I can tell you that I have started my bunny and I'm excited about it!!!

Cathy said...

Hi Viv,

Hey if you get two of the things done on your list, I'll call it a day, then go back to playing with Easter stuff. lol

Have a great weekend.

xo Cath

~~Carol~~ said...

So glad to see that there's someone else like me, who would rather play than do chores! It'll all still be there tomorrow. And the next day. Have fun! Your Easter decorations are just gorgeous!
Have a great weekend!

kathy said...

VIV yes trying to come up for air here -- !! I think it is quieter in Blogland - as we are all juggling things -- and trying to do our swaps stuff -- for spring and bunny swaps -- for me
2 down - 3 to go -- but they are managable -- in different stages --yikes -- not posting right either -- and kids crafts to get together for church Sunday -
LOve your Easter decorations -- you have inspired me to do one for a friend - such cute chicks !! Kathy - ga ♥KAthy - ga ♥

Julie said...

Are you trying to make me feel better Viv??? I had to laugh when I read your Christmas garland was still up. I sadly downsized my decor this year knowing I would have been in the same did all the decorations minus the tree. Honestly - that is the ONLY reason my Christmas stuff is packed!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian! I have so missed blog hopping! Even the mouse hurts my wrists. Your house is so cute when you don't have to time to mind it. It means you are busy creating all your most wonderful holiday fare. Viv, I hope you know in the bottom of your heart how truly talented you are and how much you inspire us all! Have a great weekend cleaning! Thanks for the kindness! E

Susan said...

Heck with the dishes, start using paper plates! :)

Congrats on the 1 pound. Slow for me too, only an 8th of a pound this week. UGH!

I sure hope your weekend is full of play! I love your decorations, everything is so colorful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

~*~ Sandy ~*~ said...

Wow- thos kittens got big so fast! They're gorgeous!