Monday, March 15, 2010

obsessed with food!

There I go taking pictures of my meal again! I'm just soo obsessed with food. I think about it way too much! At least I'm making mostly better choices these days. and when Im thinking about food, I'm thinking whats lots of stuff thats low in points so I can eat alot! Im allowed to have 23 points a day. That should change to 22 tomorrow when I weigh in. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!! Its been really slow going here lately. Last week I lost a pound.. the week before I gained about 1/2 a pound. I've been walking a lot now that the weather is changing. Some of the girls at work and I have been walking on our lunch hours. And tonight I came home and walked for 45 minutes before dinner.

I ate a lot today. Do you want to know what all I had?? Ok.. I'll tell you.. (even if you didnt want to know!) for breakfast I had a small banana and a cranberry vitatop muffin I also munched on some sliced red peppers. Then for a snack I had a peanut butter choc fiber one bar and swiss miss diet hot choc. (sooo good!). Then for lunch I had a bowl of the soup that i pretty much live on for lunches and my fluffy stuff jello with a couple grahm crackers and a WW cheese stick. then for a snack I had a 1 pt bag of micro wave popcorn. After work I went to wally world and ended up buying a box of special K bars and ate one of those on the way home.
Then for dinner, I had a yummy salad, a couple of jenny o turkey lite hot dogs.. (very good by the way!) and sauerkraut! all so yummy! and you can see above two of my very favorite condiments! then for a snack a little while ago I had hot air popcorn (no points!) I feel like I eat all day long.. well I do eat all day long. but always with in my points! Anyways.. just thought Id ramble on about that for a few minutes! because Im obsessed! But I have lost over 40 pounds.. so I'm doing ok! 30 more to go by summer . The weight came off so easy in the beginning.. now its soooo slllooowwww to come off! but I wont give up.. no I wont!

heres a few pictures from dinner last night. this is robby and his girlfriend Tiffany.

me and Jennifer!

Bethanys boyfriend Torrie.. (HI TORRIE! Youre on my bloggie!) and tonys girlfriend Vanessa

And, tony and bethany.
I suppose I should get off the computer and get ready for bed. Cant wait for friday. But at least the weather is supposed to be really nice all week here and especially nice on the weekend! maybe I'll get some raking around the house done! yeah.. probably not.. I'm sure I'll be here working on a project of some sort.
see yas later!


Jacqueline said...

One thing I love about you Viv, is you always let us see the REAL YOU! No fluff, just you in the raw and I like that!
I did email my swap partner but not reply. I'm hoping our emails are not in a mess but she may just be busy. I wanted you to know that I did email her again. Night night...back to work in the morning but it's been a happy go lucky two days off!

Diane said...

Always enjoy your food posts, Thanks for taking the time to share sweetie. Are all kittens gone yet? Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Sandy said...

Good for you! I need to get serious about my get to eat a lot during the day. Weight Watchers worked when I was younger, I guess I can give it a try again....:)

Luna, Luzie and Olli said...

This food looks so yummy. I love Bratwurst(sausages) and Sauerkraut too:o)
Maybe I should better have to walk for 45 min before dinner too.

Love the bunny in the glass cloche in the sunday post.

早餐 said...
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Farmchick said...

You look great Viv...and you are doing so well on your diet...good for you! :) Come say hi........

Kai said...

You are ADORABLE! I love your fun posts & I'm so proud of your great progress! Boy do you EVER look AWESOME! Jacqueline was 100% RIGHT - you are so completely real, & that's the most beautiful & charming thing a person can ever be! LOVE YOU!

barbara burkard said...

i LOVE food's like art!!! love your is finally getting warmer....and we've been walking walking walking...see what an inspiration you are? (i take food pics hugz!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Oh, my. I think I should do this. I could stand to loose at least thirty-forty pounds (I lost about twenty-five last year through extreme dental pain starvation). I hardly eat and I gain but I have terrible I don't eat all day. I have been doing much better ad lost two pounds but I think would really be wise to do Weight's just jumping in and doing it. I posted a nasty good sweet on mhy blog so don't come over.

Love seeing the pictures of your kids.


bethany said...

everyone looks so nice @ dinner but honestly ... i must say i look the best! haha

oh and torrY says ... niccce.


Twinkle Pink said...

thank you for visiting me - i love your saying at the top of your blog - do you really keep the christmas wreath out that long ?

best wishes Ginny (uk)