Sunday, July 3, 2011


Good morning blogland! What a gorgeous day were going to have here. I love the 4th of july. and we have been so lucky over the years, I really can only remember one time in the last 26 years getting rain on this day.
All my salads and goodies are finished and ready to go . I need to wrap a couple late birthday gifts for my besties and find something to wear. most of the day my fat butt will be wallowing around in my bathing suit, but in town, I must wear clothing! lol! dont want to scare anyone away!

We had a beautiful day yesterday at my aunts cottage and we all went! well, no, we didnt all go, Jens husband didnt.. and he was very missed, my aunt and cousin Erinn really wanted to meet him. ( you see that Tony Trupo? we missed you yesterday! lol.. he reads my blog!) we ened up taking four different vehicles! that always annoys me to take so many cars. but what ever! Its so pretty at my aunts cottage. The water was gorgeous. A few of us went out and floated around. FUN!! You have to wear water shoes though, cause theres all these tiny little clam shells that cut your feet. I didnt have water shoes but did wear my rubber sandals in, but still managed to get one of my feet cut. its sort of like a papercut.. ouwie! and my sandals are squeaking now!!
Baby torry didnt like the lake water. we took him to some fireworks the other night and he didnt cry, but he did look a little worried or confused. actually yesterday he wasnt himself and we're wondering about his ears because he kept pulling on them. poor baby. GOD I LOVE HIM!! Hes soooo freaken sweet.
So I hope little t-pie is feeling better today. weve got a big day planned. Bethany plans on having him in the pool, though I'm thinking he might not like the cold water.

I thought it would be fun to dress up Torrys stroller like a parade float. but Bethany said no, and big torry said he wouldnt push it if I did. really?? what fun are they anyways? raining on grammy pie's parade!! lol!

Geez.. maybe next year rob and tiffany will let me dresss up their babys stroller..
Speaking of pies, I wish I had made a couple for today, a blueberry and a cherry. why didnt I think of that before this morning!

I suppose I could go buy a couple. but nah... we dont really need them.. .. right?

OK.. girlies .. Do have a Delightful Day!!

Im off to visit some bloggies now.. see you there..



Kim K. said...

Have a lovely 4th! Sounds like it's been a busy and fun weekend for yoru family. I'm enjoying all your patriotic decor! I think you need to do a stroller makeover. I'd be there with crepe paper and mini flags in hand!!

Kai said...

First of all, you are in NO way FAT, Viv Neroni! So you wear that swimsuit PROUDLY because you are BEAUTIFUL! Mama Kai SAYS so! Second, I hope Torry's feeling fine today! You are SO ready for the celebrations! I'm celebrating over here, too, but in a very quiet way 'cause it's just too freakin' HOT and HUMID to do much of anything! HAVE A FUN, FUN DAY! Love you!!!!

Cindy said...

Have a great 4th, Viv! It sounds like you are all set to do just that!
I'm like you, I always think of something I should have done at the last minute. And then, say "I'll do that next year." I need to keep a list at this point. I'm too old to remember everything I want to do.

Sabii Wabii said...

Hey Viv...very cute blog post and photos. Where do you store all your cute things?
Happy Independence, we are sooo fortunate!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy 4th my beautiful friend!!

I am loving the little 4th tree!!


kandeland said...

I just LOVe that patriotic Charlotte! I'm glad you have been having fun getting together and enjoying the weather! It's been gorgeous. Have fun today, xo nat

Valarie said...

Hi make me laugh so much. I would love to see a baby stroller that you decorated. xxoo Valarie

Lori said...

Love all the 4th of July decor - such pretty goodies! I think the stroller makeover sounded like a fabulous idea!

Lisa said...

Happy 4th Viv! What a fun idea to decorate the baby's stroller. I never think of stuff like that - you have the best ideas. :)

Suz said...

How beautiful! Now all we needed to complete the day was a picture of Torey Pie dressed in red, white and blue. Can you make it happen, Viv?

Katie @ said...

Hi, this is my first time to your blog. I love that little red, white & blue tree. The ornaments are awesome! Did you make them? They are great.

Holly Loves Art said...

I hope you had a wonderful post. Love seeing all this patriotic pretty-ness!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Adorable tree with AWESOME ornaments! and, I love your story about the baby. I want a new grandbaby. I am living in my bathing suit, too! Ya gotta love summer! Hugs, Patti