Saturday, July 9, 2011

here I am..

hello girls.. did you miss me? I feel like I've been missing, though Ive been here everyday, I havent had anything interesting to post about! Dont I look tired in the pic? its because I am! thats what I look like right now! Ive got nothing else to share with ya, picture wise...

Today, I decided to buy new flooring for the kitchen which turned out to be a pretty major project for my hubby. But I must say that he is a trooper. I thought it would be pretty easy, but he had to take out the old floor right down to the base, which ended up being three layers of old floors, (the house was built in about 1890). anyways, then he had to put down new underlayment, which he is still working on. the floor will be finished tomorrow sometime. (I think) Which I think is pretty good since I just decided to do it at 7:00 this morning. lol!

so, I went and bought the stuff and then left for a grad party and didnt come home until 9:30 tonight! he was still working on it when I got back.

Tomorrow is beach day!! I cant wait to just veg out there. Bethany, Torry and Torry pie are coming, Jennifer , her husband and his kids are coming and my dear friend and her two daughters are coming. should be a perfect day!

but for now.. I think I'm going to take a shower and go to bed.. night all sweet dreams!!

speaking of dreams.. I had the weirdest dream this morning! I wish I could remember it. Oh well night again!


Cindy said...

Enjoy the beach..close your eyes and nap..listening to the water.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Mica said...

I alway's miss ya...tee gotta show us your new floor. Have a great time at the beach, drink plenty of water and use sunscreen...Hey, if you want to participate in ten on is her blog:

Hugs doll! Mica

Kim K. said...

Have a lovely day at the beach. We'll be sweating at a Harry Potter themed baseball game. Be sure to take lots of floor pics. I can't wait to see the big reveal.

Kai said...

You must have read my mind 'cause I kept checking after you deleted that one post (yes, I saw it & commented on it) and I was getting worried about you! Glad to see you so I didn't have to send out the Marines to find you! LOL! Your hubby is AWESOME! Can I borrow him to take out our carpet & refinish the wood floors? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Guess not, huh? Can't wait to see your new flooring! HAVE FUN AT THE BEACH!!!! Love you!

Scrap for Joy said...

Torry is getting so big and cuter all the time. Enjoy your day at the beach today....just relax and drink cold beverages. This week went way too fast for I guess the rest of the summer will fly by, too.
Happy Sunday!

Debby said...

Have fun with everyone at the beach. Takes some pictures of Torrie Pie.

Sandy said...

Can't wait to see the floor, your house ws built in the 1800's???? WOW! I would love to have a tour sometime....Adore those old houses! Have a great week Viv! Sandy

kandeland said...

hope you got to the beach today!xo