Thursday, July 28, 2011

waiting for Sandy!

new floor 1

while I'm waiting for sandy camarda to get here, (which should be any minute!)

summer 10

I thought Id take a minute to say hi here and to show you my new kitchen floor! It so much brighter out there now! took a couple extra shots around the house. How do you decorate for summer?

summer 9

after I put the fourth of july stuff away, I just throw seashells everywhere. this is about as " plain as my house gets! " all the rest of the year there are holidays to decorate for!

summer 4

I need to get some really big seashells somewhere. A bunch of them and maybe some coral too. And maybe I would like to collect the little ceramic or porcelain (whatever they are) bathing girls from like the 50's. I really dont know when they were made, but I dont think I've ever seen any anywhere except for on blogs and in magazines.


When Sandy gets here were going to pick up Jennifer, stop to see Torry pie and then head out to do some shopping and out to paneras for a late lunch. Ive already made chicken salad and pasta salads for tonight. and I made some blueberry muffins this morning.. mmmm! I ate two of them! We were going to go to the beach today too, but its RAINING!! but cant complain, God know we really need the rain.


I have some yummy fruit for our breakfast for tomorrow and after that we'll be heading off to nataleas for the weekend. I have crafty things to show you, but cant show you until I get back from nats. Cant ruin their surprises..

summer 7

OH! and I received a package in the mail from Sweet Kai from her vacation in a box swap. Thank you Kai! youre a doll! I'll post pics when I show the rest of the stuff!

til then, have a great weekend all! I know I will!


dum de dum de dum.... hurry up sandy!! lol!


Kim K. said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun things planned. Enjoy your shopping while dodging the raindrops. Your pictures are just delightful.

Diane Mars said...

You girls have loads of fun... wish I was tagging along. Hugs, Diane

LuLu Kellogg said...

When you see her, give her a big 'ole hug from me!! And then tell her to hug you and that will be from me also! You girls have FUN!! I got to meet Sandy in person earlier this year and she's so gorgeous and sweet. I just hope that I will get to meet you also one day!


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Can't wait! See you tomorrow! SO exciting!

Cindy said...

You guys have a good time! It sounds like fun, can I come too? LOL!
I think your floor looks great. My hubby put in laminate a few years ago and I love it.

Lisa said...

Oh, I'm sure you are all going to have such a good time! I can hardly wait to look at everyone's blogs to see what you all create this weekend.
Your new floor looks great - it's always so nice to have completed projects, isn't it!?!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Have FUN!
A crafting weekend sounds wonderful!! I'm jealous..
Deb :)

Kai said...

Floor looks AWESOME! Good JOB, hubby! What a sweetheart you are! I hope you & Sandy have a blast today and the rest of the weekend at Natalea's! Sigh ... Kai wants to be there tooooooo! LOL!

Sandy Michelle said...

Vivian! I'm reading your blog from YOUR HOUSE! I had a BLAST today with you and 'J.Lo', and your house is so 'friggen cute'!! Can't wait for more fun tomorrow at 'Lucy's'!!

Saaaaaiyndeee xoxox

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Aw...girl time!!! Have fun! So glad your little Torry pie is home and doing great. : )

Barbara said...

i'll be there in spirit!!! can't wait to see the pictures!!!!! WHEEEE!!!

Julie said...

have fun! You need to make one of those sea shell wreaths too!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, you make me smile as no one else can. Who knew to decorate for summer! You absolutely are cute inside and out. Happy dance for your new floor. It only took me 16 years to get a new one~wahoo! Have a great weekend! E

Jacqueline said...

The anticipation of waiting for Sandy almost put you over the edge...ha! I had to smile, you could just feel the anticipation of fun to be had popping off your blog.

You can always count on Viv to pop out the cute goods any month and shells are in! I was in such a quandary this year because we have had such limited summer weather. Not hot at all like the rest of the good ol' USA. It's raining in the 60's and does not feel like summer weather so I bagged the idea of a seashell wreath for my front door and put a gnome on it instead! You may not be able to count on warm August weather but you can always count on a gnome for any ol' holiday in the good ol' USA!