Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love 4th of july weekend!

Isnt this star awesome? I got it from my dear friend Kelly on flickr. I sent her one of the firecracker dogs and she sent this. I love it! I love swapping every holiday with her! such fun!!

I'm looking forward to this weekend! starting out doing stuff around the house. but hoping to run down to the lake for an hour or so a little later. I have to get a few grocerys to make all of the 4th of July goodies.. Strawberry Jello pretzel dessert, brocoli salad, pasta salad, maybe a fruit tart, meat, rolls, etc... oh.. and a trip to the liqour store for some pina colodas or mudslides or both! (we arent really big drinkers, but we like to sip on fun drinks for the 4th!),

Looks like the weather is going to be perfect for the 4th and really for most of this weekend. some late afternoon rain today and morning rain tomorrow. We'll be heading out to my aunts cottage for the day tomorrow, and then Monday we always spend the day with our bestest friends and their families.

Our town celebrates the 4th of july with a big parade.. (lots of noisy firetrucks!) then theres lots of stuff going on all day long, concerts and shows, chicken bbq, a craft show, vintage car show and tractor pulls, all followed by a huge fireworks display. we bring in thousands of people for the day and mostly the night. always a lot of fun. we start out at the parade, walk through the craft show then go home pack up all the goodies, swimsuits and towels and head down the road to our friends who have the most gorgeous home and property and we spend the rest of the day there until the fireworks. we float around in the pool sipping those sweet frozen drinks and we pig out! (ok.. well, thats what I do! ) lol! I wonder if Torry pie will mind all the noise of the firetrucks and fireworks. I hope it doesnt scare him. fingers crossed. I imagine it will though.

I hope everyone has a blast this weekend!

see yas later!


Jane said...

All your patriotic vignettes are so colorful and sweet - always fun to visit your blog!
Have a wonderful July 4th celebration!

Debby said...

Love your decorations. That drummer boy is so cute. Happy 4th.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oooooo, I wanna come play at your house!

Happy 4th Sweetie!


Suz said...

I love it all, Viv, but where's the baby???

kandeland said...

have fun Viv! the weather has been so nice...I can see it out my window at least! xo

Samantha said...

Your 4th of July decorations are so cute!
Have a great 4th!!!

Kim K. said...

I love all your patriotic decor. We're home and digging out from beach sand and dirty laundry. Have a lovely 4th of July weekend!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Sounds like a very FUN weekend!
You have a nice collection of 4th goodies.
Happy 4th!

jenneroni said...

Mooooom...make all of your blog people vote for Torry!!!

He's climbed back up to #86 or something (from 344 or something like that). You need to make people vote for his sweet adorableness! Put it on flickr too!

Scrap for Joy said...

Your decorations are all so those Lori Mitchell figures. They always make me laugh. Sounds like yu have an action packed 4th coming up. I agree with your last post about the water being relaxing...I feel the same way!
Enjoy Viv!

Michelle said...

Viv you corner the market on cuteness no matter what the holiday! Hope you have a wonderful day Monday!

Kai said...

You know, I never ASKED what your MIDDLE name is. Now I know why! I already KNOW it - it's FUN! Vivian Fun Neroni! Yeppers! I tell you all the time how much I want to just walk through your house & drool over all the darling things! Sigh. I STILL DOOOOOO! Have a GLORIOUSLY FUN 4th, Viv! I just LOVE you!

Cindy said...

Sounds like you will be having a good time. We are having all the kids and baby Tad over for a cook out, swimming and some of those frozen drinks!

BlackCrow said...

Happy 4th of July Vivian!!! Love your decorations, as usual they are just gorgeous! Thank you for visiting my blog today...bears are for sale, a couple will be in my etsy shop and the others I've made to sell locally. Ned says meow and thank you for asking after him...I've not seen the culprit back since, but I've a bucket waiting! cheerio