Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello all.. sorry I've not been around. I guess I've been busy. Tony finished the kitchen floor. what a huge difference. I can believe how long I put up with the old floor. It turned out that there were three floors on top of what was probably once a beautiful hard wood floor. would have taken a lot of time and money to restore that old floor. In any case I like what we have down now and it makes the kitchen much brighter.

My back /hip went out last week and is driving me insane. Add the heat to that and Ive not been the most pleasant person around. Which is part of the reason I've not been on the computer much, first of all Im not comfortable sitting here and second of all, I dont have much interesting to say!

Yesterday beth had impacted wisdom teeth pulled so I babysat Torry pie.. (not good on the already messed up back!) and he has a little cold so he wasnt in the most pleasant mood either! but he and I muddled through the hot day and just hung out! I let him play in the sink for a little bit to cool him off. He is the sweetest little thing.. I just adore him!

well, I've got to leave for work soon. oh joy joy joy... hopefully tonight I'll be able to get on here and do some blog hopping! i miss all my bloggy buds!

see yas later!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Love me some Torry Pie!!! He's sooooo adorable!

Oh honey...I hope your back/hip gets better quick!

Sending Love!

kathy said...

he is so adorable -- hope you get to feeling better soon -- Hugz -- Kathy - ga ♥

Kim K. said...

Sorry to read about your hip/back. I hope you're feeling better soon. Your grandson is just too darn cute. This heat is insane. I'm not ready for fall (I'm loving the girls easy breezy schedule with my Mr. Mom) but I'd love to have a bit of relief from this humidity. Congrats on the new floor too!

Cindy said...

So sorry about your back. Hope it is better soon.
Torry is getting so big! He's a doll.

Debby said...

Love a baby in the kitchen sink. Hope you feel better. The heat doesn't help.

Fran said...

Hope your back and hip feels better soon. Torry Pie is the cuties. He looks like he would be so lovable.

Wanna see pics of your new floor.
Hugs, Fran

Suz said...

What a little bundle of joy! He is getting so big. My gosh. Sorry about the hip and back. It's hard getting older, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hip and back pain is so debilitating. I hope you feel better soon.


Jacqueline said...

Hey Viv,
I'm with ya. I've been telling folks I'm off in the wilderness. Life has throw some really crappy garbage my way between ants invading our home, some developer trying to take Gnomeland away and make us put down grass and my dog having seizures, my husband having to fire my friends son...on and on...I keep searching for good things to report when the storm is raging.
I know your heat is horrible. I hear it from so many bloggers. Here in Washington were in the late upper 50's and 60's it's so pathetic. We totally are missing summer! A very odd year indeed.

Keep your chin up and keep looking up to the one who loves you most.