Thursday, August 4, 2011

creating and gifting at Nats garden party!

a few more pictures here! At nats, sandy showed us how to make resin rings.. she brought the sweetest little tiny frozen charlottes along that we used. my pictures are not so great, so be sure to hop over to nats to check hers out!

Love this picture of sandy pouring resin!

And this one, getting bubbles out with a flame! shes soooo smart!

We also did another craft with Natalea, we made these little books. I wish I had pics of everyones. I didnt get mine finished there, but have worked on it a little more here. It needs more.. which I will get to at some point.. but til then, heres some pics. these oh so cute little packages were supply bags made up for us by our awesome hostess!

heres how mine looks so far...

Then there were the gifts! Gifts actually happened on friday night, but I dont feel like moving them all to the top of this post!

Check out all the awesome wrapping!

We drooled for a few hours while waiting to open them all!

Everyone put their heart and soul into making these special for each other!

These were from Heather! sweet supplies!

From Tabitha! more sweet supplies!

From Natalea! the sweetest little sewn journals!

From Tammy, sweet packaging and ...

beautiful cuff bracelets!

From Sandy! (stole this pic from nat, mine didnt come out well!) cute stuffies!

this is what i made for everyone! (no, I did not make these bears!)
from me

And we all got a surprise as one of my dearest blogger bugs, Barb Burkard, sent each of us one of these sweet little hangings!

Short and sweet here, because now I have 15 minutes left to get ready for work!! and I have to feed the bird and water plants too... so gotta run.. but hope you enjoyed the pics.. part three to come later.. the gardens!

chow for now!

(hi aunt Lynne!! I havent gotten back to you yet.. but I love you!)


Jingle said...

I need friends like yours! That sounds like the most delightful party I could imagine! How very fun!

Kim K. said...

What an amazing party. I'm just drooling over all the lovely eye candy. What a talented group of ladies.

Creative Wings said...

my daughter grabbed my bear the minute i opened my bag. I had a feeling my lil missy would want it.... it was such an amazing weekend. i luv how ur project finished up. mine is still in my bag.... im a slow one.....

Debby said...

Oh my what great fun. Love the little books and all those gifts. WOnderful.
I heard you are coming to the Country Living Fair. Maybe we can meet up.

Jane said...

It all looks like such a beautiful weekend, filled with friends & fun! All the crafts & gifts look so good, but I just love your "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" book pages - gorgeous!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeeeeek! Look at all this eye candy! Everyone's talent is so wonderful!

Hope you are having a great day my dear!


Kai said...

Viv, it's awesome enough being friends with YOU all this time! But you 'introduced' me to Nat when you attended her LAST party & I'm just SO GLAD 'cause I'm getting to know her, too! What a doll she is! And an AMAZING hostess! I loved peeking in on all of you pretty ladies having such fun. It made my HEART sing!

Lori said...

Wow! You all made some beautiful things! What fun to get together to enjoy each other and creating!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

What FUN!!!! I would so love to do something like that!!!
Fun gifts and make n take treasures!
Deb :)

Natasha Burns said...

Wow Viv everything looks incredible!~ Love that pic too of Sandy concentrating on pouring and getting the bubbles out :) What a fun time you girls had!!!

Suz said...

What generous girlies! Crafter people are often like that! I adore your pincushions. Just adorable!!!
All is so lovely and it has been such fun seeing things on other's blogs, too. You buys really rock!!!