Wednesday, August 31, 2011

jen and tony wedding karaoke

♪♫DO you love me? will you love me forever♫♪

(be sure to turn the playlist off on my sidebar before you start the video.)

wow.. I am exhausted! we took 9 of our teenagers (foster kids) to the beach today. You know how much I love the beach, but I can honestly say it was not enjoyable today.. not with all those kids! but I think they had a good time and that was what it was for... for them.. not me...

I have been dying for spagetti, so I cooked up some italian sausage and some sauce and Im waiting for the macaroni.. cooking twisties instead of spagetti. but it smells sooo garlicy I'm not sure I'll be able ot eat it! Just the smell is giving me heartburn. lol.

started on a halloweenie! hoping to finish it tonight. well, I'm hoping that I can muster up some energy... I really am feeling zapped!

found out some terrible sad news last night. one of my best friends in the world has ALS. And she is not well. really breaks my heart. Keep my friend in your prayers please. her name is Marilyn. I just cant stand the thought of seeing her suffer. I hope I can be helpful and encouraging to her.

Be sure to watch the video.. its so funny.. Its Jen and her husband Tony, singing a meatloaf song for Karaoke at their wedding. Very poor quality, but I can honestly say it made my night.

Ok.. off I go.. gotta wash my face and see if that wakes me up any.

see yas later!


Debby said...

Did you hear about the wedding, I think in
NJ, that everyone got stranded when the bridge went out. They said it might be several days before they get rescued. They were eating leftovers and not sure what else they said. I think it was on a campground site. I need to get better details if I am going to spread the news, hah.

LuLu Kellogg said...

No wonder you are tired! You have been burning the candle at both ends and you need some rest!

That was a cute video!

Get some rest Girlie!!!


ImagiMeri said...

Hey Girlfriend,

You're not only burning your candle at both ends, but from the sides, too! You must take some time off for you dear. It's times like this when we've worn ourselves out completely that illness is just waiting around the corner. Please take this weekend off just for you. Rest, relax, go to the beach and find some seclusion just for yourself and immerse yourself in the breeze, the smells, the textures......just revel in it. I know I sound like a mom.......cause I am one. I also don't know how to take care of myself, but I'm great with telling others how to do it ;o) I'm sending prayers for both you and your friend Marilyn.

Big Hugs,

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

...sounds exhausting but fabulous too!

Kim K. said...

You definitely need some time to rest and relax after these last few weeks. Darling video. They really are a cute couple. Sleep well, friend.

Jenny said...

I'm sorry about your friend. Such a sad disease.

It sounds like you need to rest up girl! Hopefully you can find time for a bubble bath one of these days!

Samantha said...

Love this video! cute! And wow, they can really sing!

Saying a prayer for your friend.

Sandy said...

Oh Viv,
Marilyn is in my prayers...isn't it amazing how one day is wonderful and the next is just horrible. I am having a difficult time finding the wonderful ones.....the video was a hoot!!!!! And I can just imagine all of those kids at the beach....Yikes! Your little punkin girl is adorable!