Monday, August 8, 2011

a little torry time!

torry pie!

Torry pie says HI lovely bloggy ladies!

foggy lake 2

Yesterday , beth, big torry, Torry pie and I went down the road to the lake.. it wasnt foggy at my house, but it sure was foggy there!

grammys happy boy!

It was so hot and muggy out, but the lake was freezing cold! I couldnt keep my feet in it for more then a few minutes. I dont usually mind the cool water.. but it was way too cold yesterday.

foggy lake1

I had noticed on Friday when we went to the beach that the water had gotten cold. it was sort of weird, when I got in the first time it was awesome, not to cold and it felt great. I stayed in for about 20 minutes just floating and riding the big swells that were coming in. but when I went back in a couple hours later.. it was so cold that I could barely stand it and was only able to stay in for a few minutes!

omg!  I LOVE him!

Im pretty sure it was even colder yesterday!

heehee. I stuck little torrys feet in anyways, and he definitely didnt like it much! grammys such a meanie!

fog at the lake

The beach we go to is about 1/2 an hour away, but its the same body of water as down the street, Lake Ontario. Some times we just head down the road instead of driving to the beach. either way I'm happy. Even yesterday in all that fog! We enjoyed ourselves for a little while. torry , beth and torry pie

Who wouldnt be able to enjoy themselves in the presence of such a sweet little guy! hes just sooo freaken cute!!! (so is his mama and papa!)

very cold water!

dont you think so too?

wish me luck tomorrow. I have to go back for my recheck on my mamogram. 6 months ago they thought they saw something and then they couldnt find it.

fingers crossed that they will not see it tomorrow either!

sweet dreams all!


Cheryl said...

Your little Torry-pie is growing up so fast! Such a cutie!

I have had to go back every single year for a re-check for the past 4 years. Scarey sh!t...... the gal told me next year when I make an appointment to tell them that this happens every year and to ask them to read it while I'm there. Then do another close up x-ray when they ask for one... cause they will. I actually asked to look at my x-ray this past year. It looked like my boob was full of buckshot--- weird. They said it was just calcified "stuff"... Who knew I would be so happy hearing that? lol I am hoping yours is just calcified stuff too.... Six months is WAY to long to not know for sure, thats just torture! Don't let them make you wait so long next time! I had to wait 3 days each time/year and it was H-A-R-D.

kathy said...

Torry is such a cutie !!!!
Will pray for great !!!results -- HUgz - KAthy - ga ♥

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Viv! It was soooo nice to hear from you. How did the Dr. appt go yesterday? I hope with all my heart that it was good news. You're in my prayers too honey. I can only imagine how scarey that is for you.

Thanks for sharing Dr. Bells info with me. I was so excited to read your email and so exhausted and hurting from all this old lady joint crap that I couldn't even write you back. Hopefully today will let me get something accomplished like looking up his info.

Oh' my sweet Torry Pie has grown so much. He has so much personality on his cute little face. I love the family picture. I really wish I was there it looks and sounds so cool. I'm am hating this heat. The heat index is supposed to be about 110 today.

I love your sweet self and love hearing from you!!!

Let me know how the Dr's. appt went. OX's...Tracy :)

Cindy said...

I so hope you get good news today! That is a long time to wait.
Torry is getting so big and I love those little toothies! We go to Lake Michigan several times a summer. But we have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get there. If the water is cold, it's such a disappointment. But so far, we haven't had that happen this year.When we went last week the waves were really high, and that was fun!

JENNY said...

He is cute!! What a delightful outing!
Love and prayers to you on your recheck.

Kai said...

Fingers are crossed for GOOD results of your mammogram! As for Torry, I get itchy fingers every time I SEE that sweety! Just want to hug him SO MUCH! He has the sweetest little face EVER! I love that photo of him with his mommy & daddy! And the pictures of the beach? Sigh!!!! Now THAT'S my kind of beach. Foggy, overcast, cold water ... ahhhhhhh! LOVE YOU, Viv!!!! (You DO know that, right?)

Julie said...

What a happy baby!!

I love the way the fog made your photographs look so soft. It really is beautiful there.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Does Torrie-pie know he has so many "girlfriends" out there?? He is just too too cute!

Sending up a prayer for a good report from your mammogram!!!

Lisa said...

Hope your recheck came back clear today Viv. I'm saying a prayer for you.
That baby Torry is just too precious! :)

Kim K. said...

Hope your recheck came back clear too. Darling pics. Have fun soaking up the last bit of summer fun.

LuLu Kellogg said...

He is just the cutest thing ever. I just want to squeeze him!!

I hope everything goes well with your mammogram!! *crossing fingers*


Suz said...

Oh, I cannot stand it-that cute Torry Pie is just the best. He never fails to put a huge smile on my face!!!

Praying your mammogram is ok. I had one scare that turned out ok. its hard!

Sending a big hug, viv!!!

Suz said...
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Suz said...
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Suz said...
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Suz said...
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