Sunday, August 7, 2011

mail call!

Ive been wanting to post these pictures for a few days now from a couple of swaps I did. The first one was the birthday treasury box swap hosted by Amy Powers. I had Marlene Haveron for my sweet partner. Here is some pics of the CUTE things she sent me.

How did she know that choc cake is my favorite?

and look at the sweet little flower topper doll she made! I love it!

There were some other balloons on here that I knocked off when I went to take the pictures, but I will reattach them later! isnt the whole thing cute?
Then check out that awesome birthday tiara! isnt it just adorable? Thank you Marlene, I love everything!

INcluding the awesome "vintage" type candies! I just to play dr with those dots when I was a kid!

next up... I dont know it you know Kai or not, but she is just about one of the nicest sweetest persons out here in blogland. She hosted a vacation in a match box swap, and I couldnt pass it up. Kai lives in the big ol state of Texas and she sent me a big ol bunch of texas fun!

and among all that fun was this cowgirl bear, riding on this little house! cute cute cute! shes holding a flag that says, "You must be funnin me pardner, this aint no texas horse! " too funny! and inside that little yellow rose of texas box, is the tiniest little kitty charm. i couldnt get a good picture of it, but trust me.. its really sweet!

Then here is the match box, all done up in texas style!

And filled with all this sweet stuff! love those buttons and ribbons! There was also some texas postcards and some houston texans football fabric. Thank you again dear Kai! you know I adore you!
the next couple pics are things I sent the girls, this one below is the birthday treasury box I sent to Marlene.

And the next few pictures are what I sent to kai, its my ny beach box! you know that I have a one track mind this time of year.. beach beach beach!
a match box full of seashells

and a beachy pinkeep.. well, you do know that we have flamingos in NY dont you????
WEll we doooo!!! but you have to go to the zoo to see them! lol!

and lastly this shot below is what I sent to my swappy Pal Kelbug for her birthday!

when I recieved marlenes package this week, figgy and frannie were just as excited as I was!



heehee... arent they cute! well thats all for today my friends.. now I'm hungry.. I think I'll go get some icecream! see yas later!


Marlene ~ mIzZ (hONeY) bEe said...

yahhooo so glad you like the goodies and ALL of the other swaps looked awesome too... glad that fran & figgy enjoys the box my kitties wiggins & winnie, sure loved boxes too miss them I have the pup boyz tody & wheezer who are 2 funny characters too... have a honey of a day ;O) xox

Jane said...

Looks like some fun swaps - lots of really cute goodies! Your kitties are so photogenic! Guess they like having their picture taken :)

RiverBend Farm said...

Looks like you're having all the fun over there with all those goodies! I love that little bear on the horse.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Love your "mail call"!! Lots of great swap goodies made, given and recived! So much talent!
Deb :)

Holly Loves Art said...

Wow quite an exciting mail call! So many darling things... but your kitties are my favorite of all. :)

Kai said...

Oooooh! You forgot to add Frannie & Figgy to my matchbox - LOL! So CUTE!!! Love all the things you sent both to me and to others! You are nothing short of being SUPER FUN, Viv! I absolutely love you & thank you for being my partner. Now I think I DOOOO need a piece of that taffy.

Kim K. said...

You always find the best swaps to participate in. Your goodies are just delightful. You continue to amaze me with all your talents, Vivian. What an inspirational group of artists.

April Mechelle said...

I love all yor goodies from swaps Viv!! I love that Flamigo pinkeep you made!! So Cute!

Mica said...

yummy...eye candy!!! Love it...thank you too for the sweet birthday wish to my girl...hugs!

Farmchick said...

HI there.....had fun looking at all your wonderful goodies! :)

Come on over and say hi.

Creative Wings said...

wow what amazing goodies!!!!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

You got some wonderful goodies!!!
Love the picture of the furbabies........BUT

No picture of that lil sweetums Torrie??

Suz said...

Love those swappy things, Viv. That little pinkeep you made with the shell buttons...clever, clever!!! I missed that vaca in a box swap. What a great idea and both what you give and got are great. The biggest hit, though, are your two funny kitties! I just love them in their boxes!!!