Friday, August 26, 2011

wanted: fairy god mother..

I decided to take a quick break to do a quick post.. however.. my computer is messed up and is very slow.. so there is nothing quick going on here.
I am very busy.. and my house is a disaster. but I think I'm doing ok.. ... I think.....

baking is done.. cookies and cupcakes. cupcakes instead of a big cake. Jenny, (be cherry) is coming over tomorrow to help decorate them.. Shes a doll. (and shes a pastry chef!) thank you Jenny!

I keep thinking of things I dont want to forget and my list just keeps getting longer and longer. did someone tell me we were going to have a simple wedding reception.. just a party???? I think she was pulling my leg!

uhh.. just this second I realized that I spent money today that was earmarked for something else.. uhhh.... really not good. I have to pay the guy cooking the chicken.. I have no clue what the heck I screwed up.. but I guess I better do some refiguring!

My husbands brother and his family are up from ohio.. wanting to come visit, but I just cant tonight. Im hoping that MAYBE i'll be in good enough shape that tomorrow night they can come for pizza. well, thats if someone else buys it !! LOL!! (eiy yie yie! Im in trouble deep!... thats what robby used to say.. )

I really need to get off of the computer and figure out my screw up and clean my house! I also want to cook my rosa marina and my pretzel crusts tonight. was gonna go to the store, but I'll do that in the morning. (with what money.. who knows!)

I tell ya.. I'm such a duh sometimes.. some would say its cause I'm blonde (yeah I know its white!) and others would say its cause I'm old. who knows.. but it is true! duh duh duh!!

I think everyone is a little stressed.. well, I know that Jen and I are.. probably really, no one else is!

Do me a favor and pray for nice weather and that every thing goes off with out a hitch! Uh.. and that I figure out how to fix my major mistake!

And.. that my fairy god mother shows up to give me a hand!

OK? Thank you ! I'll be back on monday! have a great weekend everyone. and be safe if youre anywhere near Irene. I do believe that she'll be sending clouds and wind our way for
the wedding. but pray that it doesnt rain.. ok please!



Cindy said...

Those flowers are beautiful, Viv! I sure hope everything goes well and the weather is good. And then you can relax!

Debby said...

I always make finacial boo boos when I am really busy. Oh my gosh you are doing so much. Hope somone pitches in to help you with the money and the work. I really like that they are doing those yoyo lowers cute. Good luck.

Kim K. said...

I'll be on pins and needles waiting to hear about the fabulous wedding. Praying for fantastic rain-free weather. HUGS!!

lori ventimiglia said...

Sunshine dance for you! I hope your fairy god mother has as much energy as you do. All will be wonderful!!!
Looking forward to the pictures!!!!

April Mechelle said...

Everything looks beautiful Viv! It will all come together for you. I am praying for no rain!!!

Diane Mars said...

Good luck you are amazing! I cannot believe the things you take on and you pull them all off in such an amazing way... and again this party is going to be perfect! Hugs, Diane

Jacqueline said...

I'm here! I will fill the shoes of your fairy god mother! I'm sending 81 fairies to help fix your mess and 10 gnomes are leaving tonight via Mother Goose to bring you some Glogg! Glogg is a magical drink that I put into motion two years ago when I wrote my short story Queens in Training! You need it. Oh yes, two frogs and a prince charming with lots of money are leaving on Amtrak this very moment. The only way to travel!
Love you, your silly willy friend who understands you more than you might think! Lots of boo boo's in common!
The girl with the curl.

Terri said...

Everything looks great. Years from now you won't remember how you paid for it. Your making special memories for all! I would help you but Irene has grounded my wings! Enjoy! Hugs, Terri

Samantha said...

I wish I could twitch my nose and help you out (like my namesake). ;)
You're pouring so much love into this wedding that it's going to be amazing! And no worries about the money...somehow it always works out fine. Praying for good weather!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

May it all go Wonderful!!!
Try to enjoy the weekend!
Deb :)

Creative Wings said...

man i can never keep track of the finances when im stressed ....everything will turn out beautifully will all come together last minute.....

Anonymous said...

I can't see you being a part of a small, simple celebration! I'm sorry the funds got bumfoozled. Wishing for great weather for you--at least, no rain.


Suz said...

Things are looking so beautiful, Viv. I just am amazed how you pull this all off. I sure hope you have good weather.