Monday, August 1, 2011

nats garden party weekend!

welcome to nats garden party weekend!

check out the sweet little sign that Natalea had made to greet us with!!
We had a great weekend at Nats! The girls were all great. I of course already know
Natalea and Sandy. But I had the great opportunity to meet Heather from speckled egg, Tammy from the other side of me and Tabitha from creative wings! what awesome women they all are. Tammy is beautiful and creative, intelligent and a great conversationalist. Heather is adorable and sweet and charming and also Very Creative! Shes a bit quieter then the rest of us and probably better mannered too! lol! Tabitha was our talker! she is friendly and full of energy and loves to share herself with others! Also another very creative girl! What a treat to spend the weekend with so many like minded girls,
me and nat
WE had a great time from start to finish. My weekend actually started when Sandy got to my place on Thursday. We ended up leaving to go shopping right away. We picked up my Jennifer and headed to rochester where we pretty much shopped til we dropped at paneras! then went home, put our jammies on, had ice cream and watched a little tv while we chit chatted! We left my house friday morning, tried to see my torry pie, but he was still sleeping and beth didnt want to wake him.. (of all the nerve! didnt she know that grammy wanted to show torry pie off!) anyways, we stopped at buffalo stamps on our way to nataleas. I think Sandy liked it there!
Friday we spent the day and night at Nats hanging out together. Nat had made some really yummy salads and goodies, so we sat around talking and eating. And, opening really awesome gifties from everyone! We ordered chinese in and Sandy showed us how to make resin rings which all turned out so cute.. (will show you next post!) and then we stayed up late talking and laughing.

tabitha and Natalea

(tabitha and Nat)
Saturday we got up and out of the house early, to go on a garden walk tour in buffalo.
all I can say about that is, omg.. those sweet little yards were beautiful! such inspiration! though mostly they made me feel ashamed of my own yard!! (I really am not much of a gardener). we walked through gardens, took lots of pictures and went for a great lunch. Then we did some shopping on Elmwood, walked through a few more gardens and ended up at a choc shop where we had some goodies and relaxed in the air conditioning for a while.
Tammy and Natalea
(tammy and nat)

Then we went back to Nats worked on another craft.. (will show you in another post), ate left over yummies and then walked to the the beach on lake Erie for some really awesome fireworks and lots of laughs! I kid you not when I say that Natalea and Sandy are freaken NUTS!

The fireworks were great and the walk was invigorating and when we got back to the house we sat out on the patio drinking wine, talking and laughing some more!

tabitha and heather
(tabitha and heather)


All too soon, it was sunday morning and time for everyone to go. Natalea and I dropped Heather, Tammy and Tabitha off at the airport and ended up going for breakfast while waiting for my husband to come pick me up. We had a nice time just unwinding from the weekend.
fancy and fresh!

Heres a few pics of the food that natalea had prepared for us when we arrived on fRiday. the water was so refreshing filled with fresh spearmint, honeydew and cucumber! I could go for some of that right now!

more salads!

The salads were amazing! one of them was a chicken pasta salad with goat cheese. another was a bowtie pasta salad with fresh cooked shrimp and she made a great bean salad with cilantro in it. I brought a chicken salad with grapes and almonds in it and also another pasta salad, as well as a strawberry pretzel dessert.


Nat had made up these cute cups of cut up veggies with the dip already in the bottoms of the cups! AWESome idea! so good and so pretty!

veggie cups!

and besides that , she made this awesome dessert below, water melon with lime mojito sorbet and toasted coconut... OMG!! sooooo freaken good!

watermelon dessert, with lime mojito sorbet and toasted coconut!

Anyways, I have so many more pictures to share. I took tons, Its hard to decide which to post here.

I might not post the rest for a few days, I think the next couple days I need to spend some time getting caught back up with all of my little bloggy pals! But for now.. its off to bed I go! Be sure to stop at the other girls blogs to see what they have to say about the weekend too!

sweet dreams girlfriends!


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Such pretty women with beautiful smiles...

Cindy said...

Sounds like such a good time. I'm jealous! Can't wAit to see more pics.

Kim K. said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Exactly what you needed, Vivian!! Those food pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Just like your friends.

I spent Sunday in 90+_heat at our Antique market. Aside from a $10 dollhouse (see blog) I picked up all kinds of skeleton keys and other vintage embellishments for making Halloween ornaments. I'm serious. I hope you throw another swap!


Kai said...

Ooooooh! I've already visited Nat's blog to see how the party was (I KNEW it would be fabulous!) and between yours & Nat's, I am in AWE! Such fun! It was cool seeing Heather & putting a face to the sweet person I've known (via her blog) for some time! I already knew you & Natalea are gorgeous! And now I've seen the other sweet ladies & need to check out THEIR blogs! Boy, did those salads make me want to reach right into the computer screen & grab a bite. Or two. Or three ... ! Viv, I'm sooooo glad you had a great time! You deserve it! LOVE YOU!!!!

Lisa said...

Just go ahead and post all the pictures! ;)
Looks like a fantastic weekend...

Susan said...

The food looks fabulous. What great ideas. Glad you gals had fun. Looking forward to more pics.

Barbara said...

yummy kinda fun!!!!

kandeland said...

I had such a blast as always! And I'm actually flattered you think I'm so "nuts"! ha!! I'm doin' it right!
thank you so much for everything you did always make things great when you're around! Love you!
xox nat

Little Pink Studio said...

Wow! Looks like an amazing time! The food looks great too. :)
So nice to have a girls weekend, especially with like minded, creative girls.
xo, Cerri

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Viv,

Great pis and post!!! It was so wonderful to finally meet you. I really appreciate all the little things you did for us during the weekend. Someone had to keep us on the straight and narrow. LOL. Thanks for getting us dinner and for being so sweet. I loved listening to your stories and getting to know you. You are an angel.
Looking forward to the next time we can all get together.

Suz said...

Keep posting. I am just LOVING this! That Tabitha is just charming and adorable. I met her at Silver Bella and thought she was just a cutie. I wonder what she will think is she sees this...haha!!!

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. They keep me plugging along, my friend!


Need some Torry-Pie here.

Sandy Michelle said...

Awww, saying that we were nuts is a wonderful! Thanks for taking care of us at the retreat and for being such a good hostess back at your house!


Julie said...

What FUN!!!!! I am jealous!

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