Monday, August 29, 2011

warning! lots of wedding pictures!

The day was perfect inspite of the wind and some clouds from Irene! she really did us a favor, because I really thought that the weather was perfect and that the lake was GORGEOUS! the waves were beautiful! so from my perspective, thank you Irene (but in regards to the havac you caused else where.. .shame on you!)
ceremony 4
YOu may need to click on these pictures, because blogger usually chops of the right sides of them when they are large. Jen and Tonys wedding really was perfect. I have no clue how many people actually came, but the place was packed!
ceremony 1
Im so glad that we had this beautiful enclosed pavillion. there were Lots of double doors and windows that could be opened, but the wind coming off the lake made us keep them mostly closed. However the pavillion also acted as a barrier and blocked the wind for us on the other side! Perfectly!
ceremony 3
I think everything turned out well and we had lots of compliments. There was tons of food and chicken and actually quite a bit left over. I didnt want to bring it home so what I couldnt talk people into taking.. I threw away! (very wasteful I know.. but I just couldnt deal with it!)
the reception
we had bbq chicken, salt potatos, baked ziti, baked beans, tossed salad, strawberry pretzel dessert, rosa marina and rolls. as well as tons of fruit, cheese and crackers, nuts and candy, LOTS of cookies, rye bread and dip, all sorts of chips and of course cupcakes!
mr and mrs frances trupo!
I'm pretty sure that Jen and Tony enjoyed their day and I think their guests did too!
The cupcakes were so good! and so pretty! and we had so many left! people left with out having any... I have a big plate full in the kitchen even after giving a bunch away! umm.. not complaining though, I like eating them! I have a bunch of cookies too! but (lol.. as soon as they are gone...) I'm going on a diet!
cuppiecakesThe music man.. thats what I kept calling him ( he probably thought I was obnoxious!) did a good job playing a lot of old frank sinatra, tonys (the groom tony.. theres too many tonys!) favorite! and then they had karaoke! It was fun watching and listening to all the singers.
So many of Jens friends do musicals and theatre and are great performers! Anyone who left early missed out on a lot of fun when they really started getting into it.

fun with balloons
Did I mention the lake yet?? it was perfectly awesome!
Tony and Jen released a big bunchof balloons on the beach!
the lake was freaken AWESOME!
The water was a bit cold and it was closed for swimming... hmmm.. I wonder why!?
Isnt my baby Torry pie freaken cute?!
omg.. I love him!
This is a picture of my stepgranddaughter Ella! She is beautiful!
dont you LOVE this picture!
I have to admit that by the time we were done for the night I could seriously barely walk!
I was exhausted! But it was all worth it. Jen was happy and thats what the day was all about!
jen torry and all
She had a good time doing karaoke with tonys sisters, whom I LOVE!
love this girls!
Oh GEEZ... look at these two OLD farts!
me and toe
This picture of tony trupo, Jen and step grandson Carson is my favorite of the day!
my favorite picture!
no, maybe this one is..
beth torry ella and jen
I dont know.. there are so many! I also uploaded about 70 of them onto flickr. I cant wait to see the ones the photographer took!
aww! i love this picture!
Carson and Ella.. arent the adorable!?
my step grandchildren!
Gert and Torry.. Poor Torry was cold. He liked HOT weather! It was definitely cool enough for long sleeves or sweatshirts. Not for me though. I loved the coolness of the day!
torry and bethany
Just like this picture of our friends. for some reason it makes me laugh.
the old guys! lol
Aww.. Two of my favorite peoples.. Beths boyfriend and my Tonys girlfriend..
torry and vanessa

happy people
such entertainment!
I have a video of Tony and Jen singing this.. they are doing Meatloafs song.. will you love me forever..
let me sleep on it!
I loved it.
meatloaf, will you love me forever!
I ate alot of these... and have alot left over.. that I've been munching on today while Ive been RECOVERING!!
And at midnight last night I was having decafe tea and a cupcake while I tried to unwind!
well thats all folks.. if you want to see the rest I think you can click on any of them and go to my flickr.. or just use my flickr bar.. where ever it is on the right over there!
I need to go look at some of that left over chicken and think about dinner...


Kim K. said...

I'm so happy for you, Vivian. What a beautiful celebration...wind and all!

kandeland said...

so happy the weather held looks like it was even nice there than down here! congrats Jenn! xo

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

SO nice!!
Relax and have a cupcake!!

Suz said...

What a great wedding. Those two old farts remind me of some people I knew back in the seventies. love your husband's hair Torry-pie is just adorable as ever. You guys did a super job and everyone looks very happy.

And I totally agree that a cupcake is the best thing to calm you down at midnight.


Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration!

Melissa said...

Now that looks like one fun wedding! Congrats to the couple!

April Mechelle said...

Beautiful as ever Viv !!! Glad that the day was so beautiful for a Wedding!

Debby said...

What a fun wedding. Like the lip flops, were they a requirement? Yes, Torrie Pie is adorable. Your daughter is beautiful. I know that you did almost all that yourself.......I hope you take a couple of days to relax and eat more cupcakes.

Terri said...

Yea I said a prayer that the weather and day would be wonderful for you and yours! Everything just looks great! Congrats on having more beautiful memories. Now have the rest you deserve! Hugs, Terri

lori ventimiglia said...

Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us. I guess your fairy godmother showed up.

I'm getting ready for a small wedding in 2 weeks, so I've been enjoying yours.

Now relax!!!!

The Other Side of Me said...

Wow, Viv!! Everything looks so wonderful. I want one of those cupcakes right now. They look so pretty. Thanks for sharing the day with us. Congrats on all those new grandkiddies. They are lucky to have you as their Grammie.
Now relax!!!!


Cindy said...

What great wedding pics! It looked wonderful and fun. You did a great job. You can pat yourself on the back!

kathy said...

SO WOnderful -- Felt their joy , seeing all the happy faces !! a perfect day !!!!!! so happy for all your family , a wonderful celebration !!! HUgs Kathy -ga ♥

ImagiMeri said...

Hey Viveroni,

It sounds like a rousing success, and good fun was had by all...congratulations. Now sleep for a week! Seriously, take some time off for you and relive the memories.


Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

It looked WONDERFUL Viv!!!! What a beautiful wedding and the bride was gorgeous!! you did a fabulous job!!
Of course--the cutest was Mr.Torrie-pie!!
BTW--where did you get the cupcake holder? My daughter is having cupcakes at her wedding next spring and the one you have is AWESOME!!!

jenneroni said...

Lol...the song is called "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" mom. :-p Thank you for everything! I've heard from everyone how much they loved it, how much fun they had, how much they loved the atmosphere, and my fav, how awesome everything looked. :-D Thank you are amazing!!! We love you! <3

Samantha said...

Beautiful photos! Everyone looks SO happy! What a lovely day it turned out to be!

Anonymous said...

What a happy event! It looked beautiful. Everyone is laughing and smiling, so it was a success!

Many happy wishes for the bride and groom!


Scrap for Joy said...

Great pictures Viv! Looks like everybody had a great time and the decorations and food looked awesome! Hope you've recovered! The pic of you and your husband is priceless! We're all old farts!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding!

Those cupcakes...oh boy!

I'm really happy for you! This was glorious.

Sandy Michelle said...

Congrats to J.Lo!! You guys did a great job and I'm so glad it turned out to be a sunny day!

Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

What a beautiful and fun wedding! I love the bunting in the pavilion.