Friday, January 14, 2011

friday night photo shoot! lol!

its friday and its a three day weekend. I'm so looking forward to just being home. I got home tonight from work and instantly into some comfy cozy pjs! Then I cooked burgers. I had blue cheese, onions and roasted red peppers on mine. mmmmm yummie!
I tried to get Frannie and Figgy to take pictures with me.. We had a little photo shoot! but they really didnt cooperate well.
Silly ol silly willys!
they are sooooo freaken cute arent they?
figgys limping though.. Not sure why..
perhaps he stuck his sweet little foot in Buffy the birds cage
and got bit!
I havent really looked at his foot yet. I will in a while.
I doubt it has anything to do with the bird though..
Frannie is the one that gets a little close to the bird.
Plans for the weekend are as follows...
make loaded potato soup,
choc chip pecan cookies,
homemade bread...
and chicken salad with grapes and almonds.
I also need to clean the bathroom and my room.
Other then those things.. the rest of the time,
I plan on crafting my little heart out!

Making valentines, and valentine ornaments..
and a valentine doll
and a valentine bear!
and who knows what else!
I need to wrap and package my swappy ornaments
so they can go in the mail.
And, I have to take pictures of the things I made.
other they cooking, cleaning and creating,
I plan on relaxing with all my babies!
the furry ones yes,
but Im hoping this sweet little baby boy
will be coming to hang out with his grammie pie!
he is soo freakennn perfect!!!!!!!!
I luvs him to pieces!!!


Melissa said...

Hey Viv-
Sounds like you have an awesome long weekend planned with lots of yummy food. Chocolate chip pecan cookies sound really goooooooood! I plan on crafting too as well and perhaps a little snow shoeing!
Have a great weekend!

Kai said...

Don't know which I want to do first - hug that beautiful baby or pet the kitty-people! Soooooo cute! And you made me HUNGRY! LOL! I ate some roasted squash & a couple of fingerling potatoes around noon, then a BUNCH of coffee & water. That's IT! So that food you were mentioning ... yummmmmmy! I hope you get to do ALL the fun things you WANT to do this weekend! Me? I have to teach 2 classes tomorrow. I LIKE it, but I could use an easy weekend! Can I go play at your house? LOL! Love you! Kai

Debby said...

Sounds like a perfect week-end tome....comfort food, a bit of cleaning, some furry love and that sweet grandbaby.....and some crafting. Have a great week-end.

Sandy said...

I wanna just come and hang out and eat and craft with you.....your menu sounds so good to me. Have a fun weekend doing EXACTLY what you want to do. Kiss and love on the baby if he comes to visit. xoso Sandy

Lisa said...

That precious little grandson makes me wish I was in Connecticut visiting my new little nephews.
Love your kitties too - how sweet!
Have fun crafting!

April Mechelle said...

Your grandson is so beautiful !!! I know you just want to hold and kiss on all the time.. The couple looks so cute in that last picture.. You have a great time this weekend!!!

Diane said...

Well that sounds like my kinda weekend...I do have to babysit on Sat. and it is a bit of a drive to our sons home. But after that I am on my own well not really but I don't have any other commitments. Have a great one hope kitty did not hurt his/ her foot too bad... oxox, Diane

pussman said...

What cosy pictures!!
Congratulations with your grandchild!! Ooh and I love pecan cookies!! There my favorite!

Cindy Marquis said...

Viv- it sounds like a perfectly, perfect weekend. I plan to do some of the same, though errands need to be done today. Have fun!

kathy said...

FUn times -- but the best is the Grammie --pie kisses -- HAve fun -- KAthy - ga ♥

Suz said...

Well, you saved the best hill last, that beautiful baby boy! Not that you and the cat's weren't pretty special, too ;-)

I sure wish I were eating at your house!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Some beautiful pictures. Have a fun week-end....m....

Jacqueline said...

Ha...I'm just about ready to pass out from visiting so many blogs before bed but I had to come to yours. Stopping in to take a peek...there you are!
In all your glory and ready to rest and play! I had a play day too...we need those...all the time!
Sweet rest,
Luv, Jacqueline