Sunday, January 9, 2011

one place there should not be glitter...

itty bitty valentie bunting
Christmas is put away! Valentine stuff is out! needing a bit of tweaking here and there, but heck..
I have a whole month to get it the way I want it!
See the tiny little valentine bunting I made this morning?
so cute I tell ya!
In a hurry. I wasnt going to go anywhere this weekend, but change of plans! I'm heading out to meet up with Natalea (Kandeland) and Jenny K (becheery) at the cracker barrel for a little afternoon visit! My house is still in need of vacuuming.. glitter everywhere! But it'll have to wait.
last night Bethany and Torry and my "sweet wittle gwanbuddy" came over for dinner and poor (big) torry ended up with red glitter all over his face!
And, I was just in the bathroom where I had hung a pretty red glittered bottlebrush heart garland over the window and there was red glitter all over the toilet paper! I think that is one place where glitter might not be welcome!
goodmorn'n bird
Isnt my birdie pie sweet? everytime I walk by him he says in the sweetest little voice.. "hello" or "goodmorn'n buffy". Hes so sweet and then he tries to bite your fingers off!
OK.. I'm off.. gotta leave in 10 minutes and I'm not even dressed yet!
eiy yie yie!


Susan said...

Glad your week is getting off to a good start. Hope it continues. Enjoy lunch. Take care, Susan.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Just would have a nice glittery fanny!!! *giggle*

Have fun!


Astridbears said...

sooo a nice decoration!
have a good start in the new week
take care

Kai said...

You SOOOOO crack me up, Viv! Glittery behinds - hmmmmm! WHO KNOWS? It come become all the rage! LOL! Love your Valentine pretties! AND your birdy! Have fun with the girls! The cleaning? Phooey! That can WAIT!

Dolly said...

Red glitter that a new idea!

Have a wonderful week Viv!


Malissa said...

I couldn't imagine where glitter might not be welcome...until I kept reading! LOVE all of your valentine decorations!

mary helen said...

very pretty...and though I love glitter just about everywhere, I think I'm with you on the place it shouldn't

Maija said...

Have fun with my girls!! I didn't know you had a bird!! You are my wild girl!!

jenneroni said...

Mommy pie, you're a silly and all of your pies and huggles and glittery behinds. :-p

Thanks for taking me with you today. I love you! <3

Jingle said...

Your bird is beautiful! And I love that bunting you created! Sounds like a good weekend!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Your sweet little bunting with the snowmen display is adorable! i laughed at the glittered man!! I always seem to have glitter on me in random places!

Rella said...

Well, this made me laugh. I, too, find glitter just about everywhere...and not too many days go by that someone needs to point out that there is glitter on my face.....but goodness...I can think of WORSE things, right?!
Love your Valentine decorations..darling.

xox Rella

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, Your life is like a merry go round! With glitter! Such activity, such love, such fun! From little garlands to parrots to glittery toilet paper! You always make me smile! E

Sea Dream Studio said...

Oh, what a beautiful bird! Sounds like my Mojo! He talks so sweet and then bites the crap out of me! He loves my daughter and tolerates me (though it is ME who pays all the attention to him!).
Happy New Year! ♥

Cheryl said...

lol..... oh my!

Little Lovables said...

have fun! I love the garland, and still haven't put christmas away. I agree, a red glittered bottom may not be so fun ;)

jenny holiday said...

Ahhhh! Viv!!! So so so fun!!! Love it to bits!!

Yeah...glitter....mmmhmm...ends up in the wildest places!!!! ;)


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