Friday, January 21, 2011

what diet??????

F the diet!!!

oh dear. oh dear oh dear!!
I was so good all day.. but on the way home I could think of nothing else but pizza and boneless wings... I was going to go grocery shopping but the roads were really crappy and I didnt want to shop in our local grocery stores. I prefer wegmans, even though its a 40 minute drive. I dont run into clients there and their produce is awesome. the whole store is really. I always seem to run into people I dont want to talk to at the stores in our little county. So I mostly shop elsewhere.
Anyways, so I didnt get any grocerys... I stopped at the corner store to get catfood, bread and CHIPS AND DIP!! What diet??? shhh.. we arent talking about that.
Yay!! its friday! Tonight Im going to start a valentine something or other. There has been a monkey dancing around in my head.. so thats the first thought I have, but when I start pulling things out and making a pattern, it could end up being almost anything else! I'll show you when I get done.
Tomorrow I have to go to a baby shower. One of the girls I work with is expecting twin girls. How exciting is that? And then Sunday Im planning on being home all day. (oh tomorrow, I have to get grocerys too)
uhg.. I have a tummy ache.. ..
I deserve it!
talk to yas over the weekend!


LuLu Kellogg said...

LOL Viv, you are too cute! Hope your tummy gets better!


April Mechelle said...

hahaha... Chips and Dip sounds great !!! Hope you have a great day and create something great !!!

Dawn said...

LOL I thought I was the only one who shopped out of town to avoid clients. They are all really nice but I do not want to discuss their stuff in the middle of the grocery store! Let's see, chips and dip cover a couple of food groups right!

michelle said...

Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Happy Weekend!

Terri said...

You take some really cute food little monkey! lol

BucksCountyFolkArt said...


I'm with you! I had all these plans to diet and now what are we doing? Selling Girl Scout cookies! Guess who just stuffed herself with Caramel Delites?!

God gave us tastebuds for a reason!

Cindy Marquis said...

I have a friend who is the deputy prosecutor in charge of child support. She has the same problem - going out to eat or the store, running into people she has worked with. And sometimes it can get awkward, as you can imagine. Well, start your diet all over again and have a good weekend.

Susan said...

Looks so good! Tomorrow is another day.

Hope all is well!

Elizabeth's Place to Be said...

Vivian, truly you make me giggle on a daily basis. I come to visit, and what do I see, food! Lovely, gooey cheesy pizza food. It's all the fault of small town grocery stores! I can't go to ours either without running into every client I work with! A ten minute run in will take an hour. "Hello, Domminos?"
Vivian, your Valentine hearts are the cutest things ever! You know I love the alphabet letters. The perfect touch.
AMAZING person you are! E

Nancy said...

I just love you, your honesty and humor. Love the pizza too!
XO Nancy

Sachiko said...

Your post made me smile...I had pizza and chicken wings last night. They are sinful, but taste so yummy! Yeah, I will watch what I eat today(crossing my fingers...).

Stephanie said...

I have left a full cart of groceries behind just to avoid...Melody. She actually walks and talks me into a corner!

LiBBy said...

Viv Im luvin on Mr. Pink Monkey. It think he's the sweetest thing youve ever made but just like Michael Jackson ~I am partial to Monkeys.
Chocolate Icecream sundays? Im droolin"

LiBBy BuTTons

Jenny said...

Diets are just dumb. Pizza, wings, chips and dip should be the healthy food...broccoli and salad the unhealthy food. There is no justice in the world. ha!