Thursday, January 27, 2011

silly ol me..

Good morning blogland. Is it the weekend yet? do you girls who stay home know how jealous I am?? I do love my job and my work friends, and the kids I work with, but I wish I only worked 4 days a week.. I just really need a third day on the weekends!! oh well.. whine whine whine!
I truely am ever so grateful to God that I have a good job.. so thats enough of that!
hehe.. I keep meaning to tell you a funny little story.. ok, I talk to myself all the time.. Its how I stay focused ( come to think of it, it doesnt work well , I still dont focus well!) Anyways.. I was talking to myself the other day while I was working on a project and all of a sudden I said, "OH honey, you dont want to do that!" lol!!! I called myself honey I just thought it was so funny it made me really laugh out loud. Some people think I'm a freak... perhaps they are right! but at least I can get a good laugh at myself ... umm, most everyday! Just thought Id share that little story with you.. cause I thinks it really funny!
So on to this little bear. He is a valentine gift for someone special! cant say who... she might see my blog. i dont know if she comes here or not! Ive been working away of valentines things.. I did two sets of ornaments for two different ornie swaps.. cant wait to see what comes in the mail! I made a valentine doll, that turned out quite cute.. will show you after she is recieved by my partner! I also made 5 valentines for the five girls I'm swapping with. I couldn't handle anymore then that! Plus now I'm working on some little valentines for a special tea party that Im going to at Nataleas house! and a couple birthday gifties for natalea and sandy as well! So I have been busy. But!! I have to admit that Im about done with v day creating and about ready to move onto easter! my goal is to get some things in my etsy shop for easter.. so lets see if I can do that! Till then, lets just keep enjoying sweet valentines things!
one valentine tree

OK girls, stay warm and have a great day!!
Oh! one more thing... Terri.. I keep trying to click on your name to come say hi, but I'm unable to gain access to your blog and dont have an email address to email you! IM so glad your blogging again and happy to see you here.
I hope you can reset your blog of fix the link or something so I can get over to see you!!



Hi Viv,
Aww..your little pink monkey is so sweet! I'm starting to think Easter too...and glad it's in April, my birthday month :)
Loving all your Valentine goodies.
I spend aroung 60.00 week for groceries, just the 2 of us. I may stop before the weekend and pick up a few more things. That doesn't include when we go out for Happy Hour!
Ask if you can work 4 days...don't know until you ask!

Farmchick said...

Cute story, Viv. That is kinda funny. :) So, when you talk to you answer back??? lol Come say hi!!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

There's nothing freaky about calling yourself Honey. I call myself alot worse than that!!

Cindy Marquis said...

Viv- thank you, I laughed out loud! I love your little bear, you are so talented. I am at home right now, I got laid off from my job a while ago, and I do need to work at least part time. (Still have one son in college and we need to save for retirement(!). I have been doing some alterations and custom sewing, so maybe that can end up being my job. I can only hope!

Debby said...

At least you are kind to yourself when you talk to "you." I love that bear, did you make it. I collect bears, or should I say they collect me.

Terri said...

Honey (lol) I will try to catch you on facebook and maybe we can figure out what I have done wrong.Maybe try this:
Maybe someone sweet out there can help us.
Your sweet valentines are so beautiful.I'm amazed how you go from one holiday right to the other.Have a great week my friend! Terri

natalea said...

You CRACK ME UP! I just had a nice laugh out loud here by myself reading your little story about talking to yourself, because I could totally see/hear you doing that! It was like I was there witnessing it!
You're a real hoot...that's why I love ya!
see you real soon!! woohoo!
xo nat

Suz said...

Aw, honey,
You do make me laugh. Makes me think of my niece when she was three. She would call us all "honey" when she wanted something, It is a really cute bear!
Three day weekend is such a good idea, Viv. We would all be happier with that!

Kai said...

Well, you ARE a 'honey' so at least you said the right thing! I tend to call myself dumba** and other NOT so nice things. I'm WORKING on that! ('Cause, for the record, I don't REALLY think I'm dumb! I just do that when I get frustrated with myself!) And tho' I'm one of those stay-at-home folks, it's not a picnic! I edit sometimes ten to fourteen hours a day. UGH! But it's how I make my living so I'm grateful for the work! Now! Your bear. OMG! That is BEYOND beautiful and elegant, Viv! And the sweet lil' eyes make me melt! Give that pretty bear a big hug from me before you send him on his way! Finally, I'm not EVEN ready for Valentine's Day. I'm still working on swap dolls & swap collages and, and, and ...! So you are more focused than you think! Okay! Kai, you dumba**, stop writing so much on poor lil' Viv's blog! BWAHAHAHA! I LOOOOVE YOU!

Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

Goodie! Valentine's Day time! I think I'll decorate my tree too. Love your tree and your lovely handmade treasures. :)

Astridbears said...

a lovely story and a cute bear!!
have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...


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Diane Mars said...

Viv I just don't understand how you find the time. Of course a lot of my spare time is with the grands and they now demand all of Grandmas attention...just you wait it is just loads of fun! Again I LOVE your creations , it is always a pleasure to visit you.. Hugs From Diane in California ox

Nancy said...

Love your cute made me laugh too! Hey, I really love your little pink bear. I'm jealous of whoever is going to be the recipient! Can't believe you are able to work full time and get all those darling items made for your swaps. I think I need a good kick in the butt! I did make several things this week while my girlfriend was her for a crafting week. So much fun. Enough YAK, YAK! Enjoy your weekend. XOXO Nancy

Leny said...

Well,I am new here but I love your work and blog!!!Like your story.


Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, Now that I'm working again I am reminded how precious weekends are. I am so excited about what I created for you guys -for out get-together!! Your pink monkey turned out amazing btw. I can't wait for us to hang out in our Pjs!!

Sandy xox