Wednesday, January 19, 2011

running on empty!

Was up half the night at the hospital! As Jennifer was having severe pains in her stomach. they did a bunch of blood tests and a cat scan... then sent her home with the flu. Poor kid!
Then I woke up a couple hours later..very tired, with a headache and a sore throat.... but now that Ive been up for a couple hours and had 3 cups of tea, I think I'll be just fine. Maybe the sore throat was from sleeping with my mouth open.. the headache just from being tired?? The lack of sleep will hit me about 2:00~ luckily I dont require a lot of sleep. Though I do like to get 5 or 6.. and I think I only got 3 and a half last night.
In any case I'm ready to head off to work. but geez.. i wish I didnt have to work. In my next life Im not working!! lol! (I dont really believe that I get a next life.. but I do believe I'll go to heaven and if I have to work there, I 'll love it!)

These pics are of some ornies I made for one of the valentine ornie swaps Im in. I forgot to take pics of the others before wrapping and sealing the box! duh!!! I've been bad about showing swappy things these last few months.. sorry!! I'll be better this year....

I also finished my valentine doll for Cindy of thimbleprims val doll swap! cant show you yet.. till my partner gets her. Uh.. I have to remember to take her picture!!
OK.. so I really do have to get going .. I have to go register a new foster child at school. Then off to the office to work on notes! I'm soo behind on my notes!
have a great wednesday.. hopefully you dont have to go to work......! OH.. and Im tired of winter now!! lol!! still have another 8 weeks to go.. better get over it huh?!
see yas later!


Jenny Stevning said...

Glad you daughter is going to be okay. Seems like a pretty serious flu to keep her in that much discomfort.
Also glad your tea soothed your throat. I hope your day is a good one even if you are running on steam.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, Viv--I LOVE your Valentines! I think I'll have to make some like this, too--such a sweet idea!

Sorry your daughter is so sick--yuck! Glad it's just the flu...stay healthy, my friend!


natalea said...

I just love your orni's Viv!! and I'm guessin' I'll be gettin' one! woohoo!
Glad Jennifer was ok, and sorry to hear about your lack of sleep! It makes me cringe to think of getting only a few hours of know me, I need 10-12!!
talk soon, xo nat

Susan said...

Hang in there and try to stay healthy. It's way too early to be ready for spring, so regroup, grab some extra shuteye and enjoy. Glad Jennifer wasn't seriously ill. Tell her we are sending warm get-well wishes.

Terri said...

No matter how old kids are .....when they are sick you just have to do your best. I think that's called being a MOM! Hope you both are feeling much better.Love your Valentines. So darn cute!
It only took a year and a half to get back to blogging. If you have time stop by
I have to figure out how to put a header up that fits and add color.So much has changed!

Merci-Notes said...

Aha! I am playing 20 questions... does your job involve helping sweet young children?

I bet we can have great jobs in Heaven!

xo, Mary

LiBBy said...

As soon as I feel a sore throat or a sinus headache coming on I take generic mucinex and lots of water. It works every time. Glad your feeling better luv.

Cindy Marquis said...

I just love those hearts. They gave me an idea for Valentines using those alphabet beads. I'm sorry that your daughter has such a bad case of the flu. Take care of yourself - you take care of so many!

Stevie said...

I hope your daughter gets to feeling better. And I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight! I LOVE your valentines! The alphabet beads are a cool idea! YOU ROCK! A foster child. They are precious and such a gift! Of course there are bumps, but I thank God every minute that my son chose us to be his forever family!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Praying everyone feels better soon...hugs...m..

Suz said...

Oh, boy. We are forever mothers, aren't we? I do hope you got your rest, Viv, and are feeling ok. Am loving your valentines!

Jacqueline said...

I don't believe I have a next life but in my fairytale life, I have many lives! We could do a whole post on this, I think I might. I know for sure I wouldn't want to be Peter Pumpkin Eaters wife. She never had to work outside the home but I would not want to be trapped in a mans pumpkin shell...
Perhaps...I think I'd like to be Alice In Wonderland and fall down a few rabbit holes of adventure.

Did you hear the news? I am opening a store in a wonderful Dutch town. Come see Viv what it's all about. I posted on it in the last few days. I'm searching blog land for artist, crafters of very cute things! Do you sell any of your cuties? I would LOVE to sell anything you make in my store. Only one major rule...It has to be CUTE! I have special rates for bloggers to make it affordable. Please pass the word if you know of anyone!

Love sent...better quit before I'm writing a letter and not a comment!

Your Fairyland girl...

Sandy Michelle said...

I LOVE the ornis! I hope you and Jennifer are feleing better!
Sandy xox