Saturday, January 29, 2011

such sweetness!!

Recieved this box of valentinesy goodness in the mail this week!

Natalea Kandefer hosted a sweet little swap with a handful of girls and we each made valentine ornaments. I was amazed at the awesome creations! wait till you see them all!

This lacey little heart was made by Alisa Noble, I dont know Alisa, but I have to find her blog and run to thank her this morning!

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that its the weekend!! ?? and best of all, I get to babysit today and tonight for my little baby torry pie!! Ive already been cleaning the house and have dinner planned and some magazines set aside and Im going to watch eat pray love.. a quiet comfy day planned for me and my torry pie!!
(I'm gonna bounce back and forth.. hope not to confuse you..!) this sweet ornament below was made by my gal pal, sandy camarda! I saw these on her blog and was so excited cause I knew one would be finding its way to me! I'll be seeing sandy next weekend ! cant wait!
natataleas having a valentine party/sleepover with lots of fun things packed into the day, night and next morning! cant wait! wish you all could be there!

speaking of natalea, she made this sweet little hot air balloon of love! adorable isnt it?

And look at this freaken adorable little heart girl!! made by sweet Cindy of thimbleprimstudio! LOVE this!!

One of the things I love about blogging is that all my blogging buds are so freaken creative and just plain get it that we pretty much live to create! Can you imagine not creating? what would we do with ourselves? I cant imagine.

OMG!!!! Is this not the most awesome freaken creation ever??? I was floored when I opened this by Marion Ballog! GEEZ LOUISE!! I FREAKEN LOVE THIS!!

HOping to get to the postoffice this morning to mail out all my valentines and my valentine doll swap and my giftie to my swap pal Kelbug! if I get off this computer I might be able to do that!!

LOOk at this sweet cup of LOve! made by Nataleas mother Ludonna! I just love this! Its too big to hang on my little tree, so I have it setting beside it. Its so creamy and dainty! I just love it!

I think I already showed you the ornies I made for this swap. this is the one I kept for myself. I just think its so cute! OKeedokie bloggy pals.. one more thing before I go... does anyone know how to deal with this screen? I keep getting this when I try to go to Elizabeths blog or to my friend Terris blog. It doesnt seem to come up for anyone else. I can get to E's blog still through my google reader, but I cant click on it with out getting to this.. HELP someone.. I'm sure to go through Elizabeth withdrawal with out some sort of intervention!!!!!

Have a great weekend Everybody!!


Jane said...

Oh,Oh, Oh, your Valentine Swap goodies are fantastic! So cute and so creative! Love them all!

Yes, I noticed last night that Elizabeth's blog had disappeared - please let us know when you figure out how to get there.

Have a wonderful weekend with your little sweetie pie!

Cindy Marquis said...

Viv - I have that problem with Elizabeth's blog too. I was freaking out! Anyway I just love all your goodies, especially the candy heart box. I need to talk myself into doing swaps. I've never done one! Please help me!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your little guy. Every time you talk about him I get so excited for my own little guy or girl that's coming in June. I can hardly wait!

Valarie said...

Viv....your goodies are so incredible. I want to be included in your sweet exchange...haha. I would happily trade you something if you ever want to swap with me. Have a fabulous weekend girl. xxoo Valarie

Debby said...

I love all your goodies. So really sweet.
I would have E withdraw for sure. Hope you find out what is wrong.

Sandy said...

Wow Viv,
This is wonderful, I was drawn to that sweet candy heart box like a magnet!!!! What a great idea, and I have some of that old Daisy D Valentine paper I think! I am going to have to make some for my buddies here in AZ! As far as Elizabeth goes, I have been in touch with her and she just needs a little break.....we all have been there, right???? If everyone could hold her up in prayers I know she would appreciate it! Nothing terrible is going on....just a break! :) I so enjoy your blog Viv!!!!!! Did you get my email?????? Sandy

Scrap for Joy said...

You have the most awesome swapping buddies. All of these things are adorable...and I love your heart person! Cute, cute, cute! I'm so jealous that you can babysit your grandlove...mine are 200 miles away :(
Stay warm and get lots of snuggles viv!
I'm glad to hear that E is just taking a rest. We do worry. I'm leaving next Wednesday for Arizona and hoping to be able to sneak a visit in with Sandy.

Miss Rhea said...

Oh wow !! Each one is darling !! Hard to choose a favorite you lucky girl :) I miss you !! I have been SO bad about visiting. Your grandson is an absolute ANGEL, give him "Auntie" kisses from me :) :) Love and Hugs :) :)

Rella said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! What Valentine delights!!! But I really must say...I love them all, but I really adore YOUR creation's true...and that baby!!! babylovebabylove.

So your doll is ready to head to you...and I won't post a photo until she is in your hands. Hopefully mid-week as she will fly on Monday.
Sending with lots of hugs.

'xox Rella

April Mechelle said...

All your swap goodies are so cute !!! I love them all !!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Look at all these goodies! Loads of Sweetness!


Sandy said...

Viv, Can I have the address to Marion's blog????? I didn't see it....:):) Sandy