Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Once upon a time... there lived a girl named Mica.. and she had a blog..
and one day on her blog she posted a picture of a little suitcase she had purchased somewhere. the case had been covered in pretty fabric or paper and had been decorated like a collage. It was so freaken cute!
I obsessed about it for days.. and then as soon as I could, I ran out and bought a little suit case and then to my favorite scrapbook paper store (buffalo stamps and stuff) to buy paper and embellishments and came right home and made my own!
I use mine to keep miniature bear supplies in. I just ordered some new fabrics last week adn they came yesterday, which is why I had my little case out today. I had to put stuff away!
While I had it out, I added my "block party square" from Elizabeth to the bottom inside of the case. I had been looking for just the right thing to put there!
and the little kitten pic came off of a birthday card that Cindy of thimbleprims studio sent me last year ! I hated to cut the card up, but I've had it hanging in my craft room since I got it, just waiting to go into the little suitcase!
I made the little bears and the monkey all years ago.
Actually, I've been thinking about making a new little monkey.. there has been one dancing around in my head for quite some time! a boy this time!
Anyways thats all really, just wanted to show this to you!
and this is what was in the package I just recieved! I feel some tiny teddies coming on!!
Dont you?? I'm thinking a little valentine bear may be in order..
well, we'll see!
OKeedokie darlings... I really am quite tired and its just about 10:00 pm, so I think I'm going to hit the "publish post" button.. and then run off to visit your blogs for a while before I go to bed!
Sweet Dreams and happy tomorrow!


Valarie said...

I LOVE your sweet suitcase, and now I am going to obsess over it until I can make one. xxoo Valarie

April Mechelle said...

oooooo All that fabric in that too Cute suitcase !!! I just love it !!!

Mica said...

Oh this is so stinkin' sweet Viv...I LOVE it and think i love it more than mine...wonderful work girlfriend!!!! Hugs,Mica

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

...very sweet!

Nancy said...

DARLING!! What a cute idea. May have to try to create one myself...one of these years! Busy in WA taking care of my daughter with MS and her family right now.
XO Nancy

Astridbears said...

wonderful fabric and a sweet suitcase!

Creative Breathing said...

Oh my gosh Vivian is this ever cute! You must make another monkey! How cute is this one! Holy Cow, those fabrics are so velvety. I can't wait to see your Valentine bears. PS I have posted a story I think will make you laugh today, I hope you enjoy! E

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Once Upon a Time, there was a girl named Jill. And she was very jealous of another little girl named Viv. The End.

LBP said...

Just looking at that on my computer screen makes me giddy with excitement! If I saw it in person I might just try to grab it and run!!! LOL! I would have to open that suitecase up and look at that cuteness about 10 times a day, no maybe 20. Too Cute!

Folksie Linda said...

Your suitcase came out adorable.. I just love it.. decopauging is so much fun and you can alter so many things and recycle them.. you did a great job..it's so cute! Yes i heard the Valentine Cupid may be sending out some Valentines this year.. you never know! Hope all is going well and you are safe and warm as you are probably getting snow just like us!

Kai said...

Well, Viv - THAT'S why you said you don't read! You have a million of your OWN wonderful stories tucked away in your sweet lil' head! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way your suitcase turned out! I suspect if you put your ear next to it some evening - shhhh - don't let the bears & monkey & kitty HEAR you - you will hear THEM playing music! I just KNOW they're having a party inside! REALLY, REALLY WONDERFUL! Kinda like YOU, lil' Viv!

kathy said...

OH so cute -- I so love little childrens suitcases and doll wardrobes -- in fact bought a tiny
pink when antiqueing with my DTR -- now I have 3 --the pink , one cherry red and one red with tan stars -- I so love the one with little drawers inside --YOurs is too too adorable - HUgz - Kathy ga ♥

Dolly said...

EEEK..... does it get any cuter?
I love this Miss Viv!
Guess who is wanting to find one to cherry-fy??? :-)

A pink monkey..... a pink velvet monkey is hiding in that wonderful stack of fabrics! :-)

Hugs, Dolly

Cindy Marquis said...

Love the suitcase. And that fabric - I just want to touch it.

Sandy Michelle said...

Such a sweeeeet piece of luggage!! Did you cover the entire outside of the luggage too, 'cause I love the floral pattern! Mica always has the sweetest ideas. I can't WAIT to see you in just 4 weeks!

Hugs! Sandy

LiBBy said...

OMGarsh Viv! I adore it! It's my colors and my style...looks like Ill have to make myself one...maybe Ill take it to work in place of my briefcase and see how everyone reacts.
Love your new music


LuLu Kellogg said...

I love the wee suitcase...you are one talented chickadee!!!


Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

:::::running to the basement to look for the little suitcase she KNOWS is down there::::::

What a CUTE CUTE CUTE idea!!!

Fran said...

Yummy bear fabrics. What kind of fabric are these? Velvet? Does it have a stretch to it? Love the yummy colors. Please tell me where you order from. LOVE LOVE the suitcase.
Love & Hugs
Fran whom has been amongest the missing lately.

Anonymous said...

I found a suitcase at a yard sale a month ago. It's till sitting in my hallway! I said just the other day - I should decopauge it! Well - you just gave me the courage to do it! This may just be my weekend project! YEAH! Hugs, Patti

Suz said...

Talk about totally freain' cute, Viv! You did a fabulous job. That is the happiest bunch of fabric, toys, pictures, etc. I have seen in days. The colors can't help but make me smile!