Sunday, January 23, 2011

a little monkey business!

The weekend flew by! I've been pretty busy the whole time! Saturday am, I started making my valentine monkey!
the beginning of some monkey business!
I think I mentioned in the previous post that I've had a little monkey dancing around in my brain for a couple weeks. He needed to get out! I had no idea what he would be until he was finished!
I just knew he was in there!
So I worked on him early sat, then went to a baby shower and then grocery shopping where I spent an absurd amount of money!! I had hubby with me and let him pick out what ever he wanted. I shop for two weeks at a time and really I'd be ashammed to tell you how much I usually spend.. I am curious how much you all spend if youd care to share with me....
Saturday night I finished putting mr pink monkey together and got his pants made.
I also stained and scruffed him up so he didnt look so new. then this morning I got up and finished him.
I then cleaned my craft room because it was trashed.. really! Look at my flickr pics if you want to see what my work table looked like.. theres some cute pics there of figgy and frannie enjoying the mess.
It was the coldest day of the year today, Im not sure what the temp was, but I know it was in the single digits. So what do the crazy neronis do on the coldest day of the year? We have a cook out! I had bought a bunch of steaks yesterday and Tony cooked them outside. I really had intended to go out and take a few pictures, but I forgot!
The kids all came over and my sweet little gwanbuddie was here. torry pie
OH. mY. GOD!!!
I just love him to pieces!!!!!! He is so freaken awesome and soo freaken adorable.. I can hardly stand it!
WE had steak, sweet potatos, salad, peas and cheesy garlic bread. And then to top it all off brownie sundaes! uhhhh ... yeah.... lets now mention that diet word again today .. ok?
So now, everyone has left and I'm in my pjs thinking that I really need to go put the mountains of laundry in my room away so I can find clothes to where to work in the morning.. but ... Im feeling a bit more like grabbing up a couple magazines and curling up on the couch~ ( I never do that!.. but I have to admit that I have been tired lately!)
I hope you all had a great weekend.. It seems that it has been fairly quiet here in blogland. I'm gonna do a little blog hopping before I hit the couch..
see yas later and have a great week!


mary helen said...

So very CUTE!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

I LOVE your pink monkey? What size is he/she?
Lots of love,

michelle said...

He is so adorable! I can't believe that little cutie came from a scap of notebook paper!

Sabii Wabii said...

OMG! I'm blogging this!!!

Deborah said...

I absolutely love this monkey. You did a great job with him What fabric did you make him out of. I spend about $100 a week at the grocery store but we eat out (a lot!!) so that really doesn't include a lot of meat.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

This little monkey is incredible, Viv. I just can't believe you drew that pattern and whipped him up. AMAZING!!!
And I scrolled down to see your new little guy in his different sets of jammies. His eyes are SO big! And he's so adorable. Lucky you. : )

Astridbears said...

oh what a sweetie!!! I love him!!
have a wonderful week

Lisa said...

Your Valentine monkey is adorable! Love it!
We never eat at home so it seems kind of absurd to think that each time we go to the grocery store (about every week and a half or so) we spend around $150.00. We buy diet pepsi, milk, bread, cheese, snacks, cleaning stuff but not usually any type of meat or large meal stuff. We literally eat out six nights out of seven and make a sandwich or something on the other night.

Jingle said...

Your monkey is SO absolutely fabulous!!! I love him!

barbara burkard said...

lovin that monkey!!!! Oh bills...we go every two weeks...and we spend around 200.00...BUT that is for the whole house..of 7 of us...(since we live upstairs and the kids live down...i usually prep all the meals...since they all work...not that i don't..just i'm here..playing..i mean WORKING at

Cindy Marquis said...

I love your monkey,(I can't believe that you made it so quickly!) but I have to say the baby is even cuter. Do you mind? LOL!
I also shop for two weeks at a time. There is just two 2 of us, with our younger son home from the dorm on the weekends,and we spend about 150.00. I always think that I could do better, but then I find something that looks so good, like cherries out of season, or a blooming plant. Come on - you've got to tell us how much you spend! I have a friend who spends about 300.00 every time she goes!

Valarie said...

Ah Vivian...this monkey makes me smile. Your Grandbuddie is adorable. Have a fabulous week...I hope it flies by!! xxoo Valarie

Rella said...

Total love fest over that pink monkey!!! What do you do with these creations that come to you?! Just darling. And sooo is that little guy...precious!

xox Rella

Say It In Color said...

What a precious monkey and what a happy and colorful place he gets to be created in!!! I will be back for visits!!!

Say It In Color said...

OH!!! Don't be jealous girls, but my hubby grocery shops...and I love it so much I eat WHATEVER he gets, then I get to create more...not sure what he spends....he works in the next town and is near the store so he calls me to get the list I need, we live out of town, so it saves gas and a trip for to eat, hate to buy groceries....I sooo love that he does that!!

Terri said...

cute babies!!!

Kai said...

OOOOOOOH! That is just the cutest lil' monkey EVER! He was darling ENOUGH as is! THEN you went and OUTFITTED him & I just drooled! So sweet with his little Valentine!!!! Speaking of SWEET, that grandson of yours neeeeeeds Aunty Kai to go give his sweet face some kisses! And I am soooooo hungry after reading what you guys ate. Yum, yum torture!!!!! LOVE YOU, VIV!

Nan said...

I adore the job you did on the pink monkey how cute!!
As for groceries I don't know I never keep track but I do know that what I pay can be as much as twice as much as you do. We don't eat out much at all due to the way we eat w/o the carbs. I get a box of organics veggies and fruits from WA state every other week flown in here. I just passed lemons in the store the other day for 1.00 each. We are at the End of the Road in Homer Alaska. We pay for the view in more ways than one.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

I don't know what is cuter..the monkey or the baby??? Baby wins!!

Julie said...

OM gosh - that is just 10 shades of too cute!!!!

Susan said...

That little monkey looks so vintage. Great job. If we are eating healthy, for the two of us it's about 125.00 per week, but I always stock up when things are on sale, so it's sometimes more. If we are not eating healthy, and buy junque-food, it's ALWAYS more.

Folksie Linda said...

What a GREAT JOB you did on that adorable pink monkey..he looks antique! And PINK!!! Love him so much.. he is so darn cute.. and your Grandson is so darn cute too.. just want to squeeze him!!! What a blessing!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Viv. Your money has such personality! So like you. He really is adorable. How can you not want to create something so adorable after being around that sweet grand baby. He'd be so sore from all the kissing and pinchin' if he was around me.

It has seemed really quiet around blogland this year as opposed to last year this time but I figured it was just me because I haven't been able to spend as much time online.

Hope you're getting some rest. Thanks again for your loving prayers. Hugs and love...Tracy :)

gabrielle messina said...

The monkey is the cutest monkey and your gwanbuddie is precious!!!

Linda Ruthie said...

OMG! What an adorable monkey! When I saw the first picture, I was sure that was a vintage toy. Great job!
To answer your question on grocery spending. There's just the three of us and I shop every 2 weeks at Walmart. Most of the time it's between $150 and $200. If hubby comes along, it's more. Most weeks we'll get take out one night, and there's almost always the additional trip to the local market when I've forgotten something or we run out of juice, milk or bread.

ImagiMeri said...

Viveroni, that monkey is the most stinkin' cutest monkey I've ever seen!

On disability, I get paid monthly, so I do all my major shopping monthly. I spend about $300 at Walmart for most of our day to day stuff, and then another $200-300 at Costco for bulk items like bread, cleaning supplies, butter, sugar, rice, etc. My hubby picks up fresh milk every week and sometimes I go out for fresh veggies every week, too. There's three of us at home, but that's only been since last May when my oldest daughter moved out after getting married.

Are you selling your monkey, and if much?


Jacqueline said...

I had to smile at the fact you combined the little monkey face with that very cute baby face in one post. Adorable to say the least!
I love your work and I hope one day you'll come be a vendor with Once Upon A Fairyland.

Jenny said...

Oh wow. You have the adorable pink monkey. I'll take the baby for awhile. So, so so sweet. I think I am in love.

What a great post.

Suze said... stinkin' adorable!