Monday, September 26, 2011

freaky friends and ding dongs!!

freaky friends!

I love creating halloweenies. I think more then any other thing. these are the little friends I made this weekend. the top pumpkin and the batty cat guy are in a shadow box and I gave them to my dear friend brenda for her birthday today. the two below I have to keep! I think I may make a couple more though!

They are fun and easy to make! Except that Im running out of pipe cleaners because figgy and franny seriously steal them! I have to keep them hidden! they are probably 20 or more under the entertainment center!

wanna know what a good boy my hubby is? He works an hour and 15 minutes or so away. tonight I called him on his way home to see if he was anywheres near joanns, he wasnt, he was 15 minutes past it, but he turned around and went back just to buy my a little spool of the tiny black pompom trim that I put on the pinkeep above! isnt he a good boy!? thats why I keep him! lol! hes been known to make trips to joanns to get felting needles or paper clay, sculpty, glue or paint.. or who knows what else! He just left to go to jens for something.. now.. if he would just bring home some icecream! lol! JUST KIDDING. so.. yeah, the losing weight plan... I did great sat and sun .. but blew it sunday night and this afternoon.. but I'll be back on track tomorrow.. someone just kick me in the butt please! there were dingdongs in the stupid machine at work today.. ding dongs! by hostess.. I havent had those since I was a teenager! Ding dongs!! I tell ya, I couldnt help myself...

But I have to admit.. first of all they were a little smushed.. and 2nd of all, they werent that great.. but I ate them anyways! no more ding dongs for me! naughty naughty!

OK.. I gotta get some jammies on and make a cup of tea.. then I think I'll do a little needle felting. I want to make something for my birthday/halloween giveaway. my bday is this weekend, so I will annouce my giveaway then.. so be watching!

see yas later~



Samantha said...

Oh my goodness!...your little Jack Skellington is too, too cute!!! Love him! hee-hee now I have "This is Halloween" playing in my head. :)

And don't be too hard on yourself about the ding dongs. Just jump right back into eating right and they shouldn't do too much damage. Shhh...I had a piece of cake leftover from my daughter's b-day that I definitely didn't need. I'll be better tomorrow too!

Kim K. said...

You definitely have a very sweet hubby. How nice that he is willing to go to a craft store and even knows where "certain" items are located in the store.

Your creations are just delightful. You do amazing work, Vivian. Don't beat yourself up to bad about the ding dongs. Have a super Tuesday.

kathy said...

VIV your lil Freakys are so cute -- I love your imagination as well as your talent . I love Halloween also -and Christmas and Valentines and vintage and cute stuff -well I love it all -- a curse i tell ya !!lol -- always trying to cram in more stuff !
Kathy - ga ♥

Sandy Michelle said...

Aw your man rocks! I just love your little Halloween creations! Have a great week!

Sandy xox

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, gosh! I just love your Halloweenies, Viv! So sweet of you to make some for your friend--she'll LOVE them!

Your hubby is DEFINITELY a keeper, my friend--that's fabulous!

About your question on my post today--it's a smaller tin--fairly narrow--I just used regular pop caps for the images.

Hope you're enjoying your birthday week!


Kai said...

Love ALL your Halloweenies, but the skelly with the big eyes is AWESOME! You are sooooo talented & FUN, Viv! As for your hubby, I think he should give hubby-training classes! LOL! Seriously! Wives would pay LOTS of $$ to have him train their hubbies! LOVE YOU! And I've been trying to watch my junk food intake, but this weekend I plan to indulge in my one real can't-do-without-first-of-October treat: a big old pan of homemade bread pudding. Yummmmmmmy! I already feel my butt growing. Sigh.

Debby said...

We need to celebrate out brithdays together. My sonis the 1st, then mine the 8th then my DIL the 18th. Well trained hubby you have.
Darn Ding Dongs.

Lynn said...

WOW!! Vi, those are just too cute!! Your hubby is a keeper for sure. My hubby does not do my crafty crafts as he calls it. He will come and sit out in my craftroom with me if I am out there working on something and he does not complain about all of the stuff and supplies that I have collected in the past 16 years!!
How did your friend like her jar of acrons that you made her?? I think she loved them and the little shadow box you made her. Have a great week and good luck with the dieting and remember no more Ding Dongs :O)

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

So freakin cute I wanna come over there and slap you!!

kandeland said...

I just think that Tony Neroni is somethin' else!! Too cute! xo

April Mechelle said...

Oh Viv !!! I need that Pinkeep to keep my cross stitch needle on!!! I love it!!!
Is it needle felted? Skeleton?
I was to go on WW Monday... Blew it right after breakfast!!! lol

The Cottage Market said...

all of your creations are just too cute! thanks for sharing them with us...hugs from your newest follower!
andrea -- family and doxies (ehaven and earth)

Holly Loves Art said...

Such fun fun fun! Just adorable and your hubby is a dear. Thanks for sharing these cuties.