Saturday, September 17, 2011

halloween tree number one...

tv top tree

I guess I have a few halloween trees! I have two in the living room, two in the kitchen, one in my craft room, one on my front porch and one in my office at work!

tv top 2

This is a few pictures of the one that sits on the entertainment center in the livingroom.

tv 3

I think, at the moment, this one is my favorite.

tv 5

I love all the ornaments on it. I had considered having my kids get me a big halloween tree for my birthday and putting everything on one tree... but since have decided that I like having having stuff spread out through the house. so I have to remember to tell them not to buy the tree!

tv 6

This tree sits inside one of the halloween crowns I made last year. the one on the mantel sits in the other. I'll post pics of that one next time.

tv tree in crown

so anyways..Whats everyone doing this weekend? Im on call for cps.. but hoping that it stays very quiet as I really dont feel very good! this cold is kicking my butt. I was up most of the night last night. However i'm going to try to ignore the fact that I feel like crap!

I need to make some ornaments for my craft room tree because there just isnt much on it! thats about my only real plan for the weekend! That and to clean my craft room and also to cook warm cozy things that will warm up the house, smell good and make me feel better!

im thinking a nice roast, potatos, squash, and apple crisp for today. I also have a turkey breast thats calling my name! lol

Have agreat day everyone! I have to run to wally world to get some stuffing for some pumpkins Im making! see yas later!



Kim K. said...

I had to scroll up and down several times and take in all your amazing ornaments. I love the fact that you have multiple Halloween trees. I have one LARGE tree in the sunroom (not yet decorated) and then a smaller one in my craft room. Please open my box. Don't hold back. There's something in there for baking that I promise will make the house smell good. I hope your weekend and CPS is a quiet one and that you are on the road to recovery. HUGS!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Look at all your Halloween goodies! I would be in Halloween Heaven with all those trees!

I think I am going to decorate for the fall today and have my husband bake some pumpkin bread!


suzeeez said... have quite the collection ! I would love to walk through your house and look at all of your neat trees in person ! Nice decorations !!

Cindy said...

I'd say you like Halloween, Viv! I don't have that many ornies to put on a tree, I guess I have to join a few swaps:) Hope you feel better soon. All that good food should do the trick.

Jane said...

Love your Halloween decorations! Those painted peat pots (?) are so cute!
Hope you get over your cold soon. The 'comfort foods' should help :)

A Vintage Chic said...

What fabulous trees, Viv! Would LOVE to see your house at Halloween--looks like so much fun!

Hope you feel better and get that quiet weekend, my friend!


Diane Mars said...

You really go way out, I love all the wonderful ornaments on your tree, very fun a little bit of fright. I think I will have to bring out some Halloween decor~ Hugs, Diane

Kai said...

Mean old hateful cold! I have one, too! Nose is either stopped up or I have to blow it every 2 seconds! GRRRRR! Sadly, it's NOT affecting my appetite! LOL! Hope YOU feel better, sweety-girl! I had SUCH fun looking at your Halloween pretties. I keep saying it, Viv - your house is like a lil' fairy land to me. So many fun & cute & pretty things to look at! Now, after reading yours & Natalea's blogs, I'M HUNGRY. So I'm going to see if I have something SMALL to munch on. Feed a cold, starve a fever. That's my story & I'm sticking to it! Hahahaha! LOVE YOU, VIV!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said... have How Many Halloween trees??!!LOL!!!
I don't have a single one! Sure enjoy seeing yours!
Thank you for your kind words about Mack.

ImagiMeri said...

Seriously need to rest. Just turn your button to "off" and relax. I think you're more hyper than I ever was, and it's not gonna last forever. I don't mean to be a party-pooper, but you need to take care of yourself Vivvie. Don't make me come out there and care for you, I've got enough to handle right here, thank you very much!

God Bless and REST!


Fran said...

WOW! LOVE ALL YOUR HALLOWEEN GOODIES! WOW! I still have my Halloween Black Cat Pincushion you made me. It stays on my sewing machine all the time. I have to get back into swaps.

Enchanted Hollow Designs said...

Oh, Vivian,
Is that why you said you're freezing on FB? I am so sorry you are sick. I really hope you feel lots better very soon.
Yes, rest, rest, and then rest some more. Your body is telling you what you need. And, I LOVE all of your cool Halloween stuff!!
Only 43 more days. : )
Lots of love and hugs and chicken soup from,

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Is my Viv sick?

What you need is to curl up with in warm blanket, drink some hot tea (or cider...shoot...anything warm), and do something that doesn't involve serious thinking! Nothing beats a good snuggle-bunny!