Monday, September 19, 2011

warning.. grumpy post...Dont you ever get grumpy??

Oh dear girlfriends.. I am feeling a wee bit grumpy tonight. Lots of odd stuff bothering me.
Frannie is better, but not her old self. still not running and playing. and not eating a heck of a lot.
That stray is still out there and he IS sickly. He has got to go. Im pissed that some freaken how (thanks to my son..) this cat has become my responsibility. I dont want to be responsible for getting him well or finding him a home. at the same time I feel so bad for him. he is very sweet.
Work absolutely sucked this afternoon and sometimes I hate my job and think I'll never be able to stick it out til I can retire!
I came home stressed and pigged out on all kinds of crap. which makes me mad, because I really want to go back on my weight watchers plan. Remember when I lost that 55 pounds????? yeah? well lets not think about that too much.
I want to be a rich princess and stay home and play!
Darn it!
My craft room is a disaster and needs some major organizing and cleaning up!
and.. I'm sick of sitting at the computer.
why do we blog?
oh. geez.. listen to whiney old me.. OLD! thats another problem.. I look old! and I could grow a freaken beard! ..

I'm just tired girls and still not feeling that great and then a kid I work with ticked me off really bad this afternoon.. like REALLY ticked me off.
I'll be fine in the morning.. I should just get some juice and a bowl of hotair popcorn and watch something stupid on tv!
sorry for the whining...
but do you like the silly pumpkins? I made those while I wasted time resting this weekend.
sweet dreams girlfriends!


Lisa said...

Oh Viv ~ I'm sorry you are down. Sounds like a lot of people are "dumping" on you and it can be too much to take sometimes. We've all been there from time to time so don't apologize - it feels good to let it out there.
I love the little spider on your pumpkins. You always create the cutest things.
I love your blog and and seeing what you create is always such an inspiration but if it becomes work and you don't enjoy it, take a step back and give yourself a break. Come back when you feel like it. This is YOUR life and you need to do what makes you happy

Cindy said...

Hey Bit--y...yeah me..I have been tearing into everyone!!!! I am mad about moving out of my home..the financial crap we are in...and my stinking fat a--!!!!!! I too need to lose weight...I will be here for you if you will give me a shout eveyone once in a while. Lets go girls...lets loose weight!!!!

First eating after 7:00 PM!!!!!!! If you think you are going to stuff something in your mouth...think of a dirty sock..and the awful smell with will put it

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Folksie Linda said...

It's okay to be grumpy Viv..we all go there! Can you call a local pet shelter to pick up the cat? i can't take any strays in anymore either so i hope none show up. What is wrong with Franny? I hope she is okay. Do something for yourself and get some rest or even a cry..sometimes i just cry my eyes out and then i feel better. Sure hope you feel better soon.
Love you girl, Linda

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Viv,
I think we all have our down days...I did smile when you mentioned your wiskers...LOL!!!
Yes, your pumpkins are darling and what a great swap package you rec'd!!!
Take care and try not to be so hard on yourself.

Cheryl said...

*big hug*.... Well, just remember your happier way more than grumpy so you deserve to get grumpy every now and then. You tell that guy that made you mad-- at the end of the day regardless of what was said or done... that he is not "Going to take your joy out of your soul." Smile, smile, smile... it makes everyone think somethings up--- besides your spirit lol

Kim K. said...

I hope a good night's rest helped lift the spirits. Virtual (((hugs))) by dear Halloween friend.

JENNY said...

"wasted time resting"...Luscious rest sounds like what you need, dear one. You deserve that!
Um...did I hear mention of a beard? Hahahahahaha! The too-little-discussed topic of women's facial hair! Oh, where do I begin. The best of us have a chin hair or two....or twenty....
You can rant and rave. It's okay.
Sending you love while you do.

ImagiMeri said...

Wasted time resting???? Missy, you've not wasted any time resting. Now I know you're grumpy, but taking time for yourself is never bad. I'm so sorry you're not having a good day, but cheer up Vivvie...........think Torrie Pie all the time. Sweet little arms around your neck, the smell of little boy, sugar, dirt, and the huge heart pumping out how much he loves his grammy! Saturday I announce my winners for the fall giveaway.......I'm hoping you're one of them!


Kai said...

Viv, you are SO allowed to do some grumping! THAT'S why we blog! We share what we create, & talk of things that make us smile. But blogging is SUCH a great outlet for us to vent our frustrations. So many of us have been blogging friends for some time! So Blogger is a 'safe' venue to say what's on our minds & KNOW we'll get kind feedback. I hope you quickly find a home for (or an organization that will pick up)the white cat. I also hope Frannie is WAY better soon! I think maybe you are just tired, lil' Viv because - after all - you just recently prepared for & held a WEDDING pretty much all by yourself! Not to mention you work in a stressful job, and do so, so much OTHER stuff! Be GOOD to yourself! ALLOW yourself to relax & rest! Having said all that, you are NOT old nor are you ANY of the bad things you call yourself. You are beautiful, vibrant, funny, really sweet, talented, and WONDERFUL! So THERE! And this (truly) OLD, ROUND PERSON knows what she's talking about! LOVE YOU BIG BUNCHES! Now! Go out & have yourself a HAPPY DAY! 'K?

Jacqueline said...

There is a reason I love this post so much...we always get the "real Viv" and I love that about you but I also can relate. Sometimes we just need to have a big angry pitty party and invite our guest and it's okay!
Let good ol' LOVE lift you up...and why do we blog? Because we need friends to listen right in the middle of the storm!

I lost my little Misha my chihuahua last week. I'm in a major pitty hearts big.

jenneroni said...

Oh little mommy...don't be a grump! It's my birthday! Be happy and buy me things because you love me! ;o) <3

PS...Gonna join ww again probably online tom.

Debby said...

We all get grumpy. It seems like things build up so that when we are grumpy everything bothers us. You know the saying that when we age our eyelashes fall out and land on our chin. I hate those random things.
Sorry about your kitty (it's your kitty right). My Yorkie is not doing much better at all. I am so tired of her not feeling better and the vets saying not too worry. Shouldn't I worry when her tummy looks like it could pop and she hide as all day long.
I went by my old job yesterday and so glad that it is my old job. That's probably not an option for you at this point.
Maybe you need a runaway day just for you. Take off for a day and have some me time.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Viv,

Love the pumpkins you made. I like the one with the spider on it. Sorry you are under the weather all around. Get a good night sleep. That always helps me. If that doesn't work, have a cocktail or two!

Love to you,

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, you are my muse! How I miss your foodie posts, the good ones! Why didn't anyone ever tell us blogging could make us gain weight! What's up with us Viv! We need a plan. I think we need to think on this. I feel your grumpiness-love to you! Elizabeth

Sandy said...

I had to laugh at a lot of the things you wrote, especially the beard part....Gosh I hate wiskers! I am sorry that your sweet kittie is sick still and that Thomas is still there, I will put out the message to the world (via God) that Thomas needs a home....NOW! I love that you feel you can dump on us.....I have dumped on you, haven't I ???? Dump away girlfriend.... that is called good therapy once in awhile!!!! Oh, also, can I blame my weight on blogging now???? Cool! LOL :):) Sandy

kandeland said...

We all have our moments Viv! Nothing wrong with having a crappy day once in deserve one- you're always so cheery! What was I calling you at the Garden Walk? Chippy? See, you're way less grumpy than most people so go ahead and be a crank sometimes..we still love you! I cracked up about growing the beard though, I must say! You kill me! Well I hope this day is going better...take care of yourself...maybe you need a little trip to Bflo Stamps and lunch..let me know! xoxo nat

Fran said...

That's ok Vivian, you can be down and grumpy if you want to. We all get that way sometimes. I know I do! Blogging about it helps you feel better, right? No need to apologize. I for one love your post and love listening to you when you are down or happy! I love your creations, you really are an inpiration. Really you are.
Lots of HUGS ((((())))) Fran