Saturday, September 24, 2011

taking care of business...

(acorns made for my friends 50th bday.. didnt get 50 made, only 30!)

OK girls.. so this is it.. for my 50th birthday I lost 50 pounds. (55 really). I will soon turn 51 in another week or so, and I have to admit that this year I found, at last count about 30 of those pounds back! And if I am to be honest, I would guess that I have gained 40 of those pounds back... wth! Im not quite ready to step on the scale to see the grand total..
bowl of acorns
(could have ruined her surprise party as I thought the party was last night! its sunday! thankfully no one was home!)

But the good news is, this craziness is going to stop now. I have been eating anything I wanted when ever I wanted and as much as I wanted for weeks and weeks.. I've even been to nasty Mcdonalds a few times lately and i had completely given that up.. same for DONUTS!!
bottle 1
(love these cute and spooky stickers, bought at Micheals!)

So heres the scoop! There are several of you who have mentioned to me the desire to lose weight. so I'm starting a little group. we can encourage each other and post healthy, lowfat recipes to share. And just try to be accountable to each other. I'm putting on my walking shoes and I'm getting moving again.. and riding my sweet pink bicycle.. that sits on the porch wondering if Ive forgotten about her!
(cute on the these bottles arent they?)

Weight watchers is an awesome place to go for tips and accountability and it worked sooo well for me before, but seriously I just dont want to give them my money. I have the tools, I know what to do and I'm just going to do it.. we all know that diets are temporary.. it cant be that way.. it has to be for life.
its all a blur!
(a little blurry! )

I got to thinking that for one.. Im fat and its unhealthy as well as unattractive! But also, I'm only 50 (well for a few more days anyways) and I cant retire for another 11 ro 12 years. I need to be able to work. Also, I'm a grammy pie now and will surelyin the next few years! Which means I NEED to be healthy so I can be the best ever grammy for them. I would like to be around for another 40 or more years.. in a healthy capacity.. so this is it...
potion bottles

no more of this out of control eating. Starting now, today, I'm going back to where I started about two years ago. You'll probably get tired of hearing about it.. and if for some reason I'm not talking about it, call me out.. cause that probably means I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
glow in the dark eyes!
(dont they look like theyre cooking up some evil little plan!?)

If youre serious and you want to join in, let me know and I'll be sure to check in on you and to encourage you too. Okeedokie girls?
so to start today out, this is what i'm having for breakfast.
A scrambled egg with peppers, onions and tomatos, a little bit of ham chopped up in it and a laughing cow cheese wedge melted into it. with a 100 cal bagel thin and spray butter (no cals) . I'm also having two little clementine oranges. (I'll be counting my points using the old weight watchers points, not the new..) My total points for breakfast will be about 6 points.

Ok.. other then that, I have some crafty plans for the weekend! All halloween related of course! And I've still got to decorate my porch. its cold and rainy out today, a perfect day for that kind of stuff! I'll be back later to check on all my bloggy buds! love yas!
happy Saturday!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

My birthday is one week from yours on the 1st too? Eeeeeeeeek! That would be cool!!

I have lost 118 pounds since last December and these last 17 pounds are killing me so I am joining you in stepping up my game!!

As always, I LOVE seeing pics of the furry ones!! I LOVE kitty pics!!


Kim K. said...

I'm home again from my conference and your lovely package was waiting for me. I'm in LOVE with every single item. You are such a talented sweet friend. Best wishes with your healthy menu choices. I know you can do it. You can do ANYTHING!

martha brown said...

Good luck, Viv! I have gained over 30 pounds since I met Ray. Grr. But I have joined a gym and plan to work our regularly. My problem is the time! I'm so busy! And about a month behind on my blog reading. Today is catch up day.....

Cindy said...

Hey Viv, I'm with you! Anything that helps me lose these 50-60 lbs. My problem is that I love to bake and I'm addicted to sugar. I would love to join you to help lose this weight.

I love your acorns. I made some last year out of felt, but sewn, not needle felted. I'll show a picture on my blog soon. I'm still recuperating from my carpel tunnel surgery. Hopefully, I can take some pics this week.

Tracy Suzanne said...

A birthday seems to always be a good reminder for something like this. I need to be right there with you. My problem is coca-cola. I just really, really need to give that up! And getting back to natural and healthy foods would be a BIG plus. I'm saying a prayer for a big happy and healthy new year for you.

I sure wish we'd cool down another 10 degrees. It's gonna be about 88 again today. That's takes some of the fun out of fall decorating. Have fun and take pics for us. Plus, please mail me one of those furballs.


Tracy Suzanne said...

And I love your acorns!!!! And your bottles are so cute.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Well I'll join you on the weight gain adventure! Don't ask me why, but I just joined Weight Watchers online last week. It's really not telling me anything I didn't know, but I thought maybe having to enter those points for every morsel I put in my mouth might make me a little more aware. I have been really disappointed though. One full week on sunday and no weight loss, and I HAVE followed it to the T. My thyroid is really off right now though and just had a medication adjustment, so maybe that's it? Either way, I have lost fifty or so in the last few years but can't for the life of me lose the last ten. I'll try. But tonight is my class reunion and tomorrow is the Packer game, so I'll just wait till monday to really get serious about adding exercising too! Good luck, you did it before, you can do it again! Love the acorns by the way.

Debby said...

I'll join in as well. I went Gluten-free a year and a half ago. It isn't the healthiest or the easiest but if I can do that I can do better with the rest of my diet.
I just love all your Halloween goodness going on at your house.
Love your acorns. Funny you were a day ahead. I have done that and even a week before.
At least you weren't late.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Viv, you are reading my mind!! I had planned to crack down on Monday!!
the lovely 47+ pounds i gained on Lyrica have got to GO!! My daughter is getting married next May and I don't want to look like a blimp in the pictures!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, I hope things are a bit better since we last spoke :) I know from experience how frustrating it can be to gain some weight back. I'm glad it won't discourage you to keep trying- like it does to most people.

Sandy xox

ImagiMeri said...

Sweet Viveroni,

Good for you girlfriend! I hope and pray you will be successful in your quest. I already know you're a great grammie, so that goes without saying, but trying to be a healthier one is wonderful.

God Bless and good luck sweetie.


lori ventimiglia said...

hey Viv,
those acorns are so cute.Thanks for all your comments. So lucky to have you as a friend >

Jenny said...

woo hoo! Happy Birthday! Those acorns are really fabulous! I love them! I hear you on the weight loss. A friend just told me it gets tiring from always being a cheeseburger and french fries away from gaining weight!

Samantha said...

Love the cute!!! And your tray of spooky bottles too!

You can do it Vivian! And there are plenty of us out here to cheer you on. I have 15 very stubborn pounds I need to lose...a little more would be better, but 15 is the first goal. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to lose weight and be healthier, too. I'm with you! Ever since we went on vacation a few weeks ago, I've been out of control with my eating. I need to start exercising regularly. Let's encourage one another!