Wednesday, September 28, 2011

thinking about being 51!

some people dont like to celebrate their birthdays!
But not me! I'm all about them. I LOVE having a birthday.

And what would the alternative be??? lets not even go there. I love my life! and I want to have a ton of more birthdays!

I dont particularly like getting older... but I'll do it... (like I have a choice!)

and Im going to make the best of it all along the way!

I like being fussed over.. and really, I like being the center of attention... I know some of you dont. but me? yeah, I'm all about me! lol! well at least during my birthday month!

And I figure the older I get, the longer Im going to celebrate my birthday! seems only fair doesnt it? So, Ive dubbed the month of October, my month! which is really perfect because it starts and stops with a bang!

Starting with my birthday and ending with Halloween! now really, what could be better??

We get together for all our birthdays.. .. My family is GROWING so these days.. husbands, significant others and babies! so we have lots of people for fun parties!

And we really dont do it up all fancy or anything.. we just get together to eat and have cake and open a couple gifts. Nothing extravagant..

Though, I being a princess and all deserve extravagant... (LOL!) . we just dont go there!

Really, Im joking.. I hope you know that.. Usually we have big steak dinners for birthdays. For Jens we had stuffed shells. But I think for mine we will either have tacos.. or pigs in the blanket and chili! I'm leaning more towards the pigs and chili!! doesnt that sound like fun!! (I do love me some hotdogs!)

So, I'm just thinking about my birthday this morning.. and planning my weekend. shopping saturday.. hoping maybe to have breakfast with Natalea and Jenny (and any of my daughters, daughter in loves that are available) and then shopping for the day. Im gonna spoil myself and by me some treasures of somesort!

then sunday will be dinner and family. but I keep thinking it would be fun to go to letchworth for a birthday picnic! Who knows.. but I will be rejoicing that i get to turn another year older and that I love my life and am very thankful for every blessing God has given me!

so blaa blaa blaa.... and have a great day..

I'll return to more halloween inspired stuff later.. this is just were my fat little head is this morning!




The Cottage Market said...

awww...what a heartwarming and wonderful way to get ready for your birthday! it sounds like tons of fun and i hope you pamper yourself to the max and enjoy all of the happenings with your family and friends! here's wishing you 51 more plus!!!! hugs...andrea -- family and doxies (heaven and earth)

Kai said...

LOL! I love you SO MUCH, Viv! I mailed your card Monday, but your pressie is going to be a little delayed. I HATE sending a late gift, but when you get it you will understand WHY it was late. (Are you curious? Gooood! Bwahahahaha!) You BETTER celebrate all of October because you are SOOOO worthy of celebration, you cute critter! And this post just made me smile so much! BIG HUGS!

Cindy said...

I think you have a great attitude about birthdays. Like you said, it's better than the alternative! I hope you have a really great weekend of celebrating, shopping and family fun!

Kim K. said...

Birthday blessings! Enjoy the entire month and spoil yourself rotten!! HUGS!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Vivian
You've got the right attitude about birthdays. Let the celebrations begin!! Thanks for leaving a comment so I can visit you too!

ImagiMeri said...

Best of everything to you Viveroni! I hope your birthday is as special as you are!

Big Hugs,

Farmchick said...

Hoping you have a great birthday month....sure I think you deserve it too!! :)

Lynn said...

oh, all those pictures of cakes makes me want one! I hope you enjoy your birthday week and birthday month!

lori ventimiglia said...

I love the way you celebrate! I hope you have the most fabulous birthday. Enjoy

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Month Miss Vivian!!! Have a great time!
Your B-day celebrations sound really similar to ours. :)

Rhissanna said...

Happy Birthday, Viv! I hope you have a great day. People need to celebrate the important stuff!

April Mechelle said...

I love Birthdays too Viv !!! Hope you have a great 51st! Eat Cake for me !!!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I know some women never admit to being how old they are, but I have no problem with it. I figured I earned all those years! Good for you for shouting it to the world!!

Happy Birthday!!

kathy said...

xoxo - Kathy - ga ♥

Sandy Michelle said...

Viv is your birthday on the 1st- like my Daughters'? Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I will be cooking for 27 people for the party. I have something for you but it won't get there for a few weeks :( BTW I dreamt that Jenny was dating a famous basket ball! Have afun and Happy Birthday!!
Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

You make the most attractive posts!

I don't even know how old I'll be this year. I stopped counting after 50! Oh, I'll be 55. I've decided just to remember the birthdays that count by 5's. The others are too hard to remember!


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Vivian, and many, many more :-)