Saturday, September 10, 2011

some say its too early...


but really?? when you have sooo much awesome freaken cute halloweenie stuff...

you have to put it out early! other wise you only see it for a few weeks out of the whole year! so I say I'm putting it out so I can enjoy it all for 2 months before I have to pack it all away for another year!

doesnt that make perfect sense to you?

halloween under glass

so.. yes, my house is mostly done now.. still have the porch to do.. but that I will wait for a couple weeks to do yet. I havent done anything in my craft room yet and still have a little tweaking to do here and there.. and you know.... its early yet.. I know I will receive halloweenies from swaps... and of course my birthday is in oct and I usually get something halloween related! I'm trying to promise myself not to buy any halloweenies this year.... (uh ... my fingers might be crossed behind my back... well, they arent because Im typing.. but in my head they are!) My thought is that I can create all the halloweenies I want.. but I should not buy any..... (well, we'll see...)

pumpkins on a fence!

hey! isnt this little fence with the pumpkins on it adorable!? you know we could make these! I bought mine.. but how simple they would be to make! I might make one for a gift for someone!


This morning I finished my little faux halloween cupcakes. Not sure how much I like them, but they will do. I might make some more. I have some other ideas and I want bigger ones. These are the smaller ones.


OK.. I'm off to make my bed, shower and get dressed.. and then I will be working on some halloween ornies! do you think I'll get sick of Halloween before it gets here?

Dont worry.. I definitely wont. in fact, I will be sad when its time to pack it all up again!

have a great weekend!



Lynn said...

Good Morning,
WOW Oh WOW!!!!! I love your collection of Halloween goodies!! Please share more pictures of your Halloween decor!!! I am new to the blogs and I was wondering where you sell your faux cupcakes?? Thank you for your wonderful blog, I so enjoy seeing all of your treasures and reading your stories!
Lynn in NC

Debby said...

Oh I love all that orange goodness. When is your bd......mine is October 8. We should celebrate together.

Sandy Michelle said...

Those cupcakes rock girl!

Kai said...

TOO EARLY????? NEVER! It's like Christmas! I mean, I get ragged on ALL the time for putting my Christmas decorations & things out before I even halfway finish eating Thanksgiving dinner. But I could be happy leaving Christmas up YEAR ROUND! Viv, I LOVE your Halloweenies! Your house ALWAYS looks fun & festive & JOYFUL! I wanna LIVE there! (Am I too old for you to adopt?) LOVE YOU, you lil' cutie pie! Have a super weekend!

Lynn said...

Hi again,
Please email me at and let me know where I can purchase your wonderful goodies that you make!! I just look on your photos of Halloween!! I had to stop and go get a paper towel to dry the drool off of my laptop!!!
Have a wonderful day!!
Lynn in NC

Cindy said...

Wow, I just love all you Halloweenie goodies! I could just keep looking and getting more and more inspiration. Your cupcakes are so cute. I got a 4th of July one in your swap and loved it! I am going to get out my fall and Halloween stuff this week. Can't wait!

ImagiMeri said...

Whenever you feel like putting out Halloween is the right time! I've got my Santa collection out before Thanksgiving......nuttin' wrong wit dat!

You've got some adorable goodies there missy, I really hope you do win one of my sculpts!


Michelle (IslandGardner) said...

Viv it is all wonderful, I started on my cookies and my tips were to big to decorate with so I am getting smaller ones today. I might try cupcakes tonight or maybe a cake!! Thanks for the tip!!
Love Michelle in Manteo

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Viv, isn't too early!!! Love seeing all your halloween treasures!!! The black cat pin keep is awesome!
Have a great weekend.

kandeland said...

it's not too early!
did you receive my orni's??
Happy weekend, xoxo

Lisa said...

I can't wait to see what you make ~ you always make the cutest things!

Kim K. said...

I'm am sooooooooo happy to find another blogging friend who loves Halloween as much as I do. Bring on the orange and black! Woo hoo!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Who says it's too early?! Where's THAT rule written?! Well....I say.....if loving Halloween is wrong, I don't wanna be right!!

lori ventimiglia said...

I love your Halloweenies!!!! I took your lead and got my halloween stuff out, so tomorrow the decorating begins!!!