Monday, April 8, 2013

fun with friends!

old friends 5 
I had a great weekend. 
mmmm..... brownies!   LOL!bill 
 Yesterday I hung out with two old friends 
from WAY long ago. 
 old friends 3 
We had a blast.. and we laughed are butts off!  
Was so great to see Bill and Claire again!
And.. on Saturday I had friends over too!
 me and Beth
A little teaparty with just a few girls.. 
but a great afternoon of chit chatting!
jan and sandycheryl and marla pie
And of course Marla pie was there... 
and that just makes me day!
 tiffany, cheryl and marla 
Now its monday and back to reality... 
gotta weigh in tomorrow night, so I'm being good... cross your fingers that I made it down to an even 20 pounds...
NO crafting done this weekend.  Ive not done any crafting since before easter...   thats seems so long ago!  I do have plans for some crafting though... I need a trip to michaels!
Have a lovely day my friends!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Looks like you had a joyous weekend with friends. I hope this week flies by. I really didn't miss work last week while I was home with the girls.

Happy Monday!

Japolina said...

Cute photos. Glad you had fun with your friends!

chris mckinley said...

You look great, your WW work is paying off! And it sounds like a great weekend with friends, always so much fun! chris

Theresa said...

What a wonderful weekend! LOVE the pictures of you having a FUN time with your friends! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend well spent! :) Happy new week! xx Holly

Kai said...

I WANT YOUR HAIR!!!! It's so pretty, Vivvy! Looks like you had a GREAT weekend! Makes ME glad! ('Course I'd be even MORE glad if I could spend a weekend with you!) You'll do awesome on your weigh-in! I have gotten to a point where I actually love getting on the scale. Sick, huh? LOL! But it's exciting after almost a year, to be this close to my goal weight. Have a MAHHHH-VELOUS Monday & find some time to craft! LOVE YOU!

Scrap for Joy said...

Isn't it great to spend time with friends, talking and laughing until your face hurts?
Hope you gat back to your work table to see what you're "up to"!

Cindy said...

Looks like a fun weekend! My husband had a friend over on Saturday from high school. It was fun listening to them talking about back in the day:) Have a great week.

ImagiMeri said...

Oh I wish I could come play with you, too! I love tea parties.

Marla Pie is just too stinkin' cute, I think I'd spend all my time just huggin' and kissin' her.


pam said...

Marla looks like a little dollie sitting there in her white tights! Too cute! YES go to Michael's! Not to feed a habit - but ours had a lot of .50 cents bins to clear out all the leftovers and the Easter stuff was 70% off! I found lots of little goodies that can be used year round or put up for next Easter!

Abbey Crafton said...

Twenty pounds? You're my hero!
Darly DooDoo

Fran said...

WOOHOO!! congrats On the weight lost. MMMMM I've been really really bad the last few weeks. Just can't stay with the program OR Can't stay away from the Sweets!
After weighing today I had a talk with myself and I AM GOING TO STOP eating stuff I'm not suppose to and loose this weight. I PROMISE!! Now I really really have to do this. :-)