Sunday, April 14, 2013


teacup nest
Well, Easter is packed away and my house is less cluttered.  It has taken on the theme of spring.  birds and nests and flowers.
  I need to get some pussy willows somewhere.  last year a lady from work brought me in a bunch, but shes since retired, so I'm on my own! lol.
kitchen table
I'll probably move stuff around still.  I dont know if I like these little cloches on the table or not.  
we'll see...
wreath 2
I fought the urge all day  to go shopping.  I wanted to buy a new green wreath like the one above and some new african violets as mine arent blooming right now and need some loving care.  I also want to find a nice Ivy plant, as the one I have in my kitchen is not well either.  But I was a good girl and didnt go!  In fact I didnt get dressed until about 4:00! lol  I had a pajama day!
top of tv
my hubby will be happy when he comes in tonight,  that easter is gone away.. maybe he'll be happy enough that he will carry the three bins upstairs for me!  lol!  though he might be tired as he has been helping Robert move the contents of his garage today.  You know men and their tools..   tools are a big deal in Tony and the boys worlds.
My next project will be that big bear order from alaska.  I havent started it yet.  I will this week though.  The lady wasnt in any hurry.  but I told her I would do them after Easter.  I guess its officially after easter now that I've packed it away for another year.
And Girls, this is my 1000th post!  I feel like bells and whistles should ring!  I will do a special post this week celebrating the last 6 or 7 years blogging.  I just need to think about it. 
OKeedokie.. thats all for tonight girlfriends.
Hey.. if youve joined the nest swap and havent heard from me, send me an email.  I sent emails out so everyone should have received their partners name now.  let  me know if there are any problems. 


Musings from Kim K. said...

Good for you on having a productive pajama day! Love your spring vignettes. I really like the cloches on your table. I shouldn't have looked at the long-range forecast for West MI just now. I think I want to cry. Another wet, cool and overcast week. Will spring ever come?

Cindy said...

Sounds like you had a nice day in your jammies. It was warm and sunny here, so I spent the day outside working in the yard. Wore myself out Your house looks so springy even though you put Easter away. Have a great week!


Congrat's on 1000th posts! I think your home looks like spring! At least you don't have snow on the ground. It was freezing today and raining ice pelets! YUCK! I would have had a jammie day, however went to church and then the shop with some goodies.
I did get the email and my partner and I have been in contact!
Your birds and nest are sweet as always!

Lutka And Co. said...

Hi Viv,
Thank you for partnering me with your dear friend Kai. She seems like a very nice and fun person :)

Valarie Kraft said...

1000 posts....woohoo!! You always make me smile...xxoo Valarie

DollZandThingZ said...

Love the photos you posted today...beautiful spring images!

Theresa said...

Everyone needs a PJ day:) Happy that you got your Easter put away... whew! Springtime looks wonderful around your house! Have a blessed week, can't wait to see those bears! HUGS!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Congrats on the 1000th posts! I'm so excited for our nest swaps! Thank you!! Happy Monday!
ps. Your spring decor is looking lovely! xo Holly

Bobbie said...

Wow! One thousand posts...that's amazing. You deserve a pajama day for sure. Looking forward to one thousand more of your fun and creative posts. Have a great week.
Best Wishes, Bobbie

Lori said...

Fun pajama day! Your nest is just wonderful. Happy 1000th post!

Cheryl said...

1000th post? Holy Moly! Congrats! That is something to brag about isn't it. I've seen some blogs shut down after only a few years--- I guess its like a marriage isn't it. Just because you hate them sometimes and they really piss you off at other times.... you still keep plugging along lol
big hugs,

Abbey Crafton said...

I cannot believe how your blog and talents have grown over the years Viv! Wonderful!...BTW, Pussy Willows are super easy to root so, if you come across some, simply keely changing the water in the vase every other day (clean the vase as well) and give them a window with sunshine...soon roots will appear and you can plant them outdoors to enjoy your own cuttings for years to come!
Darly Doo

VintageBettys said...

1000 post...WOW! I stayed home all weekend myself...pretty much cleaning the whole time in my pjs....I love your sweet little birdie.

Annesphamily said...

I love pajama day! LOL! Favorite clothing choice ever! We are having icy rain and snow mixed! I think Spring will pass us by this year! Sigh!
Enjoy the week and I love all your bird stuff here!