Saturday, June 16, 2007

IN the beginning..

I've been noticing these artists blogs lately and have decided that I too should have one! I've been playing on live journal for over a year, and was using it as an outlet to share my artistic endeavors and made some very nice friends along the way!They however are not obsessed over bits and pieces of fabric and paper and tiny things like I am! But I have found here, many artist sites and have noticed that they are crazy about the same sort of things! So I'm starting this blog and am looking forward to playing here and making some new friends here as well!
I love to decorate and create and collect. I love tiny little things.
I tend to get a little obsessed about ideas sometimes.. I work full time as a social worker and some days it just kills me to be at work because I will have some idea dancing around in my head of a miniature dancing bear or elephant, or an elf or angel.. or needlepunch thing! some nights I wake up with an idea that will haunt me until I get to bring it to life!
so I could go on and on about obsessions and ideas.. but this is my first day here, and there will be plenty of time for that.
I shall leave you with a picture of my newest project.. It is summer time and I needed to do something patriotic. So I leave you with a picture of my uncle sam!