Thursday, January 31, 2013

tricky mother nature!

I keep thinking Spring is right around the corner.. especially when we have70 degree days like yesterday!
Then we get a good kick in the butt reality check, like today... where we are going to have up to 60 mile an hour winds, snow and temps in the low 20s!    I'm hearing the winds out there already and they are supposed to get worse through out the day.  I always get a little nervous about trees coming down on the house and power outages. 
So I really was thinking spring was closer.. but it is 48 days away...  I was hoping we would soon have a yard full of robins...  but I guess for now I will have to settle with just one that lives in my house..  maybe she can help me count down the days!
(made this robin a couple years ago.. so you may have seen her before!)
as for yesterday...  sorry about my rant..   Im fine.. a bit out of balance.. need to get myself on back on track in a few areas.. and will do that...
as for my son.. hes still working.. since 6:00 sunday night.  I wish I could say I'm less worried, but the truth of the matter is I get more worried the longer he goes.  Im sure he is determined to make it through tomorrow afternoon.  I'll just keep praying.
and I want to thank everyone for the comments you left.  I love you, my bloggy buds!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

along with the sunshine.. theres got to be a little rain sometimes...

muffin morning

This must be my time of the year to struggle a little.  we all do sometimes..
I am feeling fat, old, ugly, lazy and Im growing a beard! ...  now.. dont be thinking Im fishing for compliments because Im not.  I am unhappy with myself right now and I need to make some changes.  If I just wasnt so wishy washy... one minute Im on top of it all, and the next minute theres a freaken giant muffin on my plate!
On top of that, I mentioned yesterday that I was worried about something.
We are so effected by the people we love arent we?  I am blessed with a wonderful wonderful family.  However, one of my babies, my youngest has these ideas that scare the heck out of me.  He is a brilliant kid.. smart and fun, loving and caring.  He works hard to take care of his little family.. and thats the problem...  He is working 2 full time jobs, and not sleeping.  when I say not sleeping, I mean seriously..  Im sure that he has not slept since saturday night.  we all know what happens with sleep deprivation...  I dont know why he thinks hes above that.  the problem as he sees it is that the one job 3rd shift, (hes a machinist which is my mind makes it all the worse) switched him to 12 hour shifts for one month.  so he is working 6:00 to 6:00 and then turning around and working another machinist job from 8:00 to 4:00.   realllllllyyyyyy.......   so it is just making me sick with worry.  he thinks he can pull this off..    I know that it is going to take its toll on him.. if it doesnt kill him, and I mean that literally.  Hes staying in the city and wont drive home til the end of the week...around day 5 of no sleep.. how in the hell is he going to drive an hour home?  the thought of it just scares me to death.  for his safety as well as other people on the road.  There is no talking to him about it.  for anyone.  He is head strong and stubborn and feels he has to prove that he can do this.  he is an adult.  so I feel like Im sitting back with my hands tied, watching my son try to kill himself.  He is ticked at me for talking about it with his wife, and quite honestly,  I think she thinks she can pray him through it.   well, prayer will certainly help.. but I think she should have tried to convince him not to do it.  He probably would have anyways.. but who knows.. she gets annoyed if I talk about it.  she thinks we should hold him up in prayer and encourage him.  I think yes, we should hold him up in prayer.. but not encourage him to kill himself.  anyways... so thats where my head is right now.  that among a couple other little issues..   also annoying me.  so it all boils down to at this moment I am feeling like a fat old ugly lazy hairy worried, frustrated person!
so there you have it.  
and now.. I have 25 minutes to get out the door to work.   thanks for letting me vent..  just wanted to fill you in that my usually sunny disposition is a little cloudy this week.
but you know I will be fine.. I'm surrounded by valentines!  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

itty bits of love...

tiny lovey
shouldnt be on the computer right now as I really need to get ready for work.. but I always seem to wait til the very last minute.    oh well..  somethings just have to come first!  like play time! lol  thats why I get up at 5:00 and dont have to leave til 8:30. 
tiny pinks
gives me time to play at my craft table, bop around on the computer, watch the news, play with the cats and bird.. drink lots of tea..  but somehow.. at the last minute, I still am running at full speed trying to get out the door at 8:30!  LOL!
tiny raggedys
Oh well.. thats just how roll!  
little floppys
I have a couple things on my mind this week that are causing me stress... things that I cant do anything about... except pray and worry...  I am much better at worrying then praying!   well anyways.. I just keep praying.....
                                                                           ....... and worrying!
have a great day girlie pies!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

still making hearts!

big heart 1
I made a big one!   I love these things.. you will too if you end up making them.  ve been asked about the glue I use.  I use Fabri-tac which is made by Beacon and sold at Michaels, joanns, and Im pretty sure Ive picked it up at walmart before as well..  a little expensive, but very worth it.  Its about 8.00 for a small bottle.  but try it.. you'll love it!
For this heart I used paper doilies for in between the hearts.    Also, I realized that if you take a ruler and run a stylus down the center of the backside of your glitter paper heart, the paper will fold nicely. (it is thick and a little difficult to fold perfectly.)
I ran ribbon through the center and secured with a white button so it wouldnt pull back through and then tied two keys on the ends. 
And then topped it off with a little white birdie I  had.
I made a big one!
Well whether you are making paper hearts and valentines, or working on something else, I hope you are doing something fun today!
Im staying home, cleaning.. creating ... and playing on the computer!   well, I have to make a run to the grocery store and walmart too.  We're having my almost daughter in law, vanessa's birthday here tomorrow and I need to make lasagna. 
so have a Happy Day with what ever your doing!

Friday, January 25, 2013

playing with eggs...

I had both babies for about 5 hours yesterday and last night.  whew!   How the heck did I ever take care of  4 of my own? 
 and amazingly, somehow...we all survived!
Well, my hair did turn white...
But arent they freaken awesomely adorable?  
(I know, Im a wee bit biased!)
gotta get to michaels... 
did you see what Kim K posted??  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pretty paper hearts tutorial!

paper hearts
OH my Gosh!!  arent these too stinking cute!?
 Ive been cutting out little hearts and gluing them together and I love how they are turning out and thought I just have to share them with my cute little creative bloggy peeps! 
 (thats you guys!)
  these are so simple.. and really really cute!
So, make a little pattern, what ever size you want.  I used half a heart and traced it on my folded paper.  You will need to cut out 8 hearts.   I love how they look out of the glitter paper!  but you can use any paper you want.
then you'll need a pair of scalloped scissors and you will need to cut out 7 HALF hearts.  use your original pattern piece and just cut around it about a 1/4 of an inch.
Arent they cute!  they look like little angel wings.. you can use what ever you want to cut them out of , but I would use something a little thicker then plain paper.. wanna know what I used??  only cause I didnt have any cardstock, but i love how it works out... I used photo printing paper.  Its just the right thickness and works perfectly!
Anyways.. next step..  you just start gluing them together,  alternating the hearts and half hearts.  glue one half of the heart and place one of the scalloped pieces on it.  then glue another side of  one of the hearts, then another scalloped piece. Continue sandwhiching a scalloped piece between each heart half until youve used all 8 hearts and 7 scallop halves. 
Then glue the final two ends together and ta dah!  you have an almost completed ornie!  (youre gonna love it!)
Next cut a piece of pipe cleaner and make a loop on the end.  put some glue on the straight end and stick it down into the center of the heart.
Now, tie a "foofy"(or is that fuffy) ribbon on and attach another string, ribbon or wire to hang it with.. and 
its all done!
They really are soo cute and they only take a few minutes to make..  the most time consuming part is cutting out the pieces!
You can make them out of any paper... and just about any size.  I think I'll be taking a trip to michaels to get some more glittery paper.  I want to make some big ones!
 So there you have it!   a short and sweet little valentine project! 
Now go have some fun and make some!
have a great day!

Monday, January 21, 2013

MOnday Play day!

Figgy, Frannie and I are having a stay at home in our jammies play day!  well, except they arent wearing any Pajamas.. I was thinking of tying ribbons on them, they probably wouldnt like that much though..but I might do it anyways !
so now that hubby has left for work,  I'm getting ready to blast some 70's music and get back to what I was working on.  
my new get up time lately, seems to be 4:45 am.. which means that (its 8:22) I've already been up 4 and a half hours.. insane isnt it?    but fig, fran and I can entertain ourselves that early with no problem.   
OK.. off to make some tea, find some booties and then back to keep my kitties company.  they are still sitting in the same positions as when I took that picture a few minutes ago.  they're waiting for me!
happy Monday!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

thursday, friday, saturday...

winter morning
First let me say its been a strange winter so far this year.  Not complaining though.. Im not a huge fan of white stuff!  This picture above is what we woke up to on thursday...
this picture below is what it looks like out there today!.. 40 plus degrees and no snow. 
ANd.. on top of that....  look what I found in the planter by my front door today.   Its January 19th~ and there are flowers in bloom... bizarre.  I showed my husband this earlier then left to go shopping. when I got back he told me he found two dandelions in the yard.   Its just strange.   Im sure somehow its not good... the farmers wont want fruit trees to start budding yet, as we'll be sure to get more freezing  weather and it will kill new little buds... last year the apple farmers took big hits when this happen.. but it didnt happen this early in the year!
winter surprise

I feel like Ive ignored my blog and my bloggy pals all week this week.  I have been really tired for some reason.  in fact today, I slept til 7:15!!  thats two hours later then normal.  Anyways, I've peeked in at most of you here and there but have left very few comments this week.  hoping to do some major blog hopping in the morning.
lucy and charlie brown
Last night I went to dinner with a friend and her daughter and then to see my daughter Jennifer in the musical "You're a good man Charlie Brown".  I always love to see Jen on stage.  she is so good!  she played Lucy Van Pelt and did a great job.  It was a little weird at first getting used to seeing adults playing kids.  But they were all cute and it was a lot of fun.
lucy and schroeder
Today, Ive not done much.  I ran and got some groceries and a new lamp for my craft room.. el cheapo crapo.. the pole is bent and I have to take it back.  ticks me off because its 45 minutes away. I should just bite the bullet and buy a good lamp instead of crap.  we'll see.   tonight I'm babysitting for Torry pie for a few hours while his mommy and daddy go out to dinner.  I cant wait to see his cute little face.  I'm sure we will be playing catch with a big ball, that seems to be his favorite thing to do with gammie these days. 
On the valentine front... these pics I took this morning at breakfast!  I love this little tree and all its adorable little ornies.  All of these ornies are from swaps.  arent they sweet?
They are a combination fo the last two years (I think!).  Ive been busy working on some ornies for a swap I joined for this year too.  they are finished and boxed up and ready to go in the mail!  I'll show you sneak peeks later.
I still have a bunch more to work on.. for a bunch more of my peeps!  and two more days off! 
so, you know where I'll be... in my craft room!  
see yas later!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

monkey business...

(isnt he cute?  I made him years ago inspired from a picture in a Mary Englebriet  calender!   theres another monkey below from a couple years ago.. and Ive been thinking about making
another monkey someday soon...  well see!)
Brrrrr!!!  my feet are cold!  Ive been sitting at my computer for over an hour, with cold feet.. duh!  why dont I just go find my slippers?    as little torry would say.. "I don know!"  actually he would flip up his precious little brown hands and say, "I don know, where'd dey go?"    well, I know where my slippers are, im just lazy and obviously not cold enough to give me the motivation to go get them!!  Hmmm.. speaking of Torry .. and Marlaina, you all need new pictures of my little pies dont you!?  I'll have to take some new pics of them this week.  they are of course cuter then ever!
And, speaking of cute, I finally put my shelves behind my couch back together.  Ive never left them blank for so long before.  it was 3 or 4 days.  but I was sick, so thats a good excuse right?  but the truth of the matter is I just have so much stuff, I didnt know exactly which things to put back! 
I still havent made my new years mini bear.. I havent made a miniature bear or animal since last jan when I made the blue bunny above.   I think...  well, I still have the itch to do so.. so something will be coming up soon.....  I have a couple swap pieces to do first.  (I feel like I say that way to much).  theres always something else to do first!  but thats ok.. I love making swappy things!  As long as I'm making something I'm happy!
I finished my little ornies for a valentine ornie swap I'm in with 9 other girls.  they are cute!  They are more like hanging valentines.. I hope the girls will like them.   cant show you yet.  Now I just have to do my two things for Elizabeth and a couple little surprises for a couple other peeps.
And my piece for my forever swap pal, Kelly.  fun fun!
OK.. so for now, I suppose my feet are really getting pretty cold.. as one is threatening to cramp up!  I have been sitting here shoeless on this cold floor for an hour and a half!!  time to move on!
So have a happy day Everyone!
(is it friday yet????)