Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anyone up for an EASTER SWAP?

Good morning  bloggy pies!
so, a few of you have asked me to host an Easter swap and if we're going to do it, I guess we should get it started now. 
Easter is only a little over a month away.
So lets do a miniature basket swap.  you can either make a little basket or buy one.. you could decorate a berry basket or a little box or what ever little creative thing you can think of.  I would say keep it small.  not much bigger then a quart size berry basket.  Then fill it with some fun little Eastery things, trinkets or  figures. maybe a little candy.. perhaps an Easter ornament.    You know my rules.. make is special.. make it extra cute.. make it so you don't want to part with it. Think bunnies, chickies, and lambs.   Everyone did a pretty good job for the valentine swap with the cuteness factor...  so lets do it again!
sign ups will go now through through the 3rd.  I'll announce partners a day or so after that.  Then the mail out day will be march 25th.
easter train 7
 Okeedokie?    we would all love to receive a sweet little basket of springy, eastery, cheerfulness  in the mail wouldn't we? So hop on board the Easter parade train!  (oh good grief that is so corny... )
sign ups start now!  You need to have an active blog or be known by me to join in.  Leave a message here, but please also email me at vivianneroni@yahoo  with SWAP for the subject.   
that's all for now folks!  happy Thursday!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

yesterdays creation..

 This little piggy ...

 went.. "wee wee weeeeee"

 and "Oinkity Oink Oink"

 and Please "be kind"

..............all the way home................ 
Happy sunday blogpies!  
I'm off to see the broadway show of Chicago today.
and OInk oink
and toodlelou!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter whine!

oy vey....  I know I'm not the only one tired of this stuff..  I suppose I probably feel this way every year about this time...   Though this winter seems worse then last year.. more snow and definitely way colder.    Tony had to go up and knock the icicles down around the house and shovel snow off the roof.  Our front porch has needed to be torn off and rebuilt for a couple years, but I'm thinking this will probably have to be the year it finally gets done.  It isn't handling the winters well anymore.  
(neither am I ! lol!)
I know spring will come.  the count down is only 30 days.. but we all know in my corner of the world that it'll be April before she really arrives.  That's ok.. I can deal with that at least I know we're getting closer.  I'm not a big fan of the first few weeks of spring either if I'm honest.  I dread when all this snow melts and every thing is smelly and muddy.  but gotta get through that to get to the good stuff!    warm sunny days...  windows and doors open.... flowers... green leafy trees.....beach days.... bike riding..   
I keep saying that Ive lived through 53 winters, I should be used to them by now!!  lol!!  oh I suppose I am used to them.  I just don't like them as much.  I'm starting to understand why so many older people go south in the winter. 
OK.. that's my winter whine...   I promise tomorrow I'll be back with something much more upbeat.   for now I'm off to have a repeat of yesterdays breakfast...
this is yesterdays picture.. but it deserves a repeat today. It did make me happy yesterday, it was like tasting sunshine!  I hope today's tastes as good!   I'm trying to lose one million pounds ... so I'll be eating a lot of grapefruit!  LOL!
have a great day bloggy pies!  
Stay warm if your someplace cold 
and cool if you're someplace hot!  lol!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Be Happy!

So I have this magical little case!  I bought the case at a yard sale a bunch of years ago and covered and embellished it inside and out.   except that in these pics you cant see the bottom because of the fabrics.  Its cute though.  but not 3 dimensional like the inside top.

All these things are attached to the lid.  The bears and monkey are pinned or tied in so they can come out if I want them too.  But they dont need to come out.. omg.. I have hundreds of little freak'n bears around this house... these ones arent that cute and can stay in the box!

 Anyways, I keep miniature mohair and other little upolstery fabrics in it for making miniature bears and animals.  So when the box comes out, you know I'll be making something small!    

Of course I always have helpers for any of my crafting endeavors!  one on my lap...
and one in the case...    Arent they soooo stinking cute!

their birthdays are coming up both were born in March.  One is a week older then the other, but I have no clue which one!   (bad kitty mommy doesnt know their real birthdays!)  lol
They will be 6 this year.  Some of you might remember when I got them.  They were soooo stinking cute! 

anyways.. just had to throw that pic in! 
 So back to what I was telling you about..They are very helpful! 
lol... actually sometimes they are in the way... but I dont tell them that... well thats a lie, I do tell them that.. but then they look at me with those freak'n sweet little faces and Im like.. ok.. just dont lay on any needles.
 So we worked the day away on saturday  and ended up with a cute little Elephant!  Here is Frannie showing off the finished product!  lol 

 I think Ive decided to make several more little BE creations.. be happy, be kind, be thankful...well, we'll see.  at least thats in the back of my mind for now.   I might start out with a mouse or something with bunny ears with a sign that says "Be the Easter bunny!"  lol.. because it is time to start creating easter stuff!

I have a bunch of bear orders to work on, so I probably wont be making anything special for a couple weeks.  
The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back.  I did nothing on sunday and yesterday I had Violet and Torry for the day.. and they wore me out!  
for now... Im off to get ready for work.  Im not looking forward to going outside this morning!  Its been just brutally cold here.  and not really supposed to warm up much for a while.

but thats ok.. because I will take the advice of my little friend and chose to "be Happy"  lol!  at least for this moment! lol!     OK.. gotta go!  have a great day my friends!
Be Happy!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everybody!  I hope everyone spends this day with people you love..  Im staying home with hubby, figgy, frannie and buffy..  saw all my pies last night.  would love to see them again today.. but they will have to come to me if they want to see me.. this grammie is staying in for the next two days.. monday morning.. if the roads are good, I shall venture out to pick up Violet pie for some grammie and violet time since I have presidents day off.
I just saw an article that predicts the cold weather to be the coldest in buffalo's history in 145 years!  with near blizzard conditions.  yup... Im staying home!   no need to venture out.  got plenty of  everything I need right here... OH!! but wait.. I'm out of glue!  maybe I better get dressed and go to walmart now!  I can not have life with out glue.  total  panic here.. so glad I realized that now..before the weather gets bad. 
OK.. and so.. please leave me comments if you didnt on the last post.. so I can find and add your blogs to my side bar since I deleted all of them on accident yesterday morning.    still disgusted about that. 
Oh.. and one more thing..  since its Valentines day and  I m posting the link to my other Violet's (my doll, not my grandpie)  valentine party from 2009.    wow.. Ive been blogging since 2007..  it'll be 8 years in june I think.  CRAZY!  anyways..  Heres violets valentine teaparty story...  Teaparty

Hope you are all feeling LOVED today!  I Love you all!

Friday, February 13, 2015


ARGHH!!  I was trying to fix something on my sidebar... and I freak'n deleted my whole blogroll....   there was over a hundred blogs listed there...     How will I ever remember them all... I cant even remember my kids and grandkids names! eiy yie yie!   so how 'bout anyone I visit with here or at your blog please leave a comment and I will slowly start adding blogs back..    oh darn darn darn!
Im so irritated with myself..
oh well..  Ive got to get ready for work.. so I'll be back tonight..
Leave me comments please!   I dont want to lose all by little bloggy pies!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


 this poor old cookbook is pretty beat.. 
well at least the cookie and dessert pages!  lol!

 I am an uncontrolled cookie monster... 
 and I should not bake sweets....

Lilli pie!  7 months old now!  and seriously soooo sweet! 
I should just live on these sweets..   I just had to share these pics quick this morning.  I was in heaven when I saw all five of my babies at once yesterday.    

 Violet pie.. 14 months old and the funniest little thing! 

 Scarlett pie 10 days old..   omg..  so stinking precious!

 And then theres these two wild indians!  
marla pie is 3 now and torry pie is 4.
that was fast!   

 They are nuts!  they say the funniest things...  
they are loud and rambunctious.  
they are all beautiful..

They make me laugh... 
they all hold pieces of my heart.  
I am blessed!
happy sunday!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

♫♪ Just another snowy saturday ♪♫

LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE!!  Here is a pic of my new little Scarlett!  They had the pics done at 5 or 6 days old!  I havent seen the others yet,  but Erin does an amazing job so I know they will be awesome. I cant wait to see rest and violet will be in some of them too.   In fact, I should pop over to her site to see if she has posted any of the others..  be right back!  nope.. not yet.   I stole this picture off of facebook.    Isnt she adorable!?
(gifts from my swappy pal, Susie from little susie homemaker)
 oh dear sweet spring... do please hurry on your way!  were supposed to get hit pretty good over the next few days with a winter storm and lots of lake effect snow off of lake Ontario.   HOpe the weather holds off til tonight.  I have plans to see all 5 of my pies this afternoon!  so Im off to make some valentine cookies this morning to take with me. better charge up my camera battery too. Hopefullly I can get a pic of them all together. but Not getting my hopes up..   they dont all cooperate at the same time!  lol!

These three photos are of the swap package that I received from Susie of Little susie homemaker.  so much cute stuff!  Im not even sure you can see it all in the pics.   One thing you cant see is that homemade fudge she made!  sooo good!  and my hubbys been into to it too!    thank you so much susie.  this was a fun swap.  Ive already put things out and about.  Can you guys see the fan?  Love it.  I have to find the perfect spot for it!    I hope everyone who joined in had fun with the valentine swap. The point was to make up a package that you liked so much that you almost wanted to keep it for yourself.  Im pretty sure from what Ive seen so far, most everyone did just that!   I think I may be swapped out for a while..   we'll see what pops up at easter time.  

St Pattys is next.. but I dont really do much for that.  I put out all my St Pattys stuff on one little table in my craft room.  My family always complains that we arent Irish.. but everyone's Irish on St Pattys Day!
so back to the present holiday... what does everyone usually do to celebrate Valentines day?  We dont usually do much, but this year my husband has invited me out for a dinner date.. so It seems that we will be going out to dinner.  Im surprised because he doesnt like the crowded restaurants on holidays.  lol!  I like it because Im a people watcher and I like to wonder about  everyones lives..!  LOL! 

(gifties I sent to Susie)
hmm.. just realized that I havent fed Buffy yet this morning.. poor bird!  I forgot about her and shes actually being quiet!  that and I just have to share that my legs and my butt are freezing right now!  they are!  I guess thats a good clue that I should get away from this computer, get dressed and get busy  around here.
I'll be playing all day...  yup thats my plan... 
happy day every body!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

some early morning chatter!

(from Deb)
 Good morning bloggy pies!  Just a quick check in.. soon I have to get ready for work.  oh that dreaded work that gets in the way of my play time!  lol!  I wanted to thank Deb (garage sale gal)  Maggie (maggies little fixins) and Kathy (creative home expressions) for the sweet cards and gifties that they sent me.  January and February are the worst months as far as dreariness goes and Valentines day is the perfect holiday to throw in at this time of year.  Whoever invented Valentines day was brilliant! lol!  
(from maggie)
 Its so nice to add a little bright cheerfulness and February really needs it! Reds and pinks.. and sweet sentiments are perfect for lifting our spirits arent they?  I think we need that.  Blogging and swapping make it all the better!  sweet little envelopes and packages arriving in the mail from girls we may only know on line.. but we do know them, they are our bloggy friends.. they are our neighbors in this online community.  Sometimes they know us better then people we see everyday!  right?  
(from Kathy)
When you are blogging and reading blogs, do you ever try to picture that person in their home?  maybe sitting on their porch having tea? or making dinner for her family?  of relaxing at the beach? or sewing and working on crafts ?  Or maybe jumping in the car with her family in tow on their way to their A frame cottage?  (kimmie).  I try to do that when I read your blogs.  I can picture some of you decorating your houses, hanging heart garlands.   Or maybe like Theresa, sitting at a ballgame rooting a granddaughters team on.  Or maybe you can see them sitting at their computer clicking away on the keys to write a blog post to give us all a little glimpse into their probably very busy lives!  anyways.. I do that.  I cant help it that I do it.  it just happens.  I might get the picture all wrong.. who knows.. but its what I do! lol! 
So as for the Valentine swap, hopefully everyone has followed through with hooking up with their partner and has mailed out by now...    I hang my head in shame.. because I only mailed my package to susie yesterday....  (I know, right?)  anyways.. it is on its way susie, and should be delivered tomorrow!  Ive been seeing some of you posting what you received and sent.. love seeing it all.  so many creative people out there!    Ive been having fun making valentines cards.. a little glimpse above.   still a bunch more to make.. I have to laugh at myself because, when Im inspired to do something, I get a little obsessed.   so I often roll out of bed at 5:00 am and will be sitting at my craft table with scissors or glue in hand but 5:10!!  Seriously!    
OK.. it is now 7:30 and I should feed figgy, frannie and buffy and get myself ready for work.   need to leave a little earlier then usual.. because there is all this white stuff all over the place out there!  this pic is from yesterday morning.. look at that sun coming up through those trees. looks like theres a fire! 
Okeedokie then.. gotta go!  have a great day my bloggy pies!