Monday, October 31, 2011

a very torry halloween

torry 4

Hello my name is Torry Pie!

torry 5

I am a flying dragon!

torry 6

I have a big orange pumpkin!

torry 3

People keep putting candy in it!

torry 2

what do you do with candy anyways???

torry 1

Its fun to put it in and out of the pumpkin!

torry and grammy

I love my grammy pie... and she loves me!

arent we cute!?

spiders nest!

My Grammy pie has spiders in her hair!!

I wanna play with them!

I Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!!

oh.. and BOO!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm sooo purty!

im so purty!

Dont hate me 'cause I'm bootiful!

hanging around

off to get apples.. I think I should make something apple-ly to go with todays Ghoulash!

see yas later!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Im such a #itch!

witch 1

You thought I was gonna say the "B" word didnt you!

witch 3
no, I was saying.. I'm such a WITCH! witch people witch! not the other~ though some family members or naughty boys I work with may choose the b over the w! I think the boys I work with call me the white devil.

gee whiz.. Im so heartbroken! (NOT) but I would prefer to be the white witch over the white devil! oh well, I'll have to let them know that.

Anyways, yes.. a witch..

witch 2

And I've always been one! heehee But, Im a nice witch... dontcha think?

witch 4

(2 years old in this pic)

I'm off to go shopping with my daughter and her stepdaughter

were going to start gathering party supplies for tiffanys babyshower.

Any one going out to any halloween parties this weekend? I'll be cooking up a little halloween dinner here tomorrow. ok.. off I go!

happy weekend ghoulfriends!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I had a delightful time!

me and kelly!

My visit with Kelly this past weekend was just perfect. It was so nice to see her. She has a gorgeous home! Really.. Like, I wouldnt even want her to see my little dump!

at kellys 1

SEe her puppies above? they are so sweet, keenan and reagan.. they were my buds while I was there! and Reagan stole my hotdog and chips off my plate while I wasnt looking durning ghouls night! Kelly had them all dressed for halloween in jail clothes that said "bad dog". But really, I thought they were sweet as can be. I didnt get a picture of him, but Kellys husband was also quite sweet. He took us to dinner and went out in the morning and brought us "snoogles". What are snoogles you ask? well duh! why didnt I take a picture of them? snoogles are a wonderful pastry made by an area bakery that was voted no# 1 in the country! and they were delicious!

at kellys 2

Kellys decorations and collections are to die for! I seriously was in halloween heaven while there!

at kellys 4

She hosted Ghouls night while I was there. I helped her prepare some things and carved her pumpkins, but most of it she had prepared in advance. Let me tell you.. Kelly is seriously the hostess with the mostess.. everything was perfect. and all of her friends brought goodies too..

at kellys 6

I got to meet a bunch of Kellys ghoulfriends and her mom and her moms friend. Everyone was so friendly and one of the girls even brought me a little present! I had a great time sitting around chatting with everyone. All of them are artists who work for American Greetings designing greeting cards! what a great job! I'm jealous! why on earth did I become a social worker? eiy yie yie!

at kellys 7

I did entertain them with some social work stories.. but I would change jobs with them anytime!

at kellys 8

Check out the awesome cake Kelly made me! Its a birthday cake! There was so much food it didnt get touched there, but I brought it home and it was delicious! isnt it adorable!?

at kellys 9

Kelly had party favors, the cutest little halloween buckets and "crackers" full of candy and halloweenie stuffs! As well as halloween pez's for everyone. I also brought faux cupcakes for all the girls. and one of her friends brought goodies for everyone too. It was like trick or treating! everyone went home with a bag full of treats.

at kellys 13

Mostly it was just really nice to visit with Kelly. we hung out and chatted and watched Bridesmaids.. and laughed our butts off. we went to world market and out to lunch and before I knew it was time to go home! I would have loved to stay another day. but all hell was breaking loose at home and I needed to go.

at kellys 14

I was getting phone call after phone call! first Tony called to tell me I was going to have to stay in ohio as his alternator went... then Bethany called to ask if I left my car keys home because something was wrong with her car! Then Robert called to find out if I had a thermometer because Tiffany was sick. They robert called to tell me that she was in the hospital with kidney stones (remember she is 7 months pregnant). Next day, bethany was texting and worried because tiffany is her babysitter and the dr. told her she couldnt babysit anymore. then robert called to tell me the baby had been born and I needed to come home.. (he was LYING!) he always does that to me.. tries to get me going for NO reason. next time I go away, I'm turning my phone off.

at kellys 12

most of everyones problems have been solved now.. but Tiffany is still in the hospital. hoping she can come home today. then... they have to move! this week...

I am doing makeup for the musical Annie for lake plains players this weekend and I have to be there the next 4 nights.. remind me next time to say NO!

but anyways, thats all for now folks! but first ..

oh yeah.. kelly  treasures!

check out these treasures that I got from Kelly~ ooooooooo!! arent they devine!

have a great day!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

"the witches tea" by vivian neroni!

This is my post for Vanessas of fancifultwists halloween bash!be sure to hop over and check out the rest!

pumpkins beckon from the gate

Pumpkins beckon from the gate

This is where the witches wait...

this is where the witches wait
come into the forest deep

Come into the forest deep
Shhh! Be quiet, dont make a peep!shhh be quiet dont make a peepwitches and bats are all about

Witches and bats are all about

Look up in the trees, try not to shout!look up in the trees, try not to shoutthey come together to celebrate
They come together to celebrate
not during the day, no it must be late! not during the day, no it must be late
late into the night, deep into the woods
Late into the night, deep into the woods
A witches teaparty with poisoned baked goods!

a witches teaparty with poisoned baked goods

witches tea and vampires beer

Witches tea and vampires beer

The forest is alive with Halloween cheer! the forest comes alive with halloween cheerpumpkin cakes and batwing pies
Pumpkin cakes and batwing pies
and smokey fog gets into your eyes!
and smokey fog gets inot your eyes
skeletons dance around and about

Skeletons dance around and about

pouring hot tea from the teapot spout... pouring hot tea from the teapot spout
black cats await for a tasty treat

Black cats await a tasty treat

of witches potion and cold rats feet!
of witches potion and cold rats feet

monsters and ghouls come from far and near

MOnsters and ghouls come from far and near

The witches welcome them to their lair.
the witches welcome them to their lairvampires and owls watch from tree tops high

Vampires and Owls watch from tree tops high

signaling to lost souls passing by...

signaling to to lost souls who are passing bycome this way, they say, come here
Come this way, they say, come here!
come join in for this fun nightmare!

come join in this fun nightmare

jackolanters light up the night

Jack-o-lanterns light up the night

Oh what a wonderful halloween sight! oh what a wonderful halloween sight!