Thursday, July 28, 2011

waiting for Sandy!

new floor 1

while I'm waiting for sandy camarda to get here, (which should be any minute!)

summer 10

I thought Id take a minute to say hi here and to show you my new kitchen floor! It so much brighter out there now! took a couple extra shots around the house. How do you decorate for summer?

summer 9

after I put the fourth of july stuff away, I just throw seashells everywhere. this is about as " plain as my house gets! " all the rest of the year there are holidays to decorate for!

summer 4

I need to get some really big seashells somewhere. A bunch of them and maybe some coral too. And maybe I would like to collect the little ceramic or porcelain (whatever they are) bathing girls from like the 50's. I really dont know when they were made, but I dont think I've ever seen any anywhere except for on blogs and in magazines.


When Sandy gets here were going to pick up Jennifer, stop to see Torry pie and then head out to do some shopping and out to paneras for a late lunch. Ive already made chicken salad and pasta salads for tonight. and I made some blueberry muffins this morning.. mmmm! I ate two of them! We were going to go to the beach today too, but its RAINING!! but cant complain, God know we really need the rain.


I have some yummy fruit for our breakfast for tomorrow and after that we'll be heading off to nataleas for the weekend. I have crafty things to show you, but cant show you until I get back from nats. Cant ruin their surprises..

summer 7

OH! and I received a package in the mail from Sweet Kai from her vacation in a box swap. Thank you Kai! youre a doll! I'll post pics when I show the rest of the stuff!

til then, have a great weekend all! I know I will!


dum de dum de dum.... hurry up sandy!! lol!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

OK.. finally a chance to post..

Hi girls! ONce again, I feel like Ive not been here! I havent been able to leave comments on most of your blogs, because blogger is messed up, and I must admit this is stressing me tremendously and ticking me off besides! but I have some suggestions from girls in my last post that I will try. so please dont think Ive forgotten anyone.

Its been absolutely crazy around here.. and sooo very HOT! OK.. so I know its been hot for a lot of the country and I shouldnt complain.. but OMG!!! enough is enough. I can only handle a couple days of this, we dont have AC here and its been difficult to function and get anything done, like cleaning.. cooking..

add to that the fact that my back and hip have been "out" for about a week and a half and its even harder to get anything done! HOwever, dont think that Im just laying around feeling sorry for myself. Because I'm not! I am feeling sorry for myself (LOL) but I'm not laying around! I refuse to give in to pain or the heat and I keep on doing what I have to do. (the bare minimum!) I havent cooked a meal in days and days.. weve been eating a lot of sandwhiches and ordering out.. I refuse to turn on the oven. but i so would love a nice roast with mashed potatos, gravy, corn on the cob and bisquits! might have to do one in the crock pot if there is no relief from the heat soon.

The kitchen floor is done and looks really nice. Tony still has to put in the kickboards under the counter. Hoping that he will do that today. Hes been such a trooper in the heat.. Im not very nice to him and I should be. My little "lets just stick the tiles to the floor.." idea turned into a major amount of work for him. And its been too hot to do that kind of work.

You already know that little Torry pie was in the hospital during this heat wave. he came home on Thursday night. Im telling you.. I adore my grandbaby, he is my favorite person in the whole world and I will adore and love all the others that come my way.... but when I used to tell my kids I didnt want grandkids, this is why... I am a serious worrier.. and it was about killing me to see that baby sick in the hospital! but dont get me wrong please, I think I can honestly say, that nothing or no one makes me happier then that baby! so I am thankful that I have a little grandchild and I am looking forward to the rest that may come.. I just Hate worrying about them! hell, Im worrying already about the ones that arent even in the process yet! LOL!

So what else.. I have some fun things going on. Next weekend is Nataleas "Garden Art Party" . I'll be spending the weekend at Nats in buffalo along with Sandy from Sandys creations, heather from speckled egg, Tammy from the otherside of me, Tabitha from creative wings boutique and Jenny from be cheery (flickr)! I'm totally looking forward to going , but havent even started putting together my gifties for the girlies! And to go along with that, Sandy is coming to my house on thursday, we're going to spend the day and evening together beaching, shopping and hanging out. then we'll go to gether to Nataleas on Friday. HOpefully I'll be able to get my house cleaned before she comes.. I know I wont get outside to get any weeding or yard work done... not even going to think about it! I dont know about you girls, but I always fret a little when someone is coming thats never been here before. my house is over a hundred years old and needs lots of work!! but it is what it is. And regradless, I'm looking forward to Sandy coming. maybe she'll get to meet little Torry pie!

OK.. This is sort of long and boring huh!? No great pics of anything to share. the one of figgy and frannie is from one of those extremely hot and uncomfortable days last week when they were sprawled out across the back of the couch.

Now, I'm off to clean up my craft room and maybe my bedroom... OMG... it is a disaster!

♥see yas later!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

wth.. blogger is messed up!

I think somethings wrong with blogger.. and I'm way too hot and irritable to deal with it.. I keep trying to leave comments on peoples blogs and blogger keeps making me sign in.. only, its not really letting me sign in. not sure it'll let me even post something.. so this is an experiment! lets see what happens....

Friday, July 22, 2011

peek a boo!

just a very quick update.. Torry pie is home! and MUCH better! the dr even said he could come out for a swim to stay cool last night.. and he is the cutest little thing on earth! Gosh I adore that baby!

I have lots going on and I promise a good blog post either tonight or tomorrow am.. will be busy this weekend.. getting ready for next weekend.. which I will tell you all about!

one more thing... do you think its freaken hot enough???? geez louise.. I can barely stand it!

ok.. off to work i go!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

torry update

Hi all, Thanks so much for all the prayers and get well wishes. torry is still at the hospital tonight. They did take him off the oxygen earlier tonight though. Jen and I went up to see him after work and he was smiling and talking to us. he really seemed much better to me. The dr. told bethany today that he was working way to hard to breath, but by tonight they were feeling better about the progress he is making. he was coughing and sneezing stuff up which is also good. Anyways.. hopefully the weather will relax a little so the heat doesnt get to him when he does come home.
I'll be back tomorrow with another torry update!
♥thank you♥

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pray for my torry pie!

awww!!! my little torry pie has had an upper respitory virus the past couple days. Beth took him to the hospital the other night and they sent him home "fine". and then two days later, (today) she took him to the dr and they thought she was over reacting. then all of a sudden they decided to send him to the hospital by ambulance.
So off to childrens hospital in buffalo they went. they said he was working to hard to breath. At one point they were ready to send him home and they he got bad again. so they kept him. They have him receiving nebulizer treatments every two hours or at an hour if needed. He is miserable.. they also stuck tubes down his nose to make him couch up crap and to suction him out. they had contemplated putting him in icu, but decided not too.

I had him here all day yesterday and though he wasnt feeling 100% he did not appear to be that sick. So, anyways, please pray that he is back to his old self in the morning and that there is nothing seriously wrong. They are wondering if he might have asthma. praying he doesnt. doesnt he look just pitiful in these pictures? Breaks my heart.

thanks for your prayers!


Hello all.. sorry I've not been around. I guess I've been busy. Tony finished the kitchen floor. what a huge difference. I can believe how long I put up with the old floor. It turned out that there were three floors on top of what was probably once a beautiful hard wood floor. would have taken a lot of time and money to restore that old floor. In any case I like what we have down now and it makes the kitchen much brighter.

My back /hip went out last week and is driving me insane. Add the heat to that and Ive not been the most pleasant person around. Which is part of the reason I've not been on the computer much, first of all Im not comfortable sitting here and second of all, I dont have much interesting to say!

Yesterday beth had impacted wisdom teeth pulled so I babysat Torry pie.. (not good on the already messed up back!) and he has a little cold so he wasnt in the most pleasant mood either! but he and I muddled through the hot day and just hung out! I let him play in the sink for a little bit to cool him off. He is the sweetest little thing.. I just adore him!

well, I've got to leave for work soon. oh joy joy joy... hopefully tonight I'll be able to get on here and do some blog hopping! i miss all my bloggy buds!

see yas later!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

in honor of Sgt Trevor Cook

Our sweet little town lost a hero last weekend. Heres the article from our area newspaper. Pray for his family. they are great people. All of my kids knew Trevor. Everyone knows everyone here. Its devastating to everyone. Im leaving in a few minutes to go stand on the street in Medina with a flag and a candle to welcome him home with many other Orleans County citizens. His plane has been delayed so they arent expected to pass through until about 1:20 am. I bet even at that hour, there will be hundreds of people there.

Article from the medina journal register.

"David Cook remembers his son as an energetic young man who knew exactly what he wanted to do in life, and that’s why he joined the Marine Corps. Sadly, his life was cut short when a UH-1Y helicopter he was in crashed during a training session Wednesday evening at Camp Pendleton in southern California.“It’s really hard — it’s your only son,” David said Thursday. “When you’re flying every day there’s a risk. That’s the risk that he took.”Sgt. Trevor Cook, 25, was one of six Marines involved in the accident; two other marines were badly hurt and three others sustained minor injuries, according to David.Trevor was a crew chief with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369 of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and had been in the Marines for seven years. His father said he spent time in the Gulf of Aden and the Pacific Theater, and returned last November from his most recent tour in Afghanistan, where he served about eight months. He was scheduled to return to Afghanistan in November.David said his son was trained to perform a number of different tasks on the helicopter, from flying and repairs, to medical needs. “Any job that needed to be done, he could fill in at a moment’s notice,” David said Thursday, before heading out to California to bring home his son.Trevor’s sister, Chelsea, 23, has fond memories of her big brother.“I used to write him letters, even when he came back home, to let him know how much he meant to me,” she said.Chelsea was home alone Wednesday night when two Marines came to the house to deliver the news of Trevor’s death.She said she heard the front doorbell and knew something was up. “No one rings the front door,” she said. “I opened the door and said ‘What’s going on?’ ”While the Marines couldn’t inform her of Trevor’s death until her parents arrived home, Chelsea said she already knew.“I had to wait 10 minutes for my parents to get home. It felt like days,” she said.And although the news was also devastating for Trevor’s wife, Amanda, who he recently married in California, Chelsea said she’s happy he found love.“We’re glad he had the opportunity to be married before he passed,” she said. “This was his first and only love. I can’t imagine how she feels.”Chelsea, who talked to her brother the day before he died, said Trevor was proud to be a Marine.“When I asked him, why are you doing this? he said ‘for you.’ He was one of the most positive human beings I could have ever known.“We’re very blessed to have such a wonderful community,” she said of the support the family has received.David and wife Carol Cook have lived in Lyndonville for 28 years, and both were raised in Medina. Trevor and Amanda each attended the Lyndonville Central School District.According to David, Trevor signed up for in the military before his 2004 high school graduation.“He signed up an as early entry,” he said. “He knew early on that he wanted to join — since 9/11. .... He wanted to fly. He wanted to make a difference.”David recalled his son being involved in sports and the music departments at Lyndonville.“I just remember him as a very energetic boy and young man, and when he said he was going into the Marines, we knew we’d be proud.”Trevor’s maternal grandfather, Glenn Stalker, 79, was also a Marine.“To tell you the truth, he didn’t know I was a Marine,” Glenn said of his grandson’s decision to enlist. “He surprised us all. He knew what he wanted to do. He knew he wanted to get up in the air.”Glenn served three years in the Marine Corps, from 1951 to 1954.Trevor’s paternal grandfather, Donald Cook, spent about 30 years as an outdoor writer and photographer for The Journal-Register, completing his work in the 1990s.Steve Goodrich of American Legion Post 1603 Houseman-Tanner in Lyndonville said Trevor is the first Marine from the village to be killed since Operation Iraqi Freedom began.“It’s devastating,” he said.The veteran and post member of 4 years said the post will — at the family’s request — be helping with funeral arrangements.First Sgt. Joseph Migliore Jr. was one of the two Marines out of Rochester who went to the Cook residence Wednesday night to inform the family of Trevor’s death, and they returned Thursday to assist the family.“It’s not a fun job, but it’s a job that has to be done,” Migliore said. “It’s better for the family to find out from the Marine Corps, rather than on the news.”As for how the Cook family is going to move forward, Chelsea said she’s not sure.“We don’t really know right now, all we can do is stay positive,” she said. “He was a very big Christian, and because of that we know he’s OK.”“A lot of us take for granted our military, which lets us enjoys the things we do,” said David. “These guys and girls are out there 24/7, 365. I hope people will take from our son that he was a patriot and loved what he did.”

a little update/edit
flag over main st medina
The processional of the hearse, law enforcement, limos with family members, service men, and patriot riders brought Trevor back into Medina last night (this morning) at 2:00 am. there were at least 1000 people lining the street with candles and flags. Patriotic music played from somewhere. So bittersweet.
glad I didnt have to work this morning, but was up at 7:00! doing a little painting, then going to the beach!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pussy cat pussy cat where have you been?


These little naughties seemed awfully tired tonight. When I got home from work they did not come running to see me! They were being awfully lazy! not only that, but I found tiny little birdox or sticky weed ball things in their tails . Funny, they are indoor cats. Dont you wonder how they may have gotten weedie things stuck in their tails?

open window

uh huh, I wondered! Then I came into the kitchen and found that this window had been left open today.. probably when I watered the window box this morning. not only was this window open, but that window box had been knocked down and was spilled all over the back steps! with all kinds of broken flower stems! So yes, I think I had a couple of escapees today. I bet they had a grand old time.. the little naughties! I can just imagine them trying to sneak back in before I got home! Probably thinking they could fool me... oh those silly ol' kittens!

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, where have you been?"

I've been to London to look at the queen."

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, what did you there?

"I frightened a little mouse under the chair."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my mind is always at the beach!

Been working on these for a couple days,

squeezing in minutes to create between other neccessary things!

Arent ( arent, arent, arent.. is that a word??)
or should I say Isnt.. Isnt she and her snail friend cute?
ARent she and her snail friend cute?
Either way,
I think they will be going to live at work,
in my sand box.


Dont you have a sandbox on your desk?

Hee hee!

have a great day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

a day at the beach...

tprrys second trip to the beach!part of the clanjen tony and carsonella and torrysleepy babyjuly photo challenge, day 8july photo challenge day 10beth Big torry and torry piefather and son

pooped out and sunburned..

but had a great relaxing day.

till I got home and hubby was grumpy and still working on the kitchen floor. Not done yet. but the hardest part is finished. a few more nails in the underlayment and then se can start laying the tiles down.

shower and bed!

have a great week everyone!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

here I am..

hello girls.. did you miss me? I feel like I've been missing, though Ive been here everyday, I havent had anything interesting to post about! Dont I look tired in the pic? its because I am! thats what I look like right now! Ive got nothing else to share with ya, picture wise...

Today, I decided to buy new flooring for the kitchen which turned out to be a pretty major project for my hubby. But I must say that he is a trooper. I thought it would be pretty easy, but he had to take out the old floor right down to the base, which ended up being three layers of old floors, (the house was built in about 1890). anyways, then he had to put down new underlayment, which he is still working on. the floor will be finished tomorrow sometime. (I think) Which I think is pretty good since I just decided to do it at 7:00 this morning. lol!

so, I went and bought the stuff and then left for a grad party and didnt come home until 9:30 tonight! he was still working on it when I got back.

Tomorrow is beach day!! I cant wait to just veg out there. Bethany, Torry and Torry pie are coming, Jennifer , her husband and his kids are coming and my dear friend and her two daughters are coming. should be a perfect day!

but for now.. I think I'm going to take a shower and go to bed.. night all sweet dreams!!

speaking of dreams.. I had the weirdest dream this morning! I wish I could remember it. Oh well night again!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a little dose of torry pie!

Torry pie on the 4thTorry pie on the 4thTorry pie on the 4th

hope you all had a great weekend. I need the rest of the week off now! but .. hi ho hi ho.. off to work I go! see yas later!

oh.. isnt my torry pie FREAKEN ADORABLE!!??


Sunday, July 3, 2011


Good morning blogland! What a gorgeous day were going to have here. I love the 4th of july. and we have been so lucky over the years, I really can only remember one time in the last 26 years getting rain on this day.
All my salads and goodies are finished and ready to go . I need to wrap a couple late birthday gifts for my besties and find something to wear. most of the day my fat butt will be wallowing around in my bathing suit, but in town, I must wear clothing! lol! dont want to scare anyone away!

We had a beautiful day yesterday at my aunts cottage and we all went! well, no, we didnt all go, Jens husband didnt.. and he was very missed, my aunt and cousin Erinn really wanted to meet him. ( you see that Tony Trupo? we missed you yesterday! lol.. he reads my blog!) we ened up taking four different vehicles! that always annoys me to take so many cars. but what ever! Its so pretty at my aunts cottage. The water was gorgeous. A few of us went out and floated around. FUN!! You have to wear water shoes though, cause theres all these tiny little clam shells that cut your feet. I didnt have water shoes but did wear my rubber sandals in, but still managed to get one of my feet cut. its sort of like a papercut.. ouwie! and my sandals are squeaking now!!
Baby torry didnt like the lake water. we took him to some fireworks the other night and he didnt cry, but he did look a little worried or confused. actually yesterday he wasnt himself and we're wondering about his ears because he kept pulling on them. poor baby. GOD I LOVE HIM!! Hes soooo freaken sweet.
So I hope little t-pie is feeling better today. weve got a big day planned. Bethany plans on having him in the pool, though I'm thinking he might not like the cold water.

I thought it would be fun to dress up Torrys stroller like a parade float. but Bethany said no, and big torry said he wouldnt push it if I did. really?? what fun are they anyways? raining on grammy pie's parade!! lol!

Geez.. maybe next year rob and tiffany will let me dresss up their babys stroller..
Speaking of pies, I wish I had made a couple for today, a blueberry and a cherry. why didnt I think of that before this morning!

I suppose I could go buy a couple. but nah... we dont really need them.. .. right?

OK.. girlies .. Do have a Delightful Day!!

Im off to visit some bloggies now.. see you there..


Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love 4th of july weekend!

Isnt this star awesome? I got it from my dear friend Kelly on flickr. I sent her one of the firecracker dogs and she sent this. I love it! I love swapping every holiday with her! such fun!!

I'm looking forward to this weekend! starting out doing stuff around the house. but hoping to run down to the lake for an hour or so a little later. I have to get a few grocerys to make all of the 4th of July goodies.. Strawberry Jello pretzel dessert, brocoli salad, pasta salad, maybe a fruit tart, meat, rolls, etc... oh.. and a trip to the liqour store for some pina colodas or mudslides or both! (we arent really big drinkers, but we like to sip on fun drinks for the 4th!),

Looks like the weather is going to be perfect for the 4th and really for most of this weekend. some late afternoon rain today and morning rain tomorrow. We'll be heading out to my aunts cottage for the day tomorrow, and then Monday we always spend the day with our bestest friends and their families.

Our town celebrates the 4th of july with a big parade.. (lots of noisy firetrucks!) then theres lots of stuff going on all day long, concerts and shows, chicken bbq, a craft show, vintage car show and tractor pulls, all followed by a huge fireworks display. we bring in thousands of people for the day and mostly the night. always a lot of fun. we start out at the parade, walk through the craft show then go home pack up all the goodies, swimsuits and towels and head down the road to our friends who have the most gorgeous home and property and we spend the rest of the day there until the fireworks. we float around in the pool sipping those sweet frozen drinks and we pig out! (ok.. well, thats what I do! ) lol! I wonder if Torry pie will mind all the noise of the firetrucks and fireworks. I hope it doesnt scare him. fingers crossed. I imagine it will though.

I hope everyone has a blast this weekend!

see yas later!