Saturday, January 31, 2009

lookie lookie what I made.. and we have a winner here!

I'm on call for work this weekend, and luckily its been pretty quiet.. I've had enough time to make this little kitty in memory of Jasper. I also cleaned my craft room up a bit.. I need more shelves in there! too much stuff! I managed to mail out three packages yesterday, so that cleaned up some of it.. I had swap stuff all over waiting to be mailed! I mailed a package to my partner for Dollys swap, Jullie in Australia! cant wait for her to get it! I also mailed out a package to another swap partner Stella, from the tokens of love swap and I mailed out a third package for a special one on one swap to someone special! I still have two left to pack up.. I dont have my partners name yet for the bits and baubles swap.. I think we get those soon.

I recieved a package today from my buddy Natalea kandefor. She hosted a valentine ornament swap that there were ten girls in, we each made 10 ornies and sent them to nat, and then she sorted them out and mailed us back one from each girl. they are wonderful ! I love every single one. I cant post them yet because I'm sure the others probably havent recieved them yet. Nat doesnt live far from me, so I probably got mine first. Oh... what the heck, I can give you a little sneak peek! this is before everything is opened! What a fun fun swap!

OK.. the winner of the little teddy bear valentine pinkeep is ::: Mary Isabella!! yay Mary! now I just have to tell you that I did not make that little bear, it is a littlest gund bear but I doctored him up and dressed him to match the pinkeep! congrats Mary! My husband picked the winners name. He does come in handy every once and awhile! I hope you like the pinkeep Mary.. please email me your address!

And one more thing.. the egg hunt.. there are 33 girls in the swap .. I will keep it open through monday so if there are any last minute sign ups, this is the time to do it. It'll be fun to see what everyone makes.
I just want to thank you all again for the sweet encouraging support you sent me this week.. It was so appreciated!! I miss him terribly, but I'm ok. (Hugs to you all!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just want to say thank you!

♥AWW.... he loved me!

I just want to thank you all SOOO much for the sweet, loving and caring messages that you left me. I can not even beging to tell you how comforting and wonderful it was to read them all. HOnestly.. though this was a horribly difficult thing, you all helped to sooth my broken heart!! I dont even have the words I need to tell you what your comments meant to me and will continue to mean to me over the next few weeks. I've already reread them a few times amd I know I will read them again and again! thank you soooo much!! I'm ok.. ((((HUGS)))) to you all from me and from Jasper.

he was just so darn cute!!

He loved to get into things... and he was so funny sometimes!

I cant believe hes gone.. for more of jaspers pictures go here!

YOU GIRLS ARE SOOOO AWESOME ! THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN! And please forgive me if I have gotten a little behind keeping up with everyone.. give me a few days, and I'll catch back up... (I HOPE!)((((((hugs))))))

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hes gone.................

robbie and jasper....1993
Jasper.. 6/1993 to 1/2009
i'm not doing so well right now...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

who am I fooling?

who am I fooling.. I think Ive been in denial, trying to convince myself that I can keep hanging on to him. I dont know how much longer I can do this. he is not well.. he hardly eats. hes not really that comfortable..and hes so skinny..
(insert "f" bomb here!)
(sorry.. not to cheerful right now)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

giveaway.. and jasper update!

Yesterday was a good day to bake.. so I made these cookies, which I admit, I ate about a dozen of them through out the day! and I also ended up with a stomach ache.. which I deserved!

I also used my bread machine to make orange cranberry pecan bread! this bread is soo good. I didnt eat any yesterday , but had a piece toasted this morning for breakfast. (but I think I still have a bit of a tummy ache from all those cookies yesterday!)

Today, I am staying in and working on a project or two. Though I do feel the call to go to Marshalls or TJ max to get new cushions for my computer and craft chairs!!!!! Just tell me "no"! no vivian stay home.. !!! but if Jennifer wanted to go.. I could be convinced!

OK.. in honor of my 200th post here which was about 5 posts ago, and in honor of valentines day.. and because I missed signing up for the "one world on heart"... I am giving this pinkeep away! so be sure to leave a comment.. and I'll choose a random winner on the 31st~


He really is not doing so bad at all.. He eats alot of babyfood! I bought 8 jars friday night.. I have 3 left! and to be honest hes been eating some fancy feast too. Yesterday he wanted to go on the porch, where there was garbage bags waiting to go out back and he thought he'd check those out.. (always one of his favorite past times! garbage digging!) I made him come back in though! He so cuddly and sweet.. I am so glad I didnt have him put down last week.. I know hes not well, but he is not suffering right now. He still jumps up on the table and counters.. and most of the time makes it.. though he has missed a few times too... (He isnt supposed to be on the counters or table.. but what cat stays down? and I have spoiled him rotten!) ANyways.. thats my kitty update adn here are a couple pictures..

this one is marmalade, who I think has gained every pound that Jasper lost. Hes got to be 19 pounds.. the cat has gotten huge! marmers is 15 years old.. but he is pretty healthy and still even likes to play a bit.. So I dont think hes going anywhere anytime soon! But I do think he might be a little jealous about all the fuss over Jasper.. they dont particularly like each other much! Jasper is marmalades father believe it or not! And Jasper has always been the "alpha" kitty.. Though Marmalade is so much bigger and could easily whip jaspers butt! they're always swatting and hissing at each other!well, thats all for now folks! "Eggcept" theres still time and room to sign up for the easter egg hunt swap! scroll down a couple posts for the details or just click on the egg picture! Promises to be fun! and the more the merrier! There are 24 or 25 girls signed up right now! I really would like to hit at least 30!

Have a sweet sunday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A lot of talk about nothing!

Hello girls .. Almost Friday! yay!! did I have an extra day off this week?? I know I did, but why does the week seem to be dragging ?

Well, partly because my dear precious Jasper is still ill. I did take him to the vets on Tuesday and was told that he has a tumor the size of a golfball in his belly. the vet put my hand on it and I do think I felt it. I think they thought that I should put him down.. but I couldnt do it. Though I know he is sick, I'm not convinced that he is suffering or that he is ready to go. In his prime he was 12 pounds (that was a few years ago) he is now down to 5 & 1/2. He still wants to eat, though he is now eating mostly babyfood meats and real chicken. I'm giving him anything he wants. he is still sweet and wants to sit with me all the time (like he always has). I know he is not always comfortable, but I dont think hes in constant pain. I would put him down if I thought it was time.. Im just not sure it is. When I called the vet back today to tell them that i wasnt bringing him back today (I originally told them I needed to take him home to say goodbye for a couple days) I told the Vets office that he isnt ready to go.. and they told me, no, that Im not ready for him to go... well either way.. who cares.. its just not time yet. So thats my jasper update!

I have all my valentine swaps finished and ready to mail out! Cant post pictures of them yet.. but I have posted a bunch of valentine pics from around my house!

I'm about ready to move on to easter, but I have to make a special valentines bear first!

There are 21 girls signed up for the egg hunt swap so far. Though I do hope we get another 10 at least! So come on girlfriends.. sign up!
I was tagged by Nancy of dogpatch critters to list 6 random things about myself. So here are the rules and then my 6 things..
THE RULES (for this game of tag):
7. DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN (not actually a rule)

1) I am almost always cheerful!
2) I am the oldest of 4 kids.
3) I am a magazine addict.. (though very concerned because some of my favorites are going out of business!)
4) I am obsessed with tiny bears and dolls!
5) I love decorating and puttering around the house.
6) I am a worrier! I worry about my kids all the time..

ok.. so Now I have to choose 6 people.. there are so many to choose from... you know keeping up with these tags and awards is sometimes very difficult! I got 2 awards a week or so ago and ended up not posting them at all.. but I am so thankful to the girls that gave them to me! ok I'm going to choose the first 6 girls that signed up for the egg hunt!! thats pretty random dont ya think...

Now, if you havent signed up for the swap.. just keep scrolling down and read about it and then sign up! Thats all for tonight folks.. Im pooped out!

Monday, January 19, 2009

easter egg hunt swap!!

Ok ladies, get out your easter baskets and bonnets! Its time to sign up for my easter egg hunt! I thought I could put it off a little longer, but I just sat down with the calender and realized I better get started.
SO here is the scoop, theres a little eggstra special twist to this swap:
This will be an easter egg hunt. Everyone who joins must have a blog, other wise they wont be able to hunt for their eggs creator!
1) you will have a blog.
2) you will need to make 2 of the sweetest easter eggs ever. they can be made out of any medium, but need to be less then 3 to 4 inches each and not too heavy.
3) YOu will have until Feb 2nd to sign up. sign up by emailing me at When you email me, you must include your full name and mailing address and blog address. (if you dont have a blog and want to join.. start a blog.. it really isnt hard, believe me, If I CAN DO IT, anyone can!!)
4) you have until march 2 to make them and mail them to me. They really have to be in the mail by march 2nd. In order for this swap to work these dates have to be met.
5) YOu will also need to include 6.00 dollars for postage. (I think that will cover it) If its more, I'll have to cover it.
6) when I get them, I will randomly choose 2 partners for each of you. (I will not be swapping in this swap myself.. though im sure when I see all the sweet eggs you girls make I'll be wishing I was.) I can't do it, because i would not be able to hunt, because I'll know where all the eggs came from and where they went too!
After I choose your partners, I will repackage the eggs and send each participant 2 eggs each from two different girls.
7) I will mail the eggs out to you sweet swapper girls by march 23rd.
8) heres the fun part.. the HUNT! ON APRIL 5TH, we will all post pictures of our eggs on our blogs, the ones we made and the ones we recieved. I will have posted all of your links (and I will make sure they all work) on my blog, so you will start at my blog and go bunny hopping from blog to blog on an egg hunt looking to see who got your eggs and whose eggs you recieved! A couple days later I will also post pictures of all of the wonderful beautiful fabulous eggs that all of you artistic, creative and talented ladies made! YOu wont have to send me pictures this time, because I will have had the eggs here and will take pictures of them all myself.
OK, So thats it! sounds like fun doesnt it!? I think I've explained it well enough, but I could have left something out.. if you have questions please ask..
Also please post the badge and spread the word about the swap, (even if your not going to join)... the more the merrier! I'm hoping to have a big turn out for this swap.. It should be a lot of fun! Ok.. I'll be waiting to hear from all of you creative and talented swappers!! sign ups begin now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

when life gives you snow.. make snowmen!

I'm so thankful for a three days off this weekend! I've got so much stuff to do! I went out yesterday shopping and playing with my daughters, just to get that running around that I love to do out of my system and now today and tomorrow, I'm planning not to step foot outside! and.. I think we might be having a heat wave today.. I heard it was going up to 20! but, in spite of all that delightfully warm weather, I think I'll still stay inside!

Its been sooo cold out ! I know its been much colder in other places.. I do believe Ele and farmchick have had the coldest weather and the most snow also! (so I shouldnt complain!)

Do you like my little snowman?? his name is snowy snicklefritz! named after my son tony.. because I call him snicklefritz.. (though now that hes almost 22, do you think hes too old for that name?) I wonder what snicklefritz really means?

It was obviously too cold to go out and play in the snow, so I brought some in! I made two, one for the kitchen window and one for the bathroom window, but I couldnt get that one open, it was frozen shut! I would love to make a bunch of them and sneak around putting them on peoples window ledges during the night so they would find them in the morning!! wouldnt that be so much fun? kind of like mayday, when people used to leave flowers on doorsteps!

LOOKIE what I got in the mail yesterday! Isnt this the cutest, sweetest little easter pin? Lori from faerie window sent me! I just love it. Thank you soo much Lori, you are soo talented!

My friend Elaine at Artful Spirit, is having a giveaway.. you definitely need to go sign up.. She makes such awesome little creations! I want one of everything she makes..

I think I have the details together for my easter egg hunt swap. I'll be posting soon and starting sign ups! I think Its going to be the best swap ever! I still need to design a button! so stay tuned!!

did I tell you I'm going to Florida in march? Im flying down with my aunt. My mother and brother live down there and my grandmother who will be 93 on March 3rd. we're actually going down for grandmas birthday. My dad lives in florida too, so I plan on seeing him also. As much as I'm looking forward to it, I also dread it! I really hate flying. plus, I dont want to leave Jasper when hes sick.. I am hoping he is much better by then.. we'll talk more about Florida later I'm sure! I do so love the ocean!

well, I've got to go make meatballs for tonights dinner and frost a cake for Roberts girlfriends birthday and I'm dying for choc chip cookies.. which means that I have to make them! (umm not doing to good on that changing my bad eating habits thing... nope.. I'm sure not.... )

got some projects to work on .. valentine things for swaps ! and my 200th post/valentines giveaway giftie! heres a sneak peek at my valentines swaps for nataleas swap

Ok, time to get off of this computer and get busy!! have a creative day!

Friday, January 16, 2009

my precious kitten!

Today I recieved this sweet LOVE banner from the very sweet Madai! thank you sooo much Madai! I LOVE it! heehee. I had jasper pose with it tonight.. and thought the pictures came out cute!
for my praying friends,, please keep jasper in your prayers. He is not well again and I'm afraid my time with him is going to end soon. but.. I thought this before in october too! So hopefully I'm wrong again and he will suddenly feel better! ( i'm pretty sure thats not going to happen though) He is 16 and I know he cant stay with me forever, i just dont want him to suffer, and I dont want to have to make any decisions for him.. so just pray that he is comfortable.. until its time. ok? He is so darn cute isnt he??
time to go curl up on the couch with him to keep him warm!
I'll be back tomorrow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

gotta go to work.... BLAAAAHHHHH!!!! dont want to go..... BLAAAAHHHH!!!!
want to stay home and play. besides its so very cold outside!!!! BRRRRRRR!!!!ummm I missed my 200th post.. it was the gi joe one. oopsi! I'll be doing a giveaway... stay tuned!
Now I have to get ready to go to work.. and I really have to hurry.. because I slept late and then spent way too much time here!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

maybe this post is too tacky!

NOT FOR THE WEAK STOMACHED! What grown men do with GI joes!

my friend forwarded this to me today.. I love barbies and gi joes and got a kick out of this. it was titled "what grown men do with GI joes! " this is something that my kids would have done. My daughter was a huge Barbie fan and collector and my son robert had a ton of GI joes! When Jennifer went off to college the boys redecorated her room by hiding and posing GI joes strategically around the room with their guns pointed at her barbies! they even hung one barbie from the ceiling! It was pretty funny when Jennifer came home and started finding them around her room! He also decorated my living room the same way once.. with GI joes aiming their guns at my miniature teddy bears! anyways, you know I have to make sure the boys see this picture.. I think they will get a kick out of it, jennifer will too!
OH But the poor little squirrel!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

tiny pink bear and my next swap idea.

dum de dum de dum.....

do bee do bee do

deedle deedle dee....

Its just little ole me...
oh yeah, went to hobby lobby yesterday. my goodness thats a big place. Ok, so I was throughly impressed by the size, and there is sooo much stuff in there. but I have to admit, though I loved it and will definitely be going back before easter, I have to say that I still love Joann etcs, Michaels and buffalo stamps better. now, if we could combine those three stores into one... That would be heaven!!
this is post 199... ya'll know what that means right?? I need to make something for a giveaway soon!
oh and I thought Id let you know now what my easter swap will be.. its going to be an easter egg hunt. this is how it'll work. everyone will make two very special easter eggs out of what ever medium they want and mail them to me. I will draw 2 partners for each participant and mail them out. Everyone will get two eggs back, but each one from a different girl. Then everyone will post pictures of the eggs they made and recieved on a specified day and everyone will go easter egg blog hunting to see who made their eggs! now this is just a rough draft of my idea and it may need to be tweaked a bit. Everyone will have to send money for postage along with their eggs and everyone will have to have a blog and be on time for the deadline. For this swap, you wont need to do any little extra goodies to mail out with your eggs, just the eggs. This swap will require quite a bit of work from me, so I wont do the swap myself, besides I would know who my eggs came from!! I'll just host it and take care of getting everything mailed back out to you girls.
so thats my plan... I'll post more about it later when I figure out dates and stuff... then we'll start sign ups! I'm going to have to come up with a perfect cute little easter button for the swap too.
okeedokie.. I've got to goooooo....