Saturday, December 31, 2011


happy new year!

WOO HOO!! HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOGGY PALS! this year went by sooo fast.. I feel like Ive been spun around and around and am still dizzy from it all! It was a good year.. it was an interesting year.. and it was full of lots of craziness!
You all already know the scoop.. new babies... weddings.. kids moving out and in... sunday dinners with everyone here... (these are the things that make my heart sing and my hair turn gray! other then that, in all other departments, the rest of the year was pretty much the same old, same old!
I have a few thoughts that drive my life these days..
1.... I am not in control of much of anything.. and I am just along for the ride!
2... Just do what you have to do and try to find ways to enjoy doing it!
3... freaken just smile and be nice to people... everyone is struggling with something.. we are all just human, trying to make a nitch for ourselves, just trying to have a life! lets not be the cause of making someones struggles any harder then they already are. just smile at people.
4... create joy for yourself and others where ever and when ever you can.
5... count your blessings and be thankful...( things could always be worse!)

thats all.. those are my little life secrets I live by. Im not a very deep or philosophical person.. (infact.. cant even spell that.. ) but I am pretty much a happy person... and these five thoughts really do help me to stay that way.
( dont get me wrong.. though.. I do have bad days too! lol!)
so with all that said..
I do wish you all a very happy new year!!!
now, in other news... (LOL)
a few of you have emailed me and asked if I was going to host a valentine swap. i havent hosted an open swap in a LONG time.. not since last dec I think. (i think..)
anyways. Yes, if enough people are interested I will..
so.. how about a valentine heart swap. a one to one swap. Each person would be sending their partner a little package of valentine hearts. sign ups would start now, through next friday the 6th. I will match partners and notify everyone on saturday and packages should be mailed out to your partners by feb 1st! So if you want to join in.. please email me at
and to help pass the word.. copy and stick the button on your blogs.
and sooo.. for today and the rest of the weekend.. I am doing what I love to do best... puttering and playing.. staying home. cooking and cleaning and creating. Not touching the christmas decorations for at least another week. and teeny tiny baby pie is coming home today! Oh, and we are going to our friends house tonight to ring in the new year. wooo hoooo!
Happy new Year sweet friends!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

welcome to the world tiny miss marlaina!

little sleepy pie!
This little grammies heart could just burst with joy.. She is beautiful!
Meet tiny miss Marlaina. she came to us about 9:10 this morning, weighing in at a mere 6.6lbs and at 20 inches long. she is perfect. omg.. just perfect!
uh oh.. papa down...!!
daddy stayed in the operating room while they performed the c-section. uhh... he didnt do so well! lol!! as you can tell by the picture above.. they ended up wheeling him out in a wheel chair! He said he couldnt handle seeing someone cut into Tiffany like that. but he is most certainly a proud proud papa!
proud papa
I didnt get a picture of tiff with the baby because she was breast feeding while I was there. Then I had to leave to go to work... ( I keep telling you work gets in the way of my life! lol!) It seems that tiny Miss Marlaina is going to be a good eater! as she latched right on to Tiffany and was very content there!
awww.. dont cry little baby pie!!
This is Jennifer, me, tiffs mother and her grandmother. I think we were all on top of the world this morning! (even though I had to drive in nasty snowy weather!)
auntie jen.. and three grammies!
Cant wait to go back tomorrow after work to see her again!
for now.. its off to the couch with a blanket and a bowl of ice cream! and then.. I think I need a nap!
toodles and sweet dreams !!
tiffany and Marlaina

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

woohooo!! soon there will be a new babypie!!

christmas morning
Tomorrow morning we're getting a new baby pie! Tiffany's having a C-section at 7:30 am. Our little peanut is breech and will need some help getting into this world. Tiffany's a trooper.. taking everything in stride. Tonight i made her chicken And raviolis! lol.. thats what she wanted.
Our new babys name will be Marlaina. Not sure what i will call her yet, either Marla or Lainie.. hmmm Marla pie .. lainie pie... I guess we'll just have to wait and see! LOl!
So please keep them in your prayers tonight and tomorrow and over the next week as Tiffany heals and starts to feel better. and while youre at it if you wouldnt mind praying also for decent driving whether as we will be driving back and forth to the hospital for the rest of the week.
I'll be back tomorrow with baby pictures!

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas morning snapshots!

christmas morning

digging out....

christmas morning

santa was very very good to all of us.. again this year!

christmas morning

we are blessed... (in so many ways!)

christmas morning

I got a new camera! thank god.. I havent been able to get good pics of anything lately.. I havent tried it out yet.. I need to read the instructions.. (I hate reading instructions! lol)

christmas morning

Everyone got something they really wanted!christmas morning

NO baby yet! but she is scheduled for a C section at 7:30 wednesday morning... so if not before.. at least by then! better figure out that new camera by then!christmas morning

today is the first day in a long time that I dont feel the pressure to do anything.
I think Im going to do some laundry and watch some movies and make somethings cute...
christmas morning

for dinner there is beef on wic and lots of left overs for christmas eve. i didnt take any christmas eve pics! we had our annual christmas eve party.. always fun.. but all day long I felt like I was never going to be ready! had a little help in the end and was able to pull it off!christmas morning

So, I know that some of you take all your christmas stuff down today.. (natalea) but mine is staying up at least another week or maybe even two.. LOL! maybe til valentines day! LOL!!! (not really.. thats a little too long)

christmas morning

I might clean and sort my craft room today.. its been christmas central in there, and now that the gifts are out of there, I can make some headway! christmas morning

Isnt Torry pie adorable? he was so funny yesterday, He didnt really care about all those gifts, he just wanted food and wrapping paper! He got so many gifts from everyone.

christmas morning

he got a little tired out by the end of the day!

christmas morningchristmas morning

Or maybe not! lol!

christmas morning

anyways, we had a great day all being together. lots of laughs, lots of love, lots of food, and lots of presents!

I hope you all had a great day too!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


stockings 4
All 14 of them!!!!
Merry Christmas to all my bloggy pals!
I hope you all have christmas's filled with Love, Joy and christmas cheer!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

♫♪fa la la la♫♪♫

from my dear friend Brenda
(hee hee!! look what my sweet brenda made for me!!! thank you dear friend!)
OMG! I'm wearing out here bloggy pals! I know, I know.. take time to relax.. I am.. I even went to bed early last night.. went to bed at 10:00 and was wide awake at 4:00~ thats insane. I like to get up at 5:00 or 5:30... I tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail...then ended up getting up at 4:40.... WTH!!!

swappies from Kelly!!
(and from my dear frien Kelly! thank you girlfriend!! so glad I know you!)
But its all good, I sat at the kitchen table and went over my christmas finances and made yet a few more lists! what gifts I still have to buy, gift cards that need to get picked up, stocking stuffers, a grocery list and what bills I can not put off another day! lol!~
big snowguy
(hey, bloggers messing with me this morning.. not a good idea mr. blogger.... ! it wants me to write in bold.. )
little snow guy!
so two more days of work.. then friday is my day to run and finish up every thing.. saturday I will be able to putter, clean and prepare for our christmas eve company!
I'm so sorry I havent been leaving a lot of comments on your blogs, Ive been checking them all out, but Im struggling right now to keep up.. I LOVE seeing what youre all doing and how everyone is decorating though! I wish we were all REAL neighbors not just virtual neighbors, I would love for us all to be able to visit in person! we could have christmas teaparties and cook exchanges, and ornie crafting days.. wouldnt we have the bestest visits?!!!!
tag swap 3
(LOTs of awesome little pieces of art from Elizabeths christmas tag swap! thanks to all of you girls! and to elizabeth for hosting! love you E!)
Well, we do have the next best thing with our blogs and the internet.

I hope youre all enjoying this week, making all our your last minute christmas gifts, and shopping.. and baking.. it is all fun. though maybe we all try to do a little too much.. eh hem... ok.. I'll speak for myself.. maybe I do.. but I know most of you do to! lol!
tag swap 1
hmmmm.. Tiffany looks a little lower in the baby belly department this morning. I told her she either has to go today.. or wait til monday at this point!!! I wonder what baby Marlaina has planned for us! lol! getting very excited here! omg.. a baby girl!!! soon soon soon!
tag swap 2
I suppose, I really should get ready to go to work...
though I feel a little crazy, almost like I could go insane today! lol! I just want to stay home! (im not whining girls.. I'm good!)
have a great day all!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

still playing reindeer games!

BRenda.. do not go any farther..
or you will ruin your christmas surprise for this morning!

seems i'm always in a hurry here lately! and everywhere else besides! eiy yie yie!
all the hustle and bustle.. which I love for the most part. just wish I didnt have to go to work.. It takes up so much time that I could be playing! like REALLY!!!
Still have lots to do, but its all good, things are getting checked off my list bit by bit! Thats how it happens right? I have a little thing I say to myself and to anyone who will listen to me all the time; Just do what ya gotta do and try to enjoy doing it!! so I do! but honestly, theres lots of things I dont enjoy doing.. but I do enjoy.. or maybe I should say appreciate the fact that I am able to do those things (like physically able) even if I dont want to do them...
so anyways, I made this for a special friend of mine. I hope she likes it. It really turned out super cute. Was almost thinking of keeping it. but I have so much stuff already! I suppose I could make myself one if I miss it when its gone. lol!
I still have lots of reindeer to make.. well, we'll see if they all get done... may not!
I need to get off of here and get ready for work.. as usual, i've left myself about 25 minutes to do a lot of stuff!!! We have court today and I'm getting a new kid... so I cant be late!!
gotta run.. I hope everyones having a wonderful pre holiday week!
i gots two ear'fections gammie!
Torry says "gammie pie, I has two ear'fections... give me huggles and kisses!"
wish I could stay home and babysit!!! I hate working!!!!!!!! lol!
I'll be back later!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

aww da babbie waindeers

aww da babbie waindeers!
my oh my.. It so close now! And I still have alot of fun things to do! I finished up a bunch of those little reindeer and mailed all the I made out.. but I still need to make another dozen or more!
Yesterday I baked 4 different kinds of cookies.. one was a flop.. coconut date balls, I couldnt find my recipe and went on line and chose one I thought was similar.. but was all wrong! anyways.. gonna call my mil and get the right recipe today and try again! Plus I have two more kinds to make as well.
morning little deer friend!
My whole family is going to the neroni chelini christmas party today, but I think I'm skipping it. I feel bad about it, but I just need to stay home. I have 5 christmas stockings to make. (plus those cookies to make). Also, I really would like to be home alone for the day!
gotta make 5 stockings today!
In baby news.. Tiffany was having some pains on friday night and went to the hospital. but they weren't labor pains. She was already scheduled for a pre op appt on the 22nd and the c-section on the 28th, but her doctor told her that she would go before the 22nd! OH my gosh.. thats this week girlfriends! a freaken baby girl I'm getting!! and shes going to be living here!!! omg!
And in the torry pie department.. He was here with me til midnight last night and hes soo freaken cute I cant stand it. but he has a cold.. sneezing and runny nose. and he's pulling on his ears... he has an appt this week.. but I dont think its til thursday, she should get him in earlier I think. dont want a sick baby for christmas!
so.. I'm a little overwhelmed... but its in a good way. Off I go to work on those stockings!
happy day!

Friday, December 16, 2011

what goes on at your house at 5:00 am?

This is what was happening here!
working on reindeer heads....
Painting pipe cleaners brown!
and playing games in the bathroom!!
see yas later!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

is it friday yet?

nutcracker 4
(went to see this the other night with my girls!)
Im a bit crazy this week and am feeling that holiday stress.. soo much to do. but Its all good. Im good.. I will just keep moving forward.. one bite at a time.. it will get done. I was up at 5:00 am again this morning wrapping presents! most everything is wrapped now and most of my shopping is done. I still have some things to pick up and a ton of gift cards to get. nutcracker 3
(just have to say, male ballerinas have nice butts!)
what I really need to focus on now, is getting these 5 stockings made and finishing up some other things which need to go into the mail! like.. yesterday! I have a ton of stuff to do this weekend (like everyone else!) including a family party and all my cookie baking. I'm only doing 5 kinds of cookies.. the same 5 I do every year, sugar cutouts, gingerbread, peanut butter kisses, coconut date balls, and jam thumbprints! I dont think i'm sending out christmas cards this year... for shame for shame! I havent gotten to it yet, and just dont think I will have the time. stocking stuffers
(stocking stuffers I'm working on)
Robby and Tiffany have moved back into my house so they can save money and pay off some old bills so they can get married and start out debt free. which means... very soon, like in about two weeks, we'll be having a baby! Looks like she'll be having a c-section right after christmas as the baby is breech. OK.. Off I go to cut out christmas stockings and to pack up my mothers christmas package!
christmas kitty
(giftie for my mother)
have a great day!
Is it the weekend yet????? hurry up friday I need you!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

oh so much creativity!!

whats out there figgy?
good morning bloggy pals! Its sunday and I have soooo much I want to do today.. I need to unbury (is that a word???) myself in my craft room which has become the christmas storage room as well as the fact that I have crafting supplies out all over the place!
barb wrappedbarb unwrapped
(day 1 from Barb burkard)
pictures for the first ornie swap borrowed from terri lightfoot

I've had to do christmas a little differently this year. as my family has gone from 6 to 13 and very soon to be 14 before the end of dec...( and 15 by next summer!) Yes.. all very exciting.. and I love every single one of my new family members.. but doing serious shopping for that many people is overwhelming.
mary wrappedmary unwrapped
(day 2 from Mary Zimany)
Not so hard once you know what to get them.. but getting it all figured out and organized is the tough part. but I do have it all under control now. and most of the shopping done. I have a few things left to get and a ton of gift cards to get.
elizabeth wrappedelizabeth unwrapped
(day 3 from Elizabeth Woodford)
So for now.. Im going to concentrate on getting my craft room back in shape.. wrapping gifts and working on some secret projects and making 5 more christmas stockings. where will I hang 13 stockings?! lol!
leslie wrappedleslie unwrapped
(day 4 from leslie brier)
and also on my list of things to do this week is BAKING!! woohoo! all though.. after last night i'm not so sure i'm in a hurry to be pigging out of cookies. ( I ate a lot of cookies last night! and I woke up with a cookie hangover! SERIOUSLY!)
patti wrappedpatti unwrapped
(day 5 from Patti Gramza)
I wanted to share these pictures with you of an ornament exchange that I am in. We did the 13 days of christmas. I did not know most of these women but was invited in by my friend BArb Burkard... All I can say is Im so glad I joined. the ornaments these women made are so beautiful. martha wrappedmartha side 1
martha side 2my ornies for a swap I was in.
(day 6 from Martha Brown and day 7, my ornies)
Today is day 7 and they get to open my ornie. I'm not sure mine begins to compare with theirs. I hope they all like it! And Im so excited that there are 6 more days to open!!
I was in another ornament swap too, with nat, sandy,
heather and tammy. and again! wow.. how lucky I am to be part of these awesome swaps!!
sandys ornie for our swapfrom Heather (speckled egg)
from Tammy lucikSanta fabric ornaments
(sandy camarda, heather speckled egg, tammy lucik and natalea kandefor)
I didnt get a picture of my ornie and to be honest I dont feel like taking a picture right now to post! lol! sorry..
Isnt the first picture of figgy adorable? hes so freaken funny. but they are not always so funny. I took this pic below this morning after I had to move a ton of stuff of the craft table, because they were insisting on sitting on everything and knocking stuff over. I kept scolding them and annoying the crap out of my husband! teehee! I guess I do have a tendency to be a bit annoying when it comes to talking to the cats, the bird and the BABY! haha!
Ok.. I really need to go get some groceries.. I just remembered that I told my kids I would make lasagna today.. you know they all come for dinner on sundays.. I love it.. but eiy yie yie! i have so many others things to do too. plus still on call and I have to do a homevisit this morning too..
I hope everyone has a delightful day! see yas later!