Sunday, September 30, 2012

sunday morning.....


gifties from Natalea
Happy sunday girlies!  its cold, rainy and dreary here.. but thats ok.. Its a good day to stay home and putter!  I was home all day yesterday, only went out to feed Thomas (the big white stray) and get the mail.  oh. and to take my hubby some lunch out to the barn.  Other then that, I cleaned a little, cooked a little and crafted alot!  I  have a bunch of packages ready to go out in the mail this week.. on top of the ones I mailed out on friday.. I think i'm keeping the post office in business!
So lookie at the pic above!  Arent the the freaken cutest skeleumpkins!?  (thats what I'm calling them).  Natalea sent me a package for my birthday.  I didnt get pics of the rest, well, actually I did, but it didnt turn out so great, so I'm just showing you these.  They are the stars of the package anyways.. oh, and this really AWESOME halloween fabric too, that I'm sure I will be using for something soon!
witch and mini shadow box
I also recieved a halloween package from my dear friend Kim K!  she always sends me the sweetest stuff.  Again there was a box full of stuff!  But check these two things out!  LOVE them.  Isnt this little witch adorable?  Thank you so much Kimmie!
Miss witch has taken her place among some other witchy girls.  Please dont mind the darkness of these pics.. I really have horrible lighting in my house.
little witchie girls
And, these girls will soon be joined by this girl!  Sandy Camarda and I did  little halloween doll swap.  This witch rode in on her raven, arriving yesterday from Canada.    I love her!  Thank you Sandy!  yours will be going in the mail tomorrow.. along with a bunch of others!
sandys witch
so.. for today, I guess thats it.  I plan on whipping something up today to post for my halloween giveaway.. so be watching!

(stupid blogger wont let me center or color my text.. stupid blogger...!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

photo booth pics!

tony and I
My best friends son got married this past weekend and they had a photo booth!
vanessa, tiffany and I
My cheesy family cant resist something like that!
jen and tony
we're a bunch of goobers for sure!
rob and tif
oh yes we are!
rob and tif 2
everyone of us!
tony and vanessa
theres none of beth and Torry because Beth didnt feel good and they went home early.  wish they would have done a couple pics first though!
me, ness and tiff
dont mind the oddness of the backgrounds.. I was playing on picmonkey.  I like it there!
ok.. sweet dreams all!  I'm off to bed!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Let me formally introduce you....

let me introduce you to.... 
To BONY NERONI!!!!!  lounginghahahahhah  LOL!!  I just kill myself  sometimes!
 bony neroni 
He has become quite comfortable in his new home!
you already new I was a little goofy right?  no surprises here..
I'm just having a good time cleaning my porch and playing with Bony!
toodles girlie pies and  Bony neroni wishes you sweet dreams!

witches hats!

woohoo!! Renee Rocks!
so I have to tell you that I ended up with 3 partners for the witches hat swap.  not because I'm a partner hog, but because thats how it worked out.  and believe me, I'm not complaining!   I knew I would have 2 partners because I kept Hope (pixies ponderings) as she is swapping from england and I love to swap internationally.  Then I was left with an odd number,  so when I matched everyone up, I picked another partner for myself. And, lucky me, I ended up with Shirley Hatfield (zettas aprons!  So, after I had sent out all the emails, a day or so later I realized that the first person to join in had been at the bottom in my email file and as the list filled up, her name dropped onto the next page. And, of course I totally overlooked that there was a second page.  That person happened to be Renee (vintage mending).  So (oh darn) I kept her!  So that my friends is how I ended up with 3 partners.  And believe me when I say.. I'm not complaining one bit!  Ive enjoyed making my hats and all my little treats and getting everything together to send out to the girls, which I will mail this week.
Just look at all these great halloween treats that Renee sent me and that freaken awesome Hat!!
The Hat is part of a box and the box was filled with all these treats!  what  a great idea.    no surprise that Renee would come up with an awesome idea like that.
I love everything Renee!  I feel like in in halloween heaven!  And shame on me.. I recieved Renees package a couple days ago and totally didnt email her to let her know.  being on call and sick had totally consumed me I guess.  (sorry Renee... Im such a forgetfut thing!)  but I am totally thankful for this awesome package!
thank you, thank you thank you!!
So, then Package number two arrived I think on friday...
From the fabulous Shirely Hatfield.
Her hat is extra tall and came in a BIG box!  Shirley also spoiled me.

 ane sent a whole big bunch of halloween treats!  Again.. Halloween Heaven!
This weekend I found places for my most awesome witches hats on a shelf in the living room.  but I'm thinking I need to buy a hall tree with the hat holders at the top.  And I hung all the sweet ornies from both girls on my halloween trees. ( I have 4!!)
I sort of feel like a halloween snob.
Again, thank you soooo much Shirley!  I love everything!
I cant wait for the girls to get my packages!!
and one more thing........  Meet my new Friend!! 
new friend 
he needs a name... Any ideas??
 give away coming up soon girlies!
 have a happy day!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, September 22, 2012

kitchen spookiness

snippits of the kitchen!
I probably have too much stuff.....
but, when everything is sooo cute, how can I help it?
some of my favorite things above.. all made by my friend Kelly!
I have this long shelf that goes around two sides of my kitchen.. always fun to decorate for holidays!
and than of course theres two window sills...
what would be in these spaces if I didnt fill them with cute stuff?
I do have to admit, it is overwhelming when I first get started.. but also exciting to pull out and unwrap each old friend!
and I hate to admit it...... but.....(shhhhh, dont tell my husband)  theres always room for more!
the little witch in that pumpkin above is MOI!   
I know.. its a sickness...  probably a little ocd...  maybe I need meds!
cards people have sent me in the past...  freaken love them!
you know.. my kitchen is tiny... but theres a lot of stuff out there!
I havent unpacked everything yet.. but the kitchen is done.  and so is the living room. 
I havent touched the porch yet, but I'm going to buy a skeleton this morning.. my porch is actually a mess... we have sprung a leaky roof out there!  ticks me off!  o
And I havent done the bathroom yet.. my hubby is doing some remodeling in there. 
so, today I'm off to target this morning, then home to make a giant apple crisp.  We have a wedding that we are all going to at 2:00 with the reception at 6:00.  so in between we are coming back here to have a birthday party for Jennifer!  busy day ahead.  
and... Im still sick!   but I will rest tomorrow... I promise!
happy Saturday!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

awww.. ..

baby jen

Its my baby's birthday!  My first baby!   Happy Birthday Jennifer.. YOu have been a Joy since the day you were born.   Most kids give you a little trouble now or then.. but Jennifer NEVER did.. Always sweet and kind and helpful... and patient (which you have to be to survive in this family!)  and LOving!   Happy Birthday Precious Daughter!  I love you dearly!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


(this mornings breakfast... yeah.. who knows why I take these crazy pictures.. 
 do you  really care what I have for breakfast! LOL!)
 ON call is kicking my butt this week.  I have 22 and 1/2 hours in.. had to go out last night and didnt get back in til almost 1:00.
And on top of it all I am not feeling so great..  bad sore throat, huge freaken headache, and to top it off, my face and ears hurt.  poor me.. give me sympathy! lol!

Regardless, I am starting my day out at work... I wont be staying all day unless I  I miraculously  feel better!

oh.. and.. I have a confession to make...... 
I dragged the bins in yesterday and it totally overwhelms  
(and delights) me!
I got one bin unpacked and mostly put out in the kitchen.. but its a mess in there and it takes me days to 
tweak and get things just so.

some say less is more.  I wish I knew how to pull that look off.  I've seen it and I like it.  but I dont think Im capable. 
Ok.. of I trudge to work.... on this dreary rainy day.... sneezing and coughing...  blaaah!
have a nice day girls.

Monday, September 17, 2012

toodles to summer....

so long summer!
Well, I guess its time to officially say so long to summer... Time to put all the cute  beachy things away til next july.....
I always have a hard time putting one season away and getting out the next.   partly because its a huge freaken job, but mostly because I love all my little stuffies and I know I wont see most of it til next year!
though I have to say I dont have as much beachy stuff as I do HALLOWEEN, christmas or easter!  so its really not as hard to put away as some holidays. 
I would have done it this weekend, but i've been on call.    It was the on call weekend from hell.  I have 18 and a 1/4 hours in from friday night to this morning.  I even got a report at 2:40 am this morning.  on well.. I'll be a good paycheck..   18 and 1/4 hours and I still have the rest of the week to go..  fingers crossed that its quiet!
so nothing else got done around her this weekend.  summers still out and halloweens still in storage. 
Hopefully tonight I'll get summer packed up and then tomorrow night I'll start putting HALLOWEENIES out! 
so... so long to summer....  except for a very special summer thing!  That just came in the mail to me on saturday!  My dear friend Kai, made me this freaken cuter then cute beach bear!  complete with a little duck swimmy , gold fish and sand pail!!! and two little seahorses!  Its a very early birthday present.  And they will stay out all year long in my craft room... Yup! I will make room for them!  Thank you dear Kai... I love you!
from Kai
And... also in the mail on saturday from someone else that I love... came this freaken sweet little Owl straight from the craft room of ELIZABETH!   Thank you E... you know I love this.   I wanted to make a Halloween owl.. its on my list of things to get to.. we'll see if it happens.
from elizabeth
I have the bestest bloggy pals dont I?  very blessed I am!  arent I!?
have a great week all my girliepies!