Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm back!! did ya miss me?

what a blast we had in Ocean City Maryland! The weather was perfect. it rained only at night two times, and the rest of the time is was just gorgeous. Well, except for one day when it was 106.. 110 on the beach. That was a perfect shopping day! There is a country house store down there! YOu probably know the catalog.. well the store is 100 times better! spent a few cents in there for sure!
We mostly relaxed there. We rented a little dorm style place in the old royalton hotel. that was a bit interesting. When we got there we were pretty disappointed. It wasnt nearly as nice as the condo we stayed in last time. However, the balcony faced the ocean and you couldnt beat that perfect view! We were right on the boardwalk and right next to the brass balls saloon, where we spent our lunches and a couple dinners! GReat drinks there!!
You can see the place we stayed in directly behind us in this picture above, its the place in the middle of the other two buildings, the one with the umbrellas in front is the brass balls saloon. We were the second floor balcony.. pretty nifty huh? The only thing is that it was senior week.. as in senior high school. And there were a lot of kids staying in our building. They all loved us though and visited us quite often through out the week. they were however mostly there to get drunk.. and that they did! We had a theme song for them, "teenage wasteland!" by the who! We enjoyed the kids to be honest. They were well behaved, even though they were drinking. we actually exchanged names so we could be friends on face book!! A few have already friend requested me! lol!
WE ate well.. and drank lots of fun frothy frozen drinks! mudslides and creamsicles! See the little flamingos? these are what I used to make those pinkeeps that I showed you a few posts ago! I still had a few left from 2 years ago when we went. I have a brand new supply of them now! like about 30 of them!! LOL!! no I didnt drink all 30 of those drinks though! I do have to honestly admit that I gained 5 pounds while I was gone. SO it was back to serious business today.
There is just something so relaxing about sitting on the ocean for 6 whole days. We spent our days on the beach and our evenings out shopping the boardwalk and eating! And then we had drinks and played games in our apartment at night and sat on the balcony! We slept well too.. sitting out all day makes you exhausted!
These two pics are views from out balcony. We saw dozens of dolphins everyday, though I got no pics. And one day the life guard told us that there were three whales!! But we didnt see them.
This is how I started everymorning! and on four mornings I went by myself and rented bicycles to ride the 2 and a half mile boardwalk back and forth. what a great ride! enjoying the ocean the whole time!
I had two other special treats while we were there. The first night there, I got to meet Roxie! my partner in Jenny heids vintage vacation swap! What a blast she is. I wish we could have had more time to hang out. She is a doll. And on Saturday one of my favorite cousins drove out to hang out on the beach with us. I was so glad to see her.
Speaking of Roxie, I have to hustle now and get her gifties for the swap finished up and mailed out!! I took over 200 pictures, but its soo difficult to pic just a few out. There are sooo many great ones to chose from.
The ride home was long.. 10 hours and I was tired and a little cranky until I got here and saw my babies! I missed them so much while I was gone! And they grew so much. They are 3 weeks old tomorrow. Look at How FREAKEN adorable they are!!
I think that they are all going to have longer hair like thier mother! The last litter was like their father.

OK.. I will never ever totally catch up with everyone, but will be stopping in to see everyone and to say Hi over the next few days! I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer!
see yous all soon!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This post is all about my obsessions!
1) my obsession with food!
Does look scrumptious or what???
And seriously.. there are no points in it and its huge!

WEgmans is making these giant rice cakes.. 16 calories a piece. They are pretty much like eating styrofoam if you eat them by their selves.. but!.. if you make up a batch of my jello fluff stuff let it set and them spoon a ton of it on top of the rice cake, and then squirt some light whipped cream on top.. its like eating lemon pie! And best of all.. there are no points in this.. You can eat a LOT Of it if you want to! so good!

need I say more? Look how absolutely freaken adorable this baby is!
their eyes are opening today. they will be one week old tomorrow!
They are sooooo freaken purrfectly precious!

Creating cute stuff! This week Ive been working on a couple projects. I made a beachy pinkeep. I love these little pink flamingos. I got a bunch of them last time I went to Ocean City at a bar! I'm hoping they have more of them when I get there next week!
I suppose they would be pretty easy to make though! Isnt he cute?

I made another one like this a couple years ago, but it was a little different.
Made this little guy this weekend too. this is just a sneak peek, because he is going out in the mail to someone soon! I dont know if she comes on my blog or not, I hope it doesnt ruin her surprise!
Well, its quarter after 11:00 and I should get myself ready for bed. I have a lot to do to get ready to go this weekend. I need to make some lists!!
night night and sweet dreams all!

Friday, June 11, 2010

doing the happy dance!

because its friday!! and only 8 days before my vacation!!

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! I have lots to do this weekend and throughout the week. grocery shopping , gardening and creating. I have two swappies that i need to get done this week, a special one on one 4th of july swap with my friend Kelbug, and Jenny Heids vacation swap. I also have more bear orders and I should try to get at least one of the orders finished and delivered. NEXT weekend I leave to go to OCean City Maryland for a full week of summer beach fun with 5 of my girlfriends. We rented a place right on the beach and I cant wait to get there. The lake and the ocean are the only places where I can feel my whole body take a sign of relief and really find myself in true state of relaxation.. oMg! I cant wait.
the only bad part is that i have to leave my kitties for the week and frannie has those new little babies!!
I'll be back this weekend!! have a great day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more niagara.... pics! long!!

Our first day there, was all about hanging out, getting dinner and then the serious stuff.. PRESENTS!! Everyone made something special for a "blind" swap. we didnt know who would get our gift! Everyone out did themselves and we all went away happily skipping and singing!!

There were other gifties besides these swappies.. everyone brought things for each other! Look at all the sweet amazing little things! Check out Amys blog because she explains and shows who brought what!
It really was fun getting all these presents!! Kind of like Christmas, or your birthday!!
IN the first pic above, Sandy recieved the most awesome vintage purse covered in a ton of sweet old buttons and trinkets from the amazing AMy! and it was filled with sweet things you would find in an old lady's purse!
And in the picture directly above you can see the most precious ruffled bag that I got from Sandy! thank you Sandy, I love it! Here Jenny recieved a gorgeous bead egg filled wired nest necklace from the talented Maija! I love her necklace, It has the sweetest tiny little pinecone bead on it. ('scuse my poor photography!!)
Maija recieved this great apron from our superseamstress M is for Martha! (this picture doesnt do it justice and Maija wore it through out the weekend.. soo cute!
Martha recieved a beautiful bird in a nest collage made by my dear and oh so creative friend Natalea.
Natalea almost wet herself I think when she opened on of Jennys lollidolls, from our beautiful and talented miss Jenn !
And the adorable Amy recieved the felted dove pinkeep that I made!
So after an evening of gifties and staying up yakking half the night we got up bright and early (7:30)! and Jenny made up these scrumpulicious crepes! OMG!! I totally blew my diet this weekend!
As soon as we cleaned up from breakfast we got busy creating! And we had a great day first making needlefelted nests and birds and then making the sweetest little blue birdie swings! I really cant think of any better way to spend a day or weekend, then crafting with girls that feel just the same way about creating things as you do!

Arent these just freaken adorable!!?? this was Jennys project that she taught us.

I taught the needle felting , though most everyone had tried it before.
Look at Amys little blue bird above! omg cute!

these are the needle felted nests that natalea made!

Later that evening, some of us hung out in the kitchen with our PJs on needle felting little bears, kitties and birdies! These are the bears we made. When we were done, we did another little swap and we all gave our little felted friends away! Jenny gave me her tiny little pink bear! and look at the big pink bear.. made by amy! how stinking cute is that?? She gave hers to Maija and I gave the brown one to amy!
This is the little felted bird I made and I gave him to Jenny!

♥Martha , natalea and Sandy♥
Oops.. out of order pics.. these are from the first night when we went out to dinner...
arent they all lovely??

♥ Maija adn Martha♥

♥me and darling Amy♥

nat and sandy

and mother Maija being goosed by mister mouse!
yeah, I think she liked it!!
I am still unbelievebly tired, which is so unlike me, but I believe I'm coming down with a cold!

OK.. lets just get it over and done with because in 10 days I leave for ocean city maryland for a week of fun on the beach with 5 other girlfriends!!

for now, Im off to make a milkshake for Robby and I and then Ive got to do some blog hopping! so see you at your place soon!
love yas darlings!

Arent they the freaken cutest things in teh world!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

niagara and kittens!

so much to share.. I dont know where to start!
Our Niagara ARt Sisters retreat was sooo much fun and it went so fast!
seems we had just gotten there and then it was time to go..
We all had a great time, it was so much fun to hang out creating with such special women.
I have a ton of pictures to share, but I am feeling totally unorganized.
So I need to figure out a plan of attack.
It would help to have a plan even before you get there and start taking pictures.
But I dont think like that!
So I shall begin with this is were we went!
This wonderful cottage at Niagara on the Lake Cananda.
Sandy found this for us last year and was able to rent it again this year.
Sandy is awesome. She really worked hard putting all of this together for us.
Thank you so much Sandy!
Heres a picture of all of us. I'm sure each of the girls are blogging about our trip..
so click on the links and check out what they have to say..
I'm sure they will do a better job then I telling you about our fun time together.
They are much more focused then I am! Arent they all lovely!
and me!
But dont worry, I will be blogging about our weekend.. Tomorrow!
but I'm distracted by this tonight!!!!!

I came home from work tonight and found 6 little babies
had been delivered on my hubbys afghan on the couch this afternoon!
I missed the whole blessed event!!
But I do think Figgy helped out again..
Hes loving frannie and their babies just like he did last time.
I was hoping to be here and was gonna take a video to show you!
Oh well.. perhaps youve been spared the gory details!
One thing I will tell you now about the Niagara retreat is that I stayed up til 2:30 am both nights and was up by 7:30 both mornings and I am still exhausted 2 days later!
so I am going to bed in a minute and I will post more tomorrow..
Arent they the cutest freaken little things??!!
Only 6 this time.. so much more manageble for her.
nightie night all.. I'll be back tomorrow!