Monday, August 30, 2010

an evening on the lake

wow.. august is over.... summer has gone by so fast.... This was my last vacation day for the summer. (I still have more saved for other holidays and special events though.. dont worry!)
hubby at the lake too!
Anyways, I started my day at Barnes and Nobles this morning and bought these three new magazines.. all are great and worth picking up if you see them! Then tonight, I packed up a small picnic dinner.. (hotdogs and chips! cant get much easier then that!) And we headed up the road to the lake. I went in for a few minutes, the water was clear and the temp was perfect, but I kept seeing little fishes.. so I got out! I was in just long enough to get cooled off, and by the time we left I was actually cold! Wish I could say that now...
rob and tiff
Robby and his girlfriend Tiffany met us up there and we had a nice time. I should have brought a deck of cards up so we could have played some Eucher.. but I didnt. didnt even think of it til now! Actually the bugs started coming out so it was time to leave. And we were sitting under an apple tree, that kept dropping apples near us.. I was getting paranoid!
tonights lake
but it was gorgeous there. I hate the thought of summer ending!
Though I have to admit, I am looking forward to halloween and fall decorating! Im thinking in about 2 weeks. Cause, dont you think its a bit early yet? it wouldnt take much to convince me that I could do it now! lol!
OH... colds gone by the way and thank you for all the get well wishes! Well off I go.. I'm working on a project and will posting a challange for you all soon!
stay cool and sweet dreams!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I haz a cowld!

I haz a cowld...

Darn it! Sweet Kai your little spell didnt work.. or maybe my magic wand is out of batteries.. this is part of the message she left me: "About the cold-that's-NOT-going-to-become-a-cold: QUICK! Grab a magic wand (you DO have one, right?) and wave it around while saying, "Stuffy head and runny nose, coughing, sneezing, NONE of those, will be allowed to come around until at LEAST Monday at sundown!"
her little poem just cracked me up I tell ya! but yeah, I still got the dumb cold.
But I refuse to let it stop me from enjoying my 4 day weekend. Mr wonderful weather man told me that the weather for the next 7 days will be just about perfect! I'm so excited! So, so far, Ive been for a 5 mile bike ride, I had to to work off the peanut butter that I splurged on this morning! and soon I'm heading out to a yard sale or two. then home to pull some weeds.

mmm peanutbutter and halloweenies!
Tomorrow, is...... BEACH DAY!! YIPPEE!!
Sunday is POOL PARTY day with the girlies I went away with this summer
and who knows what for the inbetween times, I'm sure there will be lots of creating going on. And.. sandy.. email me your address please! I want to send you a little something!

5 miles later..
Anyways, I need to get off the computer now.
I have to go to the store to buy some vicks kleenex!! Love those things!
later girlies.. I hope your weekend will be is lovely as mine will be!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


ta dah!
Thats what my mind is .... scrambled... jumbled up... spinning in way too many directions..
I keep telling everyone, I should have been born a princess.. so I could stay home and do what ever I wanted when I wanted..
happy happy halloween creations!
I have halloween in my brain. pumpkin faces, black cats and witches.. so many ideas of things to make... and too many other things to do as well.....
halloween joy!
Bear orders to finish.... TONIGHT!! yes, tonight.. I promised to bring them in to work tomorrow for the person that ordered them, ummm.. 2 months ago! I need to take a memory bear break. I love to make bears, but really only when its my idea to make them! lol!
I got the prettiest colored wool roving in the mail today. Ordered from ornamentea.. google it if you ever need to order. they have sweet colors. Amy powers shared their site with me. Arent these colors sweet? I ordered them for halloween projects, but they could pass for summer too.. so melony you could almost eat them! (NOT)!
like sherbet!
I have stacks of stuff piling up for halloween creating.. I probably wont get to make all thats in my head.. I have a doll brewing.. some swappy things and a couple gifties..
some halloween fun supplies
The problem is.. regular everyday life.. bear orders.. real work.. house work.. yard work!
almost finished!
Though I shouldnt complain about house work or yard work.. because quite honestly.. I've not done any of either! Look at my poor side yard.. eiy yie yie! I should be turned into "GPS" Garden protection services! Thank God there isnt such a thing!
overgrown and needing water !
I'm looking forward to tomorrow at 4:00.. when I start a 4 day weekend! I took friday and monday off and the weather is supposed to be the best summer weekend weve had yet this year! woohoo!! you know where I'll be....
just a little problem... I think I'm cooking up a little summer cold... OH NO!! I will not give in to it.. Wont be sick until tuesday.. This weekend will not be spoiled with some ratty old germs... I did buy some vitamins the other day.. been thinking about opening them and taking some.. perhaps I should have.. I guess I will now!
Hey! Have you noticed that I havent been talking about losing weight lately? Ive still been working at it, but have pretty much been holding steady at the original 55 pounds that I lost. I went back to weight watchers last night and even though I havent been attending , I was down .6, hey I'll take it.. I figured if I started going again, I would get re-inspired! and I am.. I turn 50 in about 5 weeks, and I really want to take off another 10 pounds by then.. really thats I lie, Id like to take off another 15 pounds by then, but I'm not sure how reasonable that is.. well, lets see what happens..
OK.. I have to go finish those memory bears and EAT!! just a salad, and a smoothie for later!
see yas! all you happy little bloggers!

Friday, August 20, 2010

christmas vs halloween

Whats this?? Christmas wreaths?? Already???
Theres a little story about obsession behind these! You see.. I saw something.. somewhere.. that caught my eye.. It was on someones Halloween creation. It was sort of like a bottlebrush trim.. or rope.. or something and it was orange. I saw it, and I absolutely had to have some! so began days of obsessive hunting for something that I dont think exists! I looked all over the internet.. and found NOTHING even remotely close to what I had seen. And to make matters even worse, I couldnt find where I had seen it to start with! I had decided to contact the artist and ask what they had used and where they had gotten it. but no luck! I went to all the craft stores... nothing.. I asked two different friends, both who own fabric shops and might come across something like it while doing their ordering for their stores, to no avail! Neither had ever seen anything like what I was talking about! Then it dawned on me that I could bleach and dye little bottlebrush wreaths and pull them apart and have short lengths of what I thought I had seen.. and so.. the next journey was finding someplace with christmas stuff out that had these little wreaths! Thank you hobby lobby! and michaels! Though they only had the tiny ones, but I was desparate and bought them anyways!
So, I mixed some water and bleach.. and dropped the little wreaths in.. after I pulled off the bows and hangy strings of course!

I let them soak until they had lost all of their green color, then I rinsed then really well. I pulled them apart and straightened them out. It was at this point that i got pretty excited because I knew that they were going to be exactly what I thought I had seen!

I then mixed up some sweet "tangerine" colored rit dye and water and then soaked these cute little bottle brush trimmies for a while!

The color was perfect, which excited me even more!!!! This is it! This is just what I had been hoping for.

Then the hardest part of all, was leaving them alone to dry. It was hard because I just wanted to make something with them and I couldnt until the next evening!

SO, while I waited, I dyed some awesome RED mohair black.. but of course red and black.. make a dark choc brown color. disappointed at first, then I decided that I liked the color, especially when it was next to that sweet tangerine color!
So, I waited til everything was dry, then for a couple days and nights i worked on a little halloween project!
a project that combined sewing, needlefelting, and painting and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Im starting another one now.
Meet my little halloweenie witch! What I like best about this whole thing is that sweet sweet orange bottlebrush trim!! Someone needs to sell some roping like this.. there must be a facotry that makes it.. I just need to be able to buy it! I want long pieces of it.. It should be sold uncolored.. I can dye it the colors I want!
So I guess my obsession has passed a bit. Im not frantically searching any more. but if YOU ever see any.. Hurry up and tell me where!! ok? ok. thanks in advance. but I dont think youre going to find any, I dont think it exists!
Well I'm off for now.. MY eyes are really tired tonight. gonna go lay down and WATCH TV!! (something I very rarely do.)
see yas tomorrow.. I'll be back to show you some sweet little charms that I got in the mail this week!
nightie night all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

unexpected shower... or was it expected?!

(thinking about 8 mile bike ride..
so I can eat something extra,
like a little ice cream!)

ME: "I hear thunder!"

him: your fine.. just go!

me: but it might rain.

him: no its not.. just go!

me: ok.. but I hear thunder......

Him: no you dont.. just go!

8 miles.. turned into 4..

two of them were at high speed

and were very WET!!!

I have rain water in my ears.

but I do have to admit..

it was quite invigorating and refreshing..

and scarey..

I couldnt see a thing because my glasses were wet

and I was worried about lightening!

now im in my jammies!
alittle edit here...
this was yummy yummy in my tummy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stuff and more stuff!

my sister!!

been so busy this week! I cant believe I haven't updated. Ive been working on a project that I've been obsessing about.. a Halloween bear. I should be working on it now, instead of sitting here, but I was feeling like I needed to update here. Ive been on call all week too, it hasn't been too bad, but it is annoying. I think I've just been annoyed with work in general though.
Tomorrow were taking a dozen juvenile delinquents to the beach. should be interesting. Pray for good behavior! Really it could be fun, if they behave. the problem is that most of them think they don't want to go. oh dear, they are all so silly, aren't they? who doesn't want to go to the beach!
I feel like I'm behind everywhere, at home, at work, on line! I have so many things that need to be done all over the place and so many things that keep me from doing what i should be doing!!!
oh well.. such is MY life!
Well, I've been thinking that I haven't hosted a swap in quite some time, but Halloween is approaching and I'm feeling the urge! And Ive been feeling the urge to create a Halloween crown! so, I will be posting sometime this week about a Halloween Crown swap! anyone interested?
I'm in two private Halloween swaps that are going to be awesome as well. I LOVE Halloween. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not in a hurry for it to get here.. that would mean summer has to end, and I don't like that idea.. it also means that I would have to turn 50!
Oh my I just had a wave of nausea at the thought. 50... eiy yie yie! Well the alternative isn't good.. so I'll take it. But I'm certainly not in any hurry to get there.
I have family coming up to NY at the end of Sept for my grammie pies grave side funeral and I do believe my sister is coming to stay here, so says my mother, I haven't talked to my sister yet.
And I have a baby shower for my daughter to plan... and a grand baby coming.. and then the holidays.. no no no.. lets just not rush the seasons!
In other news... there is one kitten left here, Ive not found the perfect home for her. I cant keep her. I think I'm inheriting my grammie pies African grey parrot.. I am very excited about this! Ive put an add in our penny saver for this weekend.. so keep your fingers crossed for the purrfect home for the sweetest of kittens!
oK.. I really need to get off of here and get busy again!
toodles dear bloggy gal pals.. and guys too, if you're out there.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

precious and pink!

new kitten 1
LOOK what showed up on my doorstep today!!
Is she not the cutest little kitten ever?

my new kitten!
Ive been waiting a while for this sweet girl to come my way.
Sharie Reetz, a totally awesome and creative artist,
makes the sweetest little bears and kittens.
Ive been DROOLING over them for well over a year.
And you really should give a little clickie on her name and run over to see some of her other sweet creations!
kitten 2
And now, I'm just tickled PINK
to have this little raspberry kitten!
IN FACT, Ive decided to name her...
are you ready for this one??

kitten friends

Monday, August 9, 2010

table top tuesday

Marty over a stroll through life is hosting table top tuesday!

I always say that I'm going to join in the fun when she does these things, but then seem to forget or run out of time! But not this time.

So I grabbed my camera and went hunting to see what there was to take pics of. UMMM Dust! all my table tops are looking a little dusty!

And those that arent, I have recently posted pics of! so as I was taking a picture of my very messy craft room table I thought, I'll just post pics of the craft room shelves and table tops.. (err.. messes!)

I have alot of treasures packed into a very small room. Most of it is from my blogland pals, as swaps and gifts! Look closely and you may see something you sent to to me.

I couldnt take pics of everything.. there is sooo much in here!

Its late.. this was only supposed to take me a few minutes and it has taken the whole evening! Eiy yie yie~

I do have to say that I love my messy craft room! I spend alot of time in here. I dont really watch tv, so while hubby is watching tv.. I'm usually in here!

Its hot and muggy here tonight! so I just turned the air on in my bedroom, I'm thinking we'll be needing it tonight!
I'm also thinking, maybe I should get a little air conditioner for my craft room too!
Sometimes the fan just isnt enough!

The only thing about air conditioners, though they do make the house more comfortable, I HATE having the house closed up when they are on!

I prefer wide open windows!
I like to be cool when I'm sleeping at night. I love when theres a cool breeze blowing in, making the curtains billow and blow!
I dont even need blankets... but my husband likes to cover up.
I dont know how he can stand it! I do have to admit though, that if my feet get cold, I will wake up with very painful foot cramps!
NO fun!
Anyways girls,
I guess this is about the end of these pictures.
Im really tired and I should get off the computer.... But...
I feel like I'm behind again in blogland, though I do think its been sort of quiet out here the past week. must be alot of girls are taking summer breaks or something.
In any case, I'm gonna do a few minutes of blog hopping before I shut down for the night! see yas soon!
hugs and sweet dreams!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

long weekend!

chandelier close up

Its been a busy weekend! I had off on friday and went to breakfast with a friend I havent seen since I was 12 years old!!!!! then did a little shopping, then to calling hours of one of our foster boys mothers.. (so sad!) and then grocery shopping! Then friday night I stayed home and painted and worked on some Halloweenies!

sweet chandelier
Saturday morning I painted some more and then packed up and took off to the beach for the day with my girls and their friends! It was sort of cool and breezy out during the early part of the day, but it got beautiful out later. The water, I thought was warm, no one else thought so. But the waves were fantastic to play in. I spent more time in the water then out, having a blast, mostly by myself.. the others got in, but didnt enjoy it as much as I did!

boat 3
There was a regatta goign on while we were there. There were dozens and dozens of sailboats. It was gorgeous. Ive never mentioned have I, how much I love the lake and the beach??? lol!
I just feel the need to be there like everyday!

boat 4
I'm glad my daughters love it as much as I do, because they are my beach pals! I'd be lost with out them. I'm going to raise my grandbuddy at the beach too. Cant wait. And Bethanys boyfriend is enjoying the beach right along with us. I do just love him to pieces!

boat 5
Saturday night I worked on more halloweenies. Just about til I was going to go blind. I broke my sunglasses (remember? at the concert when I wandered around with a lens missing?) Anyways, havent remembered to buy a new pair yet and I do think that my eyes were sunburned yesterday. My face did get sunburned. for some reason, when I slathered on the sunscreen, I forgot my face! I dont usually do that. and I have to admit that my face feels awful from the sun.
boat 6
My eyes are still bothering me today too.
this morning I went to church in rochester with my daughter to Bethal. A large charismatic church. the sermon and the music were great. I wish we had a church like that around here. I'm not totally into all the charasmatic stuff, but I really do enjoy the more lively congregation, music and preaching.
boat 7

After church we met a friend of hers for lunch and then went to the Park AVe festival. I didnt buy anything, but saw the most beautiful chandelier! Which I showed you in the beginning of this post. A lot of walking, which was good, because I needed to work off part of my lunch!
afterwords.. we came back to my house and cooked burgers for dinner. NOW... I AM EXHUSTED FROM MY WEEKEND! and I need another one so I can relax!

CAn you tell how burned my face is in this picture?

Well, off I go for a quick and refreshing shower and some jammies.. then back to painting on some halloweenies! Have a delightful week everyone!