Tuesday, February 25, 2014


waiting for spring!
23 more days...and then, I know, it'll be like a big magic wand will come down out of the sky and wave around sprinkling magical glittery sunshine and warmth and suddenly, there will be green grass and little pink and purple and yellow and white flowers will pop up.. and the trees will get those sweet little green buds on them. and the birdies will start waking me up with their precious little songs in the mornings... yup.. 23 days! thats all..
now hush.. dont rain on my spring parade and tell me that it'll be another month after that before all that good stuff really happens... 
we'll at least be on our way!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

sunday evening chatter

 How does the weekend go by so fast?  really didn't do much at all this weekend..  Yesterday I cooked and puttered a bit.  I had done most of my house cleaning on Friday morning before I went to work.  We had the kids over for a belated birthday dinner for Vanessa last night.  I cooked two big sirloin roasts, fresh broccoli and cauliflower, with mashed potato's and gravy.  And then to top it off, a very yummy carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting.   We had a good time.  I mostly played with the babies.   Had to laugh because the kids (the big ones) had some interesting conversations and decided that they must be getting old as they were talking about education, politics and religion!  lol!  
 Today Ive done pretty much nothing.  Except that I ran to batavia.  I wanted to look for shoes and a coat.. but I ended up buying only this tiny little doll at target... and the wreath and flower garland below!   none of these things did I need.  we did go to a shoe store and I did look at shoes and tried a few pairs on.. but nothing really excited me.   I may as well wait for good weather and buy sandals! lol!  I truly do not like shoes.  I usually wear clogs.. but I recently gave my old comfy ones away to someone who needed them more then I did at that moment and Ive been wearing stupid work boots since!  LOL!  I have lots of sandals and a couple pair of sneaks, a few pair of dress shoes and one other pair of clogs that I hate.  Im not a shoe person at all.  I prefer bare feet.  Oh well..  I'll find some eventually.  or.. summer will come!
 So isn't this stuff cute??  I couldn't pass up the wreath.  I passed up one like it last year and kept wishing I had bought one.  would certainly be easy enough to make, but then Id have to buy all the different color yarns and the foam base, and I would have spent the same amount of money.  sometimes we just have to buy what we see!  I'm going to take the flower garland apart and glue them on the wreath.  I'm also going to make some leaves to go on it and one of two felted birdies!  It'll be cute.  I'll show you when I finish.  
And the little doll?  omg.. you should see them! There are a bunch of them.  I'm like a little kid in there and I want them all! Do you walk through the toy department when you shop?  my daughter and I ALWAYS do and even before there were babies to buy for we did.  we always have to check the barbie isle.   Speaking of Barbies.. did you know that they make a barbie kitten that drinks water and pees in a litter box that it comes with?  It also comes with the litter (sand) and a kitty scoop and little garbage can!  and if that's not enough... they also make a dog that poops and comes with a pooper scooper!!  kid you not.. wait.. I'm going to find pics of them to show you...
I know, Crazy right? Actually pretty ridiculous! 
OK.. Ive babbled enough for now.
all of the secret leprechauns that joined up have their secret partners and should be ready to roll!  if I left anyone out and you haven't heard from me please contact me asap.  but I'm pretty sure I got everyone.  There are 11 girls playing. 
so toodles for now.  hubby's working this evening so I think I'm going to find a movie, make some popcorn and cuddle up with figgy and frannie on the couch! 
have a great week!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

EDIT secret leprechaun swap!

 Sooo.. Hey!  I was thinking.... (my hubby gets scared when I start thinking!  lol)  anyways, you know I was feeling a little lost as to what to do between valentines and easter because there is so much time in between, well, Ive decided to do that spring cleaning and to do a little decorating for st pattys day.
Really, I have very little for st pattys day, like I think all I have is what you see in the picture above! 
so I got to thinking....
lets do a SWAP!  Ive not hosted one in a quite a while and I think it would be the perfect thing to occupy my mind for a couple weeks.
So what we're going to do is a SECRET leprachaun swap! I will give you a name, and your name to someone else, but you cant tell who you have...  but you can post your items if you want when ever you want..  your person wont know its for them until they open their mail.
so, you will have one secret leprachaun and someone else will have you.
It is VERY VERY important that if you join you totally follow through.  
the ship out date is going to be march 7th...  no later.(this includes me... and my problem getting to the post office. lol!)  oh... i just realized that I can have a partner to send to but I wont have a secret partner to receive from... well that sucks... duh!  (sometimes I have the brightest ideas..) well, what ever..  thats ok.. This will still be fun.
You can send your secret person whatever you want that is st pattys related.  
I want to keep the swap open to only girls with active blogs and sorry, but to girls in the states.
you need to sign up in two places.. here on this posting just by saying you're in.. but then you need to send me an email with your name, complete mailing address and blog address.  please in the subject of you email put st pattys swap, so I dont miss it.
sign ups will end and partners will be assigned on this sunday the 23rd.  Im making a little button on the side bar if you want to spread the word, feel free, but not necessary.
OK.. I dont think I've left anything out. but if you have questions just ask! 
How about keeping your packages to a minimum of a few items.  we dont need to go crazy.  I find it very hard to fill a box with a bunch of stuff...
thats all folks!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

in the cabbage patch....

 look at my precious little violet!?   Is she not a hoot!?  
One of Vanessas friends gave her this cabbage patch hat..  

Is she not the cutest darn thing ?
I can barely stand it!
just look at that face!

And then.. look at these faces too?    
so many adorable people in my life!
I had marla overnight on saturday night and I moved the little kids table 
and chairs in my craft room for her to while I was in there... she was having a ball.

I taught her how to trace her hand....   shes 2!!  look at her!   
little amazing princess that she is!
Lol.. now look at Torry in the rest of these pictures...  try taking a picture of 5 kids.. you can definitely tell who is it nutso one...  he is Craaazzzzy!

ok.. I hope you dont ever get sick of my pies..
now ive got to get ready for work.
still not feeling the best.. 
but not bad enough to stay home.. so 
hi ho hi ho... off to work I go!
have a great day !

Saturday, February 15, 2014

decorating dilemmas

good morning bloggy pies!  look at my sweet little Frannie.  She comes to sit on my lap every morning while I drink my tea and play on the computer.  And, she always brings one of her toy pipe cleaners with her.  Isn't she funny!?  once, when she had just come home from being spayed, she was lying on the couch resting and I swear to God, that Figgy brought a pipe cleaner to her to make her feel better!  really, somewhere I have a picture of it.  I should go look.. be right back... never mind.. I cant find it.  I have about 9000 pictures on flickr and I do not have them tagged... (dumb me) so I have to go by approximate months and years to find stuff. and I guess I don't feel like finding it bad enough! lol!
Sooo  anyways...  I just looked on the calender to see when Easter is... omg.. not until April 20th..  That is like forever away.    Im going to have a dilemma here.  I cant keep valentines out more then another week or two.. but it will be to early to put Easter out before mid march.  I don't have a normal decor..  I'm going to have to come up with something.    I keep Christmas out til about the second week of January, then I do valentines and a few snowy things, usually up until I can decorate for Easter.  Easter stays up till a week or so after Easter and then it goes into spring.. birds, birds nests and eggs, plants and springy flowers etc.. that all stays out until mid June when I start bringing out patriotic and 4th of July goodies.. which stay out until mid July and then lots of seashells and flamingos.. and beachys things come out.  These of course stay out until Sept..when fall creeps in and then Halloween  Halloween is my longest decorated season.. It starts early Sept and goes til a week after Halloween..  then there are 3 short weeks of thanksgiving and then Christmas comes the day after thanksgiving.
So you see my dilemma?   I cant keep valentines up 4 more weeks.  My house will be so bare and boring!   I suppose I could do some really super good spring cleaning during that time..   do some painting and freshening up.  maybe make some new pillows for the couches..  I hadnt thought about using the time like that until just now.. so writing this blog post was good for me! LOL!  
so I guess thats what I shall do.  Valentines can stay up one more week and then I will do some projects here!   now, I'll just be needing some energy.  And, my house will still be bare and boring...   Im going to pinterest...  toodles girls! 
have a great day

Friday, February 14, 2014

love is...

I am home for the second day in a row, sick!  yes sick... AGAIN~  this is the third time this winter.  I dont know why.. I really do try to take care of myself... but it is what it is I guess.  I feel a little tiny bit better this afternoon, which is good, because I am going to have to go to the pet shop to get parrot food for buffy.   
I was trying to decide what to post for Valentines day,  but not feeling very original today.  so I decided to post the link to a little valentines day teaparty that I posted in feb 09~  some of you have surely seen it already, and some newer girls have not!  it was a fun post.. so check it out.  just click on this picture.. and hopefully it will take you there!

1 corinthians 13

Love is patient 
love is kind. 
It does not envy, 
it does not boast, 
it is not proud.  
it does not dishonor others, 
it is not self-seeking, 
it is not easily angered, 
it keeps no record of wrongs. 
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. 

Thats all I got 
Happy Valentines Day bloggy pies!  
much love to you all!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello friends!

Hi girlfriends!  Here I am! did you miss me?  lol..  busy packed weekend!  Friday night I went to the movies with two friends.. we went to see Labor Day with josh brolin and kate Winslet.. dont waste your time going.  Im glad I went because I wanted to see it, but it was slow.. and sort of dumb.   Really not worth the 10.00 ticket and 10.00 popcorn! lol!  We had fun.. because we just do have fun, no matter what were doing!

I spilled the GIANT size bucket of popcorn in the theatre before the movie even started! that was good for a laugh for us and the 4 other people that were in the theatre with us!  (not kidding...  no one came to see the movie! lol!) well, it was a 4:00 show on a friday.  Anyways.. we had fun.

Then Saturday, Bethany, Vanessa, Torry pie, Violet PIe and I went to visit Tiffany and Marla pie!  not enough room in our cars for us to all ride together, so grammy took both the babies in her car and beth and nessa rode together.  I hope all these kids (big ones and little ones!)  know how lucky they are to have me! LOL!

I guess you can tell by the pictures what we did at Tiffanys house.   We went out to play in the snow!  the kids LOVED it.  But it was stinking cold out.  We couldnt let them stay out for too long.  and a certain little girl had quite the little temper tantrum when she had to go in.  my poor little marla pie!  She was one mad little princess!

Vanessa and Violet stayed in where it was warm.. maybe next winter Violet will be able to come out to play in the snow with us!
When I left Tiffanys, the babes went with their mommas and I went directly to Jennifers house and went with her to the city to see the musical Into the Woods.  I was soooo tired by the time I got home at almost midnight.   Do you think I could pack anymore into my weekend?  lol.. I did!  

Sunday morning i went to my friend Brendas house and we had fun visiting and making valentine bugs!  

Arent they cute?   such fun!!
Valentines day is only 4 days away... I suppose I should think of something to do for my husband.  I think Im going to make him an pineapple upside down cake.  theres nothing I can buy for him that he wants.. well, unless I buy something like a 1930's harley davidson! LOL!  and thats not happening!   So what are your plans for valentines day?  Do you buy each other gifts?   what kind If you do?   

oK.. Im off to the couch with my nook to do some blog hopping!  so I'll see you there! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

*my wish *

......that every snowman in my part of the country .....
would be overcome by sunshine and warmth today
and MELT!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

buzzing by...

Really thats all.. just buzzing by..   only a few minutes before I need to leave for work and Im not even dressed yet.  Im back on weight watchers soI spent more time in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch for today instead of playing on the computer!  but breakfast was yummy!
anyways.. have a great day my bloggiepies!  see ya all later! 


Monday, February 3, 2014

spots before my eyes........... (duh..)

Just a quicky post..  I wanted to show the giraffe pinkeep I made for Vanessa for her birthday.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it, but was very hard to photograph.
I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I had Torry overnight on friday and then watched Violet of saturday afternoon.. No time with miss marla, and I have to say I MISS her!!!!!
Then yesterday I went shopping with a friend and then came home and did a little valentine crafting.  we dont watch football here, but we did peek in at the game every now and then.  not being a fan means I didnt care who won.  But I do have to say that I felt really bad for Denver.  poor little guys!  (I know they arent so little.... )
As for the commercials, Ive watched them all on line.. or most of them anyways.  I love the budwieser puppy commercial.  too cute!   so thats it for the superbowl for me..  no party .. no great food...
speaking of food.................
today I start back on weight watchers... AGAIN!  but I just ate half my points for the day in a big bowl of cereal!  LOL!! oh well I havent weighed in yet.. so it doesnt matter til afterwords.  We're playing the biggest loser at work..  I have no desire to win, just to lose!  heehee!
OK.. Im out of here..
toodles for now bloggy pies!

OH!! PS.. found this awesome blog.. you should take a peek.. tooooo stinking cute!!  the mouses house  omg..  check it out!