Sunday, February 28, 2010

Morn'n blogville peeps!

Its been a few days since my last post. I was pretty irritable that night. just a bit overwhelmed I guess. I'm fine now.. still have a ton of stuff to do. I guess I don't organize my time well.. mostly because I'm on the computer too much! anyways. I ended up taking Friday off from work.. We were pretty much snowed in. tony could have dug me out (umm.. I don't shovel.. unless absolutely necessary!) or I could have ridden in with someone, but taking the day off seemed like such a wonderful idea! I didn't really do anything too constructive, well, except that it did take me all day to put valentines away and get Easter out! And, I got started on some tags for a flower tag swap I'm in. I'm really not a paper artist.. so these tags are always challenging for me. But I'm glutton for punishment.. so I sign up anyways! the real problem, which has been a problem my whole life, is that I just cant stand the thought of anyone having fun without me!!!!
I guess, really I did have a fairly productive day.... sort of.
(notice the picture above? that's me, trying to get to the stove to make a pot of tea! This is why my hubby calls them Purana's!!)

So, it is now Easter in my house.. and in my head! I have dozens of Easter ideas rolling around and around up there.. probably wont get to all of them but well see what happens. I have a bunch of swappie things to do first!

I love this little bunny train, I made a couple years ago. Its one of my most favorite Easter things.. You know, I just like things to much.. and I have a ton of really cute stuff.. Every time a new holiday rolls around, I get sooo excited about digging out my bins and pulling out cute things all wrapped up in tissue and paper towels! but with that said, if I'm honest.. I do have to admit that all this stuff also overwhelms me a bit.. I wander around and around my house trying to decide what to put where.. and trying to remember where everything was the year before! It all comes together in the end.. but It really does take hours and usually days before its really done..

Even when I think I'm done, I'll be adding things and tweaking things here and there right up to and maybe even after the holiday is over! then I hate to put it all away again and saying good bye to so many cute things. eiy yie yie!
So I am just rambling up a storm this morning aren't I?
I got my bunny swap sign ups closed out and partners assigned and everyone should be ready to go! There were 23 really creative folks that signed up.. I even had one man sign up and an excellent artist besides! what a treat! I cant wait to see and to show you all what everyone ends up making.
I have a couple partners and cant wait to get started. Not too sure what exactly I'll be making yet. I have to finish up the tag swaps before I start the bunnies! I think I need to go shopping today.. I have a neat little glass terrarium that I need something perfectly cute to put in. I could make something, but I want to buy some stuff!!. I could wait and save it for what ever bunnies I recieve in the bunny swap! I'm thinking of doing up a miniature easter basket with sweet little things in it.. I do think thats what I'm going to do.. I'll show you when I finish it! wouldnt that be sweet?
So when I finally got through the kitchen paranas this morning and was able to make some tea and breakfast, this is what I ended up having...

It was sooooo goood!!!!! two nutrigrain frozen waffles with fresh raspberries sandwhiched between them. It was so yummy. I just wish now that I would have thought of adding some lite whipped cream on top! now I'm out of raspberries. I think I may have to stop and buy some more though.
I guess thats all for this morning bloggy friends.. I'll be trying to get caught up through out the week. hugs to you all!

Here I am..
Schmush'n a Kitt'n!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

so far behind!

My pictures are smaller when I upload them directly here instead of to flickr first. dont know if I like that or not. anyways.. I'm a little grumpy, or stressed or irritated or something tonight. Not sure why. Other then that I have soooo many things that I want to do.. so Many things that I need to do.. and so many things that I absolutely dont want to do at all! and I'm so far behind reading everyones blogs.. and I am finding that as much as I want to read them all, I dont want to sit at the computer.. but only because there are so many other things I should be doing!
Im thinking its time to put valentines away and get easter out. another major job! do you think its too early to decorate for easter? I dug out the bins tonight.. hope to play in them after american idol..
and.. Ive been a naughty girl today. eating what ever I felt like. In spite of that, I was still with in my points all day..but needed to come home and have a salad and soup for supper.. and would not have gone over my limit for the day. But I got home and something happen to me and next thing you know there was a kid here delivering pizza and boneless chicken wings! I must have blacked out or something. Its ok.. dont worry.. Ive only used a couple of the extra 35 we get per week. and I surely wont eat more then that tonight! I havent had any yet.. kind of waiting for american idol to start. I do have heartburn just thinking about it though!

Were getting a storm tonight. driving home from work wasnt too bad, but by morning, driving to work should be pretty ugly. BUT! at least tomorrows friday!!
I will try to get caught up on all of your blogs over the weekend. there are so many that I like to read, and it is difficult. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Okeedokie.. gonna go get my pjs on!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

just stuff..

Good morning bloggie pals! Just a couple things.. then its off to work I go! I wish I could stay home! DO I say that alot??? oh well.. such is life. I am greatful that I have a good job and that for the most part I like it, but is seriously cuts into my play time!
I was supposed to be on a spending freeze.. dont know what happened to that! Over the weekend, I bought a bunch of supplies for easter crafting! Hobby Lobby and Michaels had lots of goodies. Plus I spent about 150.00 on line at several different places! so packages should be rolling in this week! cant wait to see everything.
I wish I had more time to spend here this morning, but I dont... I did want to show you a few new baby pics though? Are you sick of them yet?? they are wild! I have freaken scratches all over my legs. When we walk into the kitchen they throw them selves on to our legs and climb! it sort of ticks me off! My husband has gone from calling them grubs to paranas! cracks me up! anyways, heres a few pics! They are really cute. they'll be six weeks old this weekend. technically I could start letting them go. but I'll hang on at least another week.

Arent they cute?? No.. Arent they FREAKEN CUTE?? they should come with out claws and teeth though! Frannie agrees.. yup.. shes scolds them quite often!
Dont forget only two more days to sign up for the bunny swap. There are 17 of us right now. A very nice managable number! But would be glad to have a few more. click here to get to the details!
ok.. hi ho hi ho.. its off to work i go... blaahhhyukkkoooo ! and its snowing out .. thats a double blaaahhhyukkkooooo!!!!
Oh , yeah, Diane.. be watching your mail for this!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

some bunny love!

Finally Here I am! did you miss me? I had planned on staying home all weekend and working on some felting and some other projects, but I ended up doing some running around too. Friday night, Jen and I went shopping and to dinner. Saturday I stayed home needlefelting and cleaning most of the day, except that I left for a few hours to get groceries. I stayed up late last night working on this bunny pinkeep. I couldnt wait to get up this morning to finish it. I went to bed late, 12:30, and was woken up by the phone at 2:00 or so, when my daughter called quite hysterically to tell me that someone had stolen her purse out of her car while she was out. They had everything, credit cards, ss card, license.. Her insulin pump... all of her makeup.. who knows what else. Then I was worried about her and couldnt sleep. Plus she called me back two more times, once to cry and to tell me that she had no way of giving herself insulin and then to tell me that the police had found the purse and insulin pump in a snow bank in her town, but not the wallet. thank god about the insulin pump though, as it costs about 6000.00 !

Still couldnt sleep worried about someone stealing all of her money and worrying about how she would pay her bills.. prayed alot!!! finally started to fall asleep adn my son and his girlfriend came in and were making all kinds of noise bopping around the house getting food, playing with kittens.. whatever! I thought I'd never get to sleep! I eventually did, and at 7:00 this morning (which is late for me) I awoke to frannie sitting on my chest meowing and meowing! she was hungry! so I got up. So I puttered around, finished this pinkeep, talked to Natalea (kandeland) on the phone for a while and was just hanging out listening to old bigband swing music until Jen showed up and thought we should go shopping again! So.. off we went. She had twisted my arm and I really needed a new pair of jeans.. after losing 42 pounds, I dont have too many pairs that fit me with out falling down!! I only bought one pair and I hated doing that because Im still going to lose 30 more pounds, so they will only fit for a while.

I have to say it is pretty awesome to try clothes on that are soo much smaller then what I had been buying.. in fact I dont have to look in the big section at the store anymore!!! can I get a YEEHAW!???!!! So I bought a pair of pajamas and a shirt too.
So then I came home and made dinner and we ended up with a full house. Jen was here and the boys and their girlfriends too. I made a hungry girl recipe, buffalo chicken. It was pretty good. Though Im sure it has nothing to do with dinner, but Im thinking that I'm not feeling so great right now.. a little light headed, stiff neck.. sort of a sore throat! pray Im not getting sick!!!!!

Got a phone call from Bethany earlier and a man turned in her wallet to the police and everything was in it except for her cash.. THANK YOU GOD! she had already cancelled the credit card, but thats ok. I'm just glad she got everything back. really an answer to prayer.. because I was praying for her alot last night.

So, these kittens are 5 weeks old today and are a riot! They are all over the place, we really have to be careful not to step on any of them.. and we have to watch were we sit as well. I block them in the kitchen at night and when I'm not home. they are sooooo freaken cute!!!
Can you barely stand to see them?? Someone is interested in the last one, but now Im really wanting to keep one of them. Poor Frannie is thin and tired! can you imagine the drain nursing 7 babies would have on you? I probably will keep them another 2 to 3 weeks, unless I see that they arent nursing on her at all anymore.
well, I guess I shall sign off here.. its popcorn time!! nightie night!
OH! and girls.. dont forget to sign up for the bunny swap! details are in the post below.. go check it out. And email me if youre interested!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

say say oh playmates.... its time to play again!

Are you ready for a new easter swap? A couple people asked me to do the egg hunt swap again, but to be honest, it was a lot of work and not everyone was happy with the way it turned out. so Ive decided to do something different!
SO.. How about a bunny swap! Who doesnt think of bunnies at easter time? the rules are:
You must have an active blog, where you post your creations.

YOur bunny must be handmade, any medium.
between 4 and 10 inches tall,
and it has to be sooooo stink'n cute you dont want to part with it! (always a good rule I think!)
Mail out date will be march 26th.
Sign ups will go from now until feb 26th.
So come on girls.. come out and play with me! I will make a little badge over the weekend for you to post on your blogs.
Alrighty I'll be waiting to hear from yas! please email me your all your info at Name, address, blog and email address'es.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

fluffy stuff

Hi all! My mind is spinning in sooo many directions, i couldnt decide what to post about. I decided on the kittens for today. Tomorrow I'll post about the easter bunny swap!

I'm having the absolute best time with these babies.. they are so lovable and want our attention. When I come in from work and announce that I'm home, they all come running with their cute rolly polly little selfs! they are all over the house now. I was trying to keep them in the kitchen but they are pretty good escape artists.. adn I do believe that their sweet mama helps them! Last night she left them in the kitchen all night, much to my surprise!

I'm just afraid one of us will get up to use the bathroom in the night and will kick or step on one.. Frannie likes to feed them right in front of the bathroom door! So, we're being extra careful. I just dont think I've ever seen anything cuter in my life then 7 little siamese kittens all at once! and whats even better is that they're all mine! well.. and Frannies.. at least at this moment..

Its going to be difficult to let them all go. One of them is still unspoken for. but i havent tried to find it a home. I am truely considering keeping one. though my husband doesnt want me too. anyone want to take a trip to NY and take one home with ya? free to a wonderful home!

Frannie and figgy will have a hard time when they all disappear. They really are the best parents ever. They both follow them and watch over them all the time. This has been such a treat for me! a house full of siamese fun!
OK all, tomorrow I'll officially announce my easter bunny swap, so be sure to come back to check out the details.
see yas!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines last hurrah!

lady bug lady bug!

dancing the jitter bug!

pink panda!!
like cotton candy!

Thats all folks!

now its time to move on to....

easter creating fun!

Also, Whose up for a little easter bunny swap?
stay tuned for more info!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cathys Amour swap!

This is the valentine box I sent Pam of treasures and textiles.....
I goofed up though!
I never took pictures of what was in the box I sent to her.
but this is the sweet stuff that was inside of the big box she sent me!
thanks again pam!


thank you so much Pam!
hey, besure to read the text message my husband left me below!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentine texting

Text recieved from husband:
"WANTED : 1 Female approx 50 yrs old
has a bunch of rotten kids
is obsessed with the internet
and with kittens
and will put up with me
to be my valentine!"
cracked me up!
This is my valentine..
about 24 years ago!
I wrote back saying that I knew someone who might fit that discription..
but she is not 50!!
and of course her kids are not rotten.
at least not all the time!
Happy Valentines day everyone!

Friday, February 12, 2010

taking these babies to work today...

52 of us at work are doing a valentine exchange! Just like little grade school kids!
How fun is that? My valentine box at work is already full of little cards and candy! I'll be either giving the candy to the kids I work with or bringing it home to mr tony. yeah, I should probably bring it home to him.. theres not much of the snack foods he likes around here these days. One day he told me he was losing lots of weight on my diet! Poor little guy!
Anyways... I'm off to work... blaahh yukko! but at least it s friday and a three day weekend. The only problem is.. Im on call again. So.. keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that it is a VERY QUIET WEEKEND for on call!
Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My funny valentines!

Igot the best idea from a girl at work today to dress the kittens up and take their pictures for valentines day! I thought maybe I would make little v day cards for work!

We are having our second annual valentine exchange at work and there are 50 of us! We all make a valentine recepticle and bring in cards for everyone. most every one buys the little kids ones at the store.. a few people make them.. 50 is a lot to make.. and actually I think there are 52 of us playing! Some of the people that arent playing are judges and go around judging our "mailboxes". Mine is not that special.. but some of them are really cool! One girl made a big pink pig! and you have to mail your cards and treats in his butt!

Anyways, today someone brought theirs cards in and she had taken a cute picture of her dog and made cards out of it. Thats all it took for me! I could hardly work the rest of the day thinking about little ruffled collars and hats!

This proved to be much harder then I thought it would be.. getting 7 babies to cooperate.. and the parents! They did not want me to mess with their kittens .. it didnt help that the kittens kept crying out to them "help us help us help us!!" I put figgy and frannie upstairs to try to spare them the stress!

Regardless.. it was difficult and I didnt get the shots I had hoped for.. their little hats kept slipping off, I didnt want to tie them too tight ya know! and they wouldnt all look at me at the same time.. and they were crying and trying to get out of the basket!

They sure were cute though! I do think I still can use one of the pics, probably this one above. but I need to get copies made tomorrow and finish them up tomorrow night because they have to be delivered by friday! We have off on monday! (thank you mr presidents! except that I'm on call! )

When I finally let figgy and frannie down stairs, I put hats on them too! Frannie hated it ! figgy was not feeling much better then her about it, but i managed to grab him and snap a picture. looks a bit ticked doesnt he! Well that was my excitement for tonight! American Idol is on soon.. so I'll be making some popcorn and settling in with some needlefelting for the evening.
OH... in the weight loss department. I started out with such a bang and have lost almost 40 pounds.. but I guess I've hit that plateau that people talk about. 3 weeks ago I lost .8, the next week .6 and this week though at work I lost half a pound, at weight watchers I weighed the same as last week! Im behaving.. really. Even when I cheat a little, Im with in my points or extra points. Well in anycase, I will not give up! I still want to lose at least 30 or 35 pounds before summer. thats only 6 pounds a month.. if I could just convince my body to let go of that fat again!
got about 20 minutes to go blog hopping.. see ya there!