Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Valentine Swap!

Okeedokie, here it is girls!  Lets do it!  
Time to do a little swap.
We all like to receive a little something special in our mail boxes.
something that warms our HEARTS and makes us smile!
so lets send a little something to someone and make them feel blessed.. and loved.. and spoiled.. 
I'm thinking that we should send a special valentine card, and some cute valentine gifties.. I'm going to leave it up to you as to what you send.  we all love handmade things. so there should be at least one handmade giftie in your box of treats.
My number one rule for swapping is to send a package that you would love to receive yourself or something soooo cute that you almost cant part with it!  
It will be nice for everyone to receive a package that has at least a few little things in it.  
This swap is about having a chance to be creative and about sending and receiving a little extra love.. so make it special.

sooo... Email me your NAME and ADDRESS to  
don't use that gmail address that's attached to my blog, because I don't really use that.   make sure on your email under subject you write VALENTINE SWAP..  so I don't miss it.  please also leave a quick message here that says, I'm in.. or something so I can make sure to look for your email. 
Mail out date will be Friday FEB 3rd. 
so sign up now..  and I will close the swap on the Jan 13th and assign partners over that weekend.  
There is one more stipulation..  please email me a photo of what you're sending to your partner, because after everyone receives their packages I will post all of the photos on my blog because its fun for everyone to see.
I hope I'm not forgetting anything.  I haven't hosted a swap in a LONG time..  
feel free to share the news, if there are others that want to join in.  it will be fun to have a bunch of us.  
and finally, here is a link to my valentine board on Pinterest..   I think there about 700 photos with tons of valentine inspiration! 

OK..  now I have to go get ready for work! 
have a great day!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How about a valentine swap.. we haven't done a swap in a long time!

IN the back of my mind the thought of putting Christmas away is looming..  and the thought of putting Valentines out is somewhat exciting!  but not yet.  I started redoing the big upstairs bedroom and will be moving my craft room up there soon.  the room is truly in need of being gutted and refinished.  But that is not happening.  I recovered the walls and pulled up the carpet this weekend.  Will be painting the old chippy woodwork this week and will need to find a large area rug.  I also will have to do something with the ceiling.  So far there is a great improvement.  I should have taken a before picture.. but I would have been ashamed to show it!  lol!
Soooo..  Anyways.. It seems to me that its very slow out here in blogland.  And I thought maybe I could generate some activity and excitement.   so how about a VALENTINE SWAP?   I will post details this week, when I have it planned out a little bit better.  Any thoughts or ideas?  I'll do it the old way that I used to do the swaps and in the end collect everyone photos to post on one blog entry.  Its been a long time since I hosted a swap.   But I think Valentines day is the perfect theme.  sooo..
what do you all think?   please show your interest or thoughts here or I may lose the ambition to do it.
And....  Happy New Year bloggy pies!