Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whew! what a weekend! It was packed full and went by so quickly! I cant even remember friday night.. but I know we did something!
I got the best mail on Friday! I recieved my doll from Mica, from the first doll swap. she is absolutely awesome and worth the wait, I LOVE her! She is a real treasure! I also recieved this little baby doll all the way from Denmark from my swap partner Maija! I love her also! Another treasure!!! I am just in Awe of the talent out here in Blog Land! I love it out here. Thank you Mica!!! Thank you Maija!! and Maija, my little baby doll Jasmine also adores the precious baby you made!!

Saturday I went to my friend Brendas and made a basket. I went back today to finish up the rim and I still need to stain it.. tomorrow. It needs a little more time to finish drying first. I have no idea where I'm going to put it or what I might use it for.. but I love the basket!

Saturday night we took little tony out to the dinosaur grill for dinner for his 21st birthday. there was a 1 and a 1/2 hour wait to be seated .. It was nice enough outside so we waited. and waited ... and waited. To entertain ourselves, we took a ton of pictures! There were a lot of people waiting as well, watching us and I know they all thought we were freaks.. well, we probably are.. but we have fun! Most of the good pictures I dont have, as they are on my daughters camera, but i have a few. this one is of my kids pretending to be maniqins. (how the heck do you spell that!! I must have missed that day of school!) Any ways, my husband got annoyed with the wait and got a little grumpy, but we just ignored him. The food was sooo worth the wait though. BBQ chicken and ribs! mmmmm! I brought home a piece of sweet potato pecan pie.. I have to remember to eat it! It stuck it in the fridge last night.. maybe I'll take it to work tomorrow.

so then today , after I finished the basket, I met my daughter and we went to lunch and then to a doll show. It was a small show, but I did manage to find a few little treasures! Arent they precious!? plus Jen and I both won door prizes. however, we didnt get there til close to the end of the show and the prizes that were left werent the greatest.. but hey. we both won!

Oh and I remember now what I did on Friday night. I didnt go out. I stayed home and made a little pink and blue bear.

Have a happy monday all!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

speaking of miniatures...

Do you think this basket is a little too small for Jasper.. He just wouldnt give up on it! I took him out of that basket 5 times and 5 times he got back in it!!! you can see all the pictures at my flickr site... if you want too.. He was pretty pityful I tell ya!

So how is everyone doing on their swap. mine are about finished and ready to go in the mail hopefully on monday. Ive only heard from a few of you.. but I hope all is going well. These swaps sort of take on their own lives after you start them! Thats good though.. I just want to be able to post all of the end results! I do already have plans for the next swap! I love hosting these things! dont worry.. I'll wait a bit! we have to finish this first! I think most of you will like the new idea though!

I heard from Craftyhala today.. she recieved miss kitty mewler! she said that she is her new "mews" and that she is inspired by her! I say Yay!! that makes me happy!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I actually didnt work on Wednesday because I had a little stomach thing going on ! lets just say.. I didnt want to be to far from the bathroom! I also had my longaberger party last night.. I was fine by then. thankfully.. I wasnt like sick sick anyways.. but I'm sure you know what i mean!!

I made three lemon merenge pies for my party.. we finished two of them.. I still have almost a whole one left.. I LOVE LEMON PIE!!! looking forward to a piece and a cup of tea in a little bit! I had a good party and will be getting a bunch of stuff! I havent figured out all that I want yet! Oh lookie here!! Its little Tonys 21st birthday today!! and he is not home.. hes in Ithaca where he lives. he'll be home tomorrow night and is probably planning on going out somewhere ..... ! Hes a good kid. We are very proud of him.. just so hard to believe he is 21!! my precious wittle tony! I think we're all going out to the dinosaur BBQ on sat to celebrate.. mmmmm!

Aint he a cutie pie!!

Ok.. are you getting sick of me yet? back to jasper.. the basket was way tooo small for him so I found this one for him instead... doesnt he look much more comfortable!? he is almost 16.. I really do think he is a little senile! He love to be held ALL THE TIME.. it gets alittle annoying.. but I love my kitten muchly!

and I shall leave you now with this.. my phone art from work.. I can not talk on the phone with out doodling.. and nothing is safe.. not even my orange!! have a great weekend all!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

just stopping by a minute

Hello girls! This is what I've been doing since about 6:00 this morningThis is just a quickie post.. I've been inside all morning playing.. now I really have to go outside and get busy.. as I really keep putting it off!
Hows everyone doing on their miniature swap projects? I've heard from a few girls that have finished and have sent pictures already! wow! I'm impressed! I am not even barely (Ha! bearly!) started on mine. I left someone off of the swap list on accident! so I've taken her on as a partner because I felt so bad! so I again have three partners! I had two because the number was uneven and besides i like having two! and.. I even like having 3 partners.. but I need to get started!!

Peek a boo! Please keep me posted! and send me pictures of your finished projects! I want to try to post them all at once this time instead of in a couple different posts.... well, we'll see though.. I could have waited last time, but I just was too excieted! I probably will be again this time too. so far what ive seen is great and I cant wait to show you all!

I'm pretty tired today.. I went to a friends 50th birthday party last night.. came home late, fell asleep and then was awoken by one son calling home at 2:00 am.. Umm.. he was a bit tipsy to say the least.. I dont think he even knew why he was calling. thank God, he wasnt driving. he was dropped off soon after he called. Then my other son is home for the weekend. and he came in after 2:00 and then Jennifer came in after both of the boys! so they are all yakking out in the living room! then Robert goes outside to talk on the phone.. EIY YIE YIE!! so I was awake for about 45 minutes to an hour. Then I woke up at 4:30.. and then ended up waking up again a little before 6:00.. I just got up then, It was pointless to lay there.. besides (my husband has that temporary colostomy and he must have let some air out of the bag and it didnt smell very pleasant.. so I was not staying in there!) I would have slept on the couch, but one of the boys was sleeping there!!

OK.. so I really need to go outside and do some raking ! Have a lovely day ladies!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The new girl in town! Her name is Blue Beary. she is a sweetie with her little blue mohair coat and her flowery paws that match her dress! she's even wearing a little flower charm necklace. she had been living in my brain for quite a few weeks.. I finally had finished up some other projects and could get to her. Now that I have her out of my system, I can move on to my miniature swap projects!!! They are living in my brain too!! I hate when i get so obsessed that I wake up in the night thinking about them! I'm probably not normal.. I do have some dear friends that call me a freak! can you believe that!?

I took the next two pictures for Sherrie as she was wondering about jointing and "hardware" I usually button or thread join the miniatures. even my rememBears I use buttons to join. I use plastic joints for fur bears or if someone request it.
OK, so Blue Beary and Bella-phante met each other tonight and became instant best friends! They just adore each other. arent they sweet together?ONly two more days til the weekend! I cant wait! I plan on doing alot of yard work.. finally spring has sprung here and the weather has been very nice.. still cool, but sweet and sunny.. I did manage to clean off most of the porch tonight. I still need to take the lacey curtains down and wash them, and also wash the windows..but I'm not really in a hurry to do that.. I hate washing windows!! I actually have been thinking of hiring an amish woman to come help me, seeing as My fairy god mother never shows up!!!!!!!!

One more thing.. I keep meaning to post about my little friend Amelia who is a wonderful artist.. check out her blog sweetbfolkart and add her to your favorites! Her blog needs to be discovered and enjoyed!

Now off I go, I am going out to blog land to see what all of you have been up too! I have had a difficult time trying to keep up lately!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OH you've got to try these! this brownie recipe is so simple! My friend Brenda told me how to make them, and after making them just once they are a family favorite already! simple to make: You need one brownie mix and choc chip cookie dough. ( I used a pre made mix!) Mix up the brownies and spread into the pan. Mix up the cookie dough and drop spoonfuls into the brownies. they sink into it. then cook like the brownie box says, 350 for half an hour or whatever! Next time I make them Im adding walnuts to the brownie mix and frosting them with choc. frosting!!
This is also soo good.. Turkey Rueben! use marble rye bread, coleslaw on bottom, turkey slices, swiss cheese then spread 1000 island dressing on the top slice. butter both top and bottom and grill! this is my most favorite thing to eat right now. Every two weeks when I go grocery shopping, i have to buy all the makings.. they are sooo good!!
OK I need to spend some time in blogland reading everyones elses blogs!!I have such a hard time keeping up with what everyone else is doing! Its that darn job of mine! Whoulda thunk my career would get in the way of my computer play time!
have a sweet day!

Monday, April 14, 2008

hello blogger friends..
I'm a bit grumpy tonight.
just finished doing the taxes..
wondering where we will come up with that money!
It was great when we had 4 dependents..
we dont anymore!
better pray to win the lottery!
(wish I was joking!!!)
oh well.. such is life...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello all... watching american idol right now.. wondering who will go off tonight. Its a good group.. I cant even guess anymore! I have a couple favorites, Jason and young david (cant remember last name..) People that i didnt think I liked at all early on, I now like.. like the other david. My daughter likes michael from australia.. he is cute!

you should scroll down and turn off the music on the side bar before you turn this on,, or you'll be listening to two things at once!!

Tomorrow night I'm going to see Hairspray ! one of our local tv stations had a contest, you had to email pics of a crazy hairdo, jen had one from a musical she was in with her hair full of ringlets.. and she won! So she and I are going. The funny thing is that she had just bought tickets to go with her friends on sunday, so she is going twice this weekend. I saw it when I went to NY city in november. it was awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing it again.
The brakes went in my car last night. yup I was driving and then all of sudden had none.. I did know that they werent right and was trying to get home with it, but I ended up pulling in some where and having my husband come and get me. He had it fixed today, and just went to get my car a little while ago.
So I hope everyone has contacted their swap partners and is starting to plan their creation! I have.. I'm very excieted and cant wait to get started on mine. But first I have two more bear orders to get done. I never did take a picture of the two bears I had made for the lady who had lost her daughter. these next two bears are not for someone who has died, one is a graduation present for someones daughter made out of her school uniform. and the other is for someone for mothers day, made out of her sons outfit that he wore as an infant. I'll hopefully finish both this weekend. I'm on call for work though. Hopefully wont be too busy with that!
I ate too much for dinner! blah! and then I got mad at my son and husband and ate a ton of m&m's now I feel ill and stuffed!! It is time to get jammies on, get a glass of water and curl up on the couch!!
sorry no pics tonight. sometimes Im pretty boring!!
I was going to post something from You tube, but couldnt figure it out! ( opps.. figured it out! thanks Lori!)
okeedokie.. good night all!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here are some of my dolls and a few of my daughters (the barbies) We have a couple bins full of dolls that we dont have out right now! Sorry I dont have time to tell about them much.. but Ive got to go to work! the first batch are raggedy anns, most of which I made.

This next group is a few pics of my halloween dolls.. I have so many more... but no time to dig them out! I love that little mary englebriet doll!

Here are just a few of some christmas dolls..

A couple fairies valentine ffairy and a princess fairy!

Just a little doll house friend!

this next group is of all my favorite old dolls!

A cabinet of little ones.. mostly mcdonalds!

a few of Jens barbies.. and another of her friends.........

OK Girls.. wish i had time to play.. but now Im down to 15 minutes to get ready for work!! this computer is an addiction!!!