Tuesday, May 28, 2013

only four more days til the weekend!!

home sweet home...
wow,, what a busy weekend!  Lets see, Friday night I went to see The Great Gatsby, saturday I spent the day shopping with Bethany and the two Torrys.
We went to Sarahs garden center in Brockport.  Oh my goodness, I love going there.  I get my plants for my fairy Garden there because they always have the sweetest little tiny plants ! They also have a large water feature area and lots of goldfish for ponds.. Torry really loved the water and goldfish!
 Sunday I painted that silly fence in the pic above, worked on bears, and then I planted my  fairy garden.
I cant remember who did a mini dinosaur garden, but I think Im going to make one of those next weekend for Torry pie.. a fairy garden for princess Marla pie and a dinosaur garden for Torry!
Not quite done yet, I need to make a grapevine arch and add some mushrooms and stones.
marla pie
so then sunday night I went and picked up marla and kept her over night.  she is sooo freaken sweet!  She is so much more quiet then Torry.  Torry talks non stop and plays hard.... marlas quiet and gentle.. they are so different, but of course each absolutely freaken perfectly precious in their own ways!!  torry doesnt like to eat, unless its sweet... marla.. LOVEs all food.  they crack me up!  So marla stayed overnight on sunday and kept me busy sunday til everyone came over for our memorial day picnic.

happy memorial day
Everyone came, which was awesome.  I love having all my family at one time. We had about 4 extras here as well.. The more the merrier.  I invited one of the boys I work with over because he would have been stuck at his foster home, so he came and hung out with us for the afternoon.  He probably thinks we're all crazy.  (we are) !  I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!  I'm pooped from mine.
anyways.. it was a crazy fun filled busy weekend and now its time to jump in the shower, iron some clothes and get off to work!  only 4 days til the weekend again!!
Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

morn'n girlie pies!

outside 1
just a quick saturday morning postie here... 
so much to do this weekend, three days off and I feel rushed already before 9:00 am on saturday morning!  eiy yie yie!
Im off this morning to get some more flowers and groceries.  still trying to figure out what we will be doing for memorial day so I know what to buy..  I guess I will wake all my kids up with phone calls shortly to see what they really want to do and where they want to do it!  I would just plan to go to the lake, but it might be chilly there. only supposed to be low 70s sunday, which means cooler at the lake.
anyways.. supposed to go to a birthday party later.. not sure I'm going to make it there.  once I leave here, I dont want to worry about coming back at any certain time. 
and those bears.... I still need to finish those bears up this weekend...   Ive been such a procrastinator!  yikes!
went to see the Great Gatsby last night.  I have to admit I did not know the story.  while I absolutely loved the first half and the music and party scenes.. and where the love story started to unfold... I kept thinking how I wish I had been alive then and what fun I would have had partying and dancing like that...  and I couldnt wait to buy a copy of the movie....  (run on sentence here!)  I have to admit, that I didnt feel the same way about the second half!    I hated where it went in the second half and how it ended.  it was sad.  but I will probably have to buy a copy anyways... just because the first half was so much fun! 
OK.. rambling here.. really need to go get some stuff done.. figgy, frannie and buffy would like there breakfast by now for sure.. buffys in her cage whistling away and keeps saying "good morning the bird".  She is not going to be very happy to find out I'm out of birdseed... she'll be having eggs and toast and banana this morning to hold her over til I get home with seed later! 
have a great day girlie pies!
oh.. and remind me later.. I have news for yous!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


peek a boo... eye see you!  you see me?  I have a stye.. this is from last night.. its uglier this morning.  but it doesnt hurt unless I touch it, so hands off!.    I look like a bug eyed monster! lol!  
so first off.. I have to apologize as I havent been out doing my normal blog visits.. Ive been busy with life.. working, working in the yard, family, you know.. same old same old!  
I'm excited as this coming weekend is memorial day weekend and of course thats the kick off for summer.  Im looking forward to beach days...  soon to come!  we may picnic at the lake this weekend, but wont get to the beach yet.  its really not supposed to be that warm this weekend.  only 70 on monday.  which is great really.. just not beach worthy for the family.. (it actually is for me though.. lol!)
 so Im assuming that a bunch of us will congregate at the lake for hotdogs and hamburgers and assorted other yummyness!
I didnt go to weight watchers this week, but did get weighed at the drs on monday and was down another pound.  however this morning I weighed in up a pound.. so I have to behave this weekend!  I will make sure I have low points goodies to munch on!
hoping to get these bears that I've been working on forever finished this weekend too...  I need to stop getting side tracked!

Now, on to something fun!  I had promised a patriotic ornie swap a couple months ago.  Again, like the nest swap, I want to keep this simple.  so the game plan is one partner each and one ornie each.  no extras unless its just a little something.  Just create an awesome little patriotic ornament and send it to your partner!   email me your name and make sure I have working links to your blogs and a working email so I can pass the info on to your partners.  Im going to match people up as they sign up to make it easier for myself.   some of you with the google + sites, we cant all access them for some reason, so if thats what you have, please make sure that your email address works.  I ended up leaving a couple people out of the swap last time because I couldnt contact them.
so, I will take sign ups for the next couple days. email me here;  vivianneroni@yahoo.com  
You may hear from me with partner info before I even close the swap because like I said, Im going to match people as they join.   please be sure to create something awesome and mail it to your partner by June 20th.
thats it!  I dont think I forgot anything..
OK.. I have to go feed the bird and water some plants.. 
have a happy day girlie pies!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

blasts from my past!

me and jen
 My sister posted these pictures of me on facebook last night!  I got a good laugh out of them.  so hard to believe that I always thought I was fat, as I was a skinny thing!  oh to go back!  In the first pic, looking like a rock star, I was about 22.  In the second I was 14 or 15.  And, in the third I was about 18.  I really have no pictures of myself as a child.  maybe only 2 or 3, so its fun for me to see these.  a little blast from the past!
ugly dress 2
so far its been a nice weekend.  I spent yesterday with Torry pie, we put hanging baskets out and did a little birthday present shopping and then went to party at a place called leaps and bounce.. torry had fun playing in the bounce houses.. Grammies a little sore from walking in the bounce house with him because he wouldnt go in with out me..  ok ladies, for your information, its a little hard to walk in a giant bounce house when there are a dozen little kids bouncing !  my 50 something old hips are feeling it today... well, that and the fact that I bought myself a hoolahoop yesterday and was trying to do that for a while last night... whew!  a few minutes of that makes you a little warm!  lol!
me cropped  
Jennifer and her Tony got moved into their little cottage on the lake yesterday.  I went over last night and helped her unpack a bit in the kitchen.  she is right on the lake.. lucky her!
Today I,ve got to go get some more plants and then I plan on gardening and yard work for the day.. oh.. and seeing my sweet little marla pie for a while too!
speaking of marla pie.. look at these cute pics I took of her a couple weeks ago with my phone. I forgot I had them!
marla 1
marla 2marla 3

so thats life in my world today.. what are my bloggypies up to today?
see yas later!

Friday, May 17, 2013

home sweet home!

home sweet home
finally Friday!  home sweet home for the weekend!  and I took monday off besides.  I have a dr appt in the afternoon and thought heck.. lets just take the whole day of and then I can run some errands that I've been putting off..  
I am pooped out.  twas a long busy and stressful week at work. My weekend plans consist of cleaning my craft room, shopping for flowers, a childs birthday party, gardening, and cooking out and working on those bears!
messy craft room!
The last few nights after work, Ive been going to my daughters to help her pack to move this weekend.  I can pack.. but I dont help in the actual moving... that physical stuff is not my cup of tea! LOL!  Im grateful that my kids are all close and they are always there to help each other out.  they all showed up to move Tony into his house and then bethany into her apartment the next day.  Then a few weeks ago Rob and Tiff moved and they all helped out there too.  after Jen gets moved I hope they all stay settled for awhile.  Im never moving.. well unless I win the lottery or something.. 
anyhow.. thats whats going on around here this past week and this weekend!  I'll be blog hopping in the morning!  see you then! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

and then the blue bird of happiness came!

from patti 1
last night was a sucky evening... just a wee bit stressful, nothing serious.  Here.. I'll cut and paste what I wrote on face book...just to give you a good idea of how awesome it was to then find this freak'n sweet  package on my porch!  
 "what a screwed up evening.. stopped at the grocery store to get some lowfat cottage cheese, but picked up a WW watchers magazine and saw this fritata recipe, looked so good, I bought all the ingredients and headed home to make it.. beth called and asked me to watch torry while she got her hair done, so I turned around to go get him, then almost ran out of gas. Once home, he was so grumpy, tired and hungry I was trying to find him something to eat. He fell off the kitchen chair Hard on the side of his face and head... broke my heart.. I spilled grape juice.. made a mess making the fritata (how the heck do you spell that?) dropped a bunch of it on the floor while trying to get it out of the pan. It looked disgusting.. ... was hoping it would be ok... when I finally would get to eat it. in the mean time I made torry some scrambled eggs, which he proceeded to throw or drop on the floor.. after he left I tried my egg thing.. and it was disgusting. I threw the whole thing away. cleaned up the huge messes in the kitchen and ate watermelon, cottage cheese and half a grapefruit.. took two tylenol and now Im sitting her complaining! LOL.... its all good though.. now if the headache would just go away..."
from patti 2
Of course things calmed down afterwords and I went to bed early.. but I have to admit I was pretty shaken up by Torrys fall... I keep getting a sick feeling and my tummy still rolls every time I play it back in my mind.   And I was pretty ticked that I bought and wasted all the stuff to make that gross fritata....   but oh well.. life goes on, today is a new day.. and I have the sweetest little mushroom bird nest made for me by paintin Patti!!    I LOVE this patti.  thank you so much!
I hope everyone that participated has received their nests by now.  Ive had a lot of fun playing with nests this spring... wait.. did I say spring????   I think mother nature is very very confused...  there is frost out there this morning..  it snowed on mothers day!  what the heck is going on?  
I have to weigh in today and I need to wear very light weight springy clothes..  this weather aint work'n for that!  lol!
wish me luck on the scales.. If I could weigh in right now, Id be down two pounds...  maybe I should not eat today! lol.
have a happy day my friends!

Monday, May 13, 2013

dollies, mothers and the winner!

todays baby finds
how did we get to monday already?  the weekend went soo fast!  These little babies were my saturday morning finds at the doll show.  wow.. this year there just wasnt a lot calling to me!  I guess on one had thats a very good thing.. (the hand that carries the purse!  LOL.
Figgy and frannie, aka  the naughtie pies. (see them on the table??  nothing new.. they go there alot..  sorry to those of you repulsed by that.. but seriously,  it doesnt bother me...)  anyways, they wanted to check out the new babies.. I think figgys just checking out the competition for my attention!
the naughties..
Saturday afternoon and I cleaned and puttered and then had Rob, tiff and marla over for pizza bagels, as they were going to be unable to make it out to dinner with us for mothers day.   and DUH!!  I failed to take any pictures of marla pie! 
Yesterday, I puttered around and then went out to dinner with the other kids and torry pie.  Lets just say... Im afraid to weigh in tomorrow night!  I will surely be scrimping on my points the next two days~ lol!
I got sweet gifts from my kids, a parking pass to the beach... so awesome to have!  and some birds and birdnests and mushroomie type lovely things!  and of course dinner.. such a nice afternoon.. inspite of the blustery snowy, windy rainy weather.. and cold!!   This time, I remembered to take pics, but the lighting was goofy and they just didnt turn out well enough to post.
And so now,  I drew a name for the birdie print and it goes to Vintagebettys!  will you please send me your address my friend?   Hoping to get to the post office tomorrow or wednesday.
I never mailed my mothers day cards...   I have them sitting here ready to go.  I suck.  but really part of the reason was that I was trying to get a good picture of myself to stick in the cards and I must have taken 50 pictures over a few days last week and let me just tell you, I truly am not photogenic...  and then finally I got one that turned out pretty good.  probably just a fluke as I dont think I usually look like that! LOL!
anyways, this is the picture that im sending to my mother and step mother.  I did manage to call my mom last night and I will call my step mother today. 
me 1 
for now, its time to get started on a new week and off I go to get ready for work..  such fun such fun... (that was sarcastic incase you couldnt tell but the tone of my typing! lol)  
happy day girlie pies!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day♥

me. mom , vanessa and val 2
(my mommy and two of my sisters)
Happy Mothers day to all my own mommy pies.. 
and all my mommy pals!
I hope everyone has a great day today.
dad and carol
(my daddy and my sweet step mother)
Hubby has to work today, so I'm starting my morning with some big band music blasting while I clean up this house!  yes, I'm cleaning on mothers day!  but it is what I want to do..  Then later we're going out to dinner at the Center St  Grill for some yummy bbq!
mom n 
 (my awesome mother in law)
My eating plan for today... I'm going to have a grapefruit for now.. and try to hold off eating until about 11:00.. then I'm going to have scrambled eggs full of veggies and some toast to hold me over until we go to dinner.  I'll probably sneak an apple in around 2:00..   just trying to keep my points as low as possible so I can enjoy a yummy dinner tonight! 
have a lovely day everybody!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

needlefelting and a giveaway!

the birds!
pooped out!  home from work at 5:30, made dinner and beth, Vanessa and Torry pie came over.  The girls wanted to learn how to needle felt.  So, I taught them to make birds!  they did a great job.
we made tiny birds!  but they are very sweet.  Its sort of hard to explain really, how to needlefelt.  You sort of have to explain it but then just let people get the feel for it and experiment with it.  I bet these girls could whip these birds right out now if they wanted too. 
And speaking of Birds...  I am making up a few of these.  A couple of them are gifts and one of them is a giveaway for my bloggy peeps!  I had meant to do a giveaway for my 1000th post.. but didnt get to it for some reason.
so, just leave comments and I'll pick a winner randomly this weekend!
for now, Im soooo tired.  I think I'll go take a nap on the couch before I go to bed! lol!
sweet dreams.. and happy Friday!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

wishful morning thinking

good morning girls!  Its been awfully quiet out here in blog land...  must just be that time of year.  there are days lately that I've actually wondered, why am I doing this?  blogging.  And for a couple minutes I entertain the idea of giving it up.  but there is something very addicting about it and I love seeing all my bloggy pals.. so I keep coming.  and so here I am.  With nothing special to say or  to show you... just popping in..  
We've had awesome springy weather this past week, for which I am very grateful for... but I do hear that its supposed to be in the 50's and rainy by the weekend. 
Hubby finally got the yard mowed yesterday..  it was looking pretty rough back there!   I'm dying to go flower shopping.  but it is too early yet.  my little fairy in the first picture is hoping to be out in the fairy garden very soon!  however, I do think I will wait two more weeks before I start planting.... or maybe just one more week.. lol!  Really, I'm sure Ive told you before, but I don't like gardening!  lol... I dont know how to do what I want to do, nor do I have the money to do what I want to do.. and truthfully  I'm not even really sure that I even know what it is I want to do!  LOL!  and thats the truth!  
What Id like is a lot of money.. a brand new house, built to look like a very old farm house, with beautiful gardens and trees and a gardener... as well as a gorgeous patio surrounding a beautiful pond like pool.. with a pool boy.  And well I'm at it.. a housekeeper would be great too.  Oh and lets add in a couple barns for my hubby to play in.  with a white picket fence surrounding it all........ or really I would love to have a stone fence surrounding it all.  
OK.. enough of that dream...  I wish that fairy was for real and she was able to wave that magic flower and make me rich!!  
and since shes not, I suppose I shall go kick my husband out of the bathroom so I can get ready to go to work... so I can at least have some money to buy some flowers!  LOL!
well, I had no intentions of taking this path on my blog this morning... but that seems to be what popped into my wishful little brain !!
have a lovely day!  and hey... if any of you hit it big in the lottery..   please think of me! LOL!
happy day!
oh.. and minus two more pounds last night.. woohoo!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

it's a tweet thing...

Just a little sunday morning show and tell!  I have a spot in my living room that needed a little something.  And I kept hoping to find the perfect bird print.. either vintage.. or whimsical.  But no luck, I havent been able to find anything.  then I remembered this picture that I had found on line and used to in my little birdie and nest banner.  I thought if I could make it big enough it would work.. and it did!  I just printed it out, embellished it a little bit, stuck it in a frame I already had, added a couple more embellishments and its perfect in that spot.  And best of all.. didnt cost a thing! 
A perfect and fast sunday morning craft!  
Now I'm off to get dressed and make my bed... 
then I think Im going to go out for a bit. 
 Have a great day TWEET friends!
(sorry.. I cant help myself sometimes!  lol!)

Saturday, May 4, 2013


The weekend kicked off last night with a visit to see Marlaina, Tiffany and Rob.  I picked up Jen, Beth and Torry and we went for a little visit!  I love seeing both babies together.  they are soooo freaken cute!
 marla, torry and marla's doggys
I gotta admit though, that Torry wasnt as sweet to his little cousin as I would have liked him to be.  hes at that age when he thinks everything is his... "Mine.. mine ...mine"  even when they are Marlas toys.  but hes two.. and thats how two year olds are.  Plus sometimes he doesnt like to share his hugs and kisses and sometimes he hits....   and they ends up in time out.   I know... another two year old trait, that he will out grow.. but still not very nice behavior.
I still love the stuff'n out of him though!

caught yas!
Marla pie, on the other hand.. is pure sweetness!  hugs and cuddles for everyone.  and just freaken adorable besides!   I just love these babies to pieces!
so.. this morning.. Im heading to work on bears for a few hours.  Then I'm hooking up with my two besties for an afternoon of shopping and playing.  not sure where we're going yet.. but out and about where ever the day takes us!
The weather is supposed to be sunny and 75 both days this weekend and into next week.  
who could ask for anything more?  
Have a delightful weekend my friends!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

finally, doing what I should be doing!

tiny bear friend
working on memory bears.   I ended up with two more orders, so I thought Id really better get busy!  so Ive been up since 5:00 cutting pieces out.. and I'll soon be setting up the sewing machine! (well not today... but hopefully tomorrow morning.)
For now I'm leaving this mess on the kitchen table, I just wanted to make a quick post to say happy thursday.. it is thursday right?  lol.. I have to go do the dishes up and then two of my most favorite chores..  NOT!  clean the bird cage and the litter box....  
pin cushion
do you like my little pinkeep?  I made it several years ago, this has always been one of my favorite little bears.. you can see that figgy likes it too.. he has chewed his hat!  silly cat!

true love 
I'm looking forward to an evening out tonight to a show with a neighbor friend.  And then tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  you know how I love my weekends..  well, I'm sure we all do.. ! 
Figgy, Frannie and I say,  "Have a great day bloggy pies!"  
well, I'm sure thats what they would say... if they could...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

may day card 
Happy May Day!  I hope everyone has some sunshine and flowers in their lives today!!
And... OH dear!  my forgetful old brain!! I dont want to let another day go by with out posting pics of the wonderful package that I recieved from Lisa for Elizabeths swap.
gifties from lisa
 Lisa spoiled me with a ton of great stuff.  and the box, which I failed to take a picture of, and of which Im too lazy to take one right now, was cute, wrapped in star paper.. which you can actually see part of in this pic below!
Look at the little pink haired spun cotton vivi doll, working on her needlefelting that Lisa made for me!  is that not stinking awesome!?  and the other dolly with the white hair that lisa said jumped right into the box to come along to my house..
I see lots of things that will find their way into crafty projects to come.  thank you so much Lisa!  and your package is on its way!
gifts in the mail from lisa
In other news... the good:
Im down another 3.8 pounds! woohoo!!  
the  bad:
I think I have a cold.. or Ive developed allergies.. blaaahhhhh!!!
but whatever.. I must go get ready for work.. 
so have a great May Day everyone!