Thursday, June 25, 2015

almost friday......

Good morning friends.  Happy Thursday!  almost Friday...    I try so hard to make the most of every day so as not to rush through the week only waiting for the weekend.. and, I love my job.. so its not like its painful to go to work or anything.. (well, sometimes it is!) but geesh.. I just REALLY LOVE my weekends!  some day.. someday.. I'll get to retire and then my life will be a long weekend! lol!  however, as much as I look forward to retiring,  I don't want to rush getting older! LOL!  So I need to make the most of every day.. each day is a gift... and we should treasure it and look for the bright spots!  (and quit just thinking about Friday! LOL!)   

These two pics are of my office at work.  what I really need is a big sand box under my desk to put my feet in and a video picture frame that plays scenes of the lake, or ocean with sounds of the beach!  oh.. what a good idea that would be.  I wonder if there is such a thing.  LOL!  oh heck.. as long as I'm dreaming, lets make it like a giant screen tv that would take up most of a wall.  but in a soft woody pastel weather beaten frame.   
OK.. back to reality.  been working, playing and working on bears.   so many bears.. and Ive been bearcrastinating...   I seem to do a little here.. a little there..  then I leave them alone for a couple days.  I'm just about done with one big order, two left to finish tonight , just a little more work to do on each of them!  Then they can go in the mail.. 9 happy little bears will be on their way to California!  Then this weekend... while its RAINING, I'll cut out the next order to start on. 
I did get a little crafty play time in this past week as well.  And whipped up some little patriotic mice that are on their way to live with some friends.  maybe this weekend while its RAINING again, I will make something for myself.  I have a little something living in my brain that is wanting to get out!  we'll see!

Last night I went to a flower shop to buy a couple Jacob's ladder plants to give to Vanessa and I found these little flamingos!  Aren't they stinking cute?  I couldn't wait to get home and put them in the fairy garden.  I might go back and get a couple for my desk sand box too! lol!  you know a girls just got to have fun.  I need to get a little beach chair for my sandbox...  OK.. that's all for now my friends..  as usual, Ive got not much time to get ready for work.. 
have a lovely day!

Friday, June 19, 2015

strawberries in the fairy garden!

 have I told you lately how much I love my little pies?  
 Just in case I havent....    
 OMG....  I LOVE these little people sooooo much!
Its so nice that all my babies are close by.    the other night we went out to dinner and I had all five in one place.  and oh my goodness.. do they tire me out!  its a good tired though.   the next couple days need to be baby free for me though..   I have got to work on bears!   I just might pack a bunch up and head to the beach tomorrow to work on them there.   We'll see!
Happy Friday bloggy pies!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

raindrops and lifes ups and downs

    I slept til 6:00 this morning!  now Ive lost an hour.  lol!  I couldnt get up because I was freezing..   I had gone to bed with out blankets and with only a sheet and a fan blowing on me..  I was so cold when I woke up.. I got back under my blankets and fell back to sleep.   I never do that!   and... its raining again...  I need to make friends with the rain or become a duck... otherwise Im going to be miserable...  because its looking like its going to be a wet summer.  
Interestingly enough  the weather worked in lifes favor this weekend.  Life has been... well..  life I guess.  We put two young family members to rest.  On june 2nd, our 16 year old great nephew Trenton, was stabbed to death by another 16 year old.  we didnt really know Trenton, we had met him several times over the years but we know his family and his momma..  And we love them and our hearts break for them.  His calling hours and funeral were friday night and Saturday.  We went in the pouring rain to his calling hours. but not to his funeral because we had a wedding on saturday.    

On Sunday we went to calling hours for my cousins son Marcus, 24 years old, who was killed in a car accident last week.  heart breaking losses..  and more pouring rain!  Yesterday was his funeral.  I went to spend time with my cousins and family afterwords.. and thankfully the rain had stopped and things had dried up.. because there were a lot of people and we would not have all fit in the house!   I didnt know Marcus well either.. but I sure do love his mothers  (he actually has two of them..   Long story..)  I love my family.  even if they are all a little crazy!  Some things we cant put in writing!  (wink wink) Hey.. and they are not the only crazy ones..  I definitely have fallen off the same branch! lol!

so along with the sadness and the RAIN...  sandwhiched in between, was a gorgeous, sunny DRY day for a beautiful wedding on saturday!   the bride and groom were beautiful and everything was perfect for them.. and for me, because a whole bunch of my girlfriends were there and we danced and danced  and danced and had a great time, while my hubby stood patiently by... waiting and waiting to go home! LOL!

There was another rainy day..  June 8th which was baby jacobs birthday.  He would have been 3 this year.   Grammie took Torry and Violet to let balloons go in the cemetary for him between the rain drops!  Torry and I have done this for the last three years and he sort of understands what we're doing and gladly sends the balloons off one at a time while wishing jacob a happy birthday each time.. but Violet was like.. "really?  why we letting go of those perfectly good balloons?"  I told Torry about another cousin we lost, Nathaniel so he asked Jacob to share his balloons with him.   such a sweet sweet boy.  (in between the total craziness!) 
and speaking of my Torry pie.. 
he called me sunday morning and asked if he could come over  and sooooo...once again,  in between the rain drops, we planted his dinosaur garden and then went to the lake.  We needed to get some rocks for the dinosaur garden of course!  so just as we got in the car to go, it started to sprinkle, but he was ok with that..  we spent half an hour collecting lake stones and throwing giant rocks into the lake, while it sprinkled on us!
and then we danced! in the rain.. at the lake!
Ive taught all of my grandpies to dance in the rain... with the exception of Scarlett who is too little yet.  I did take Lilly out in the rain to dance one time this spring.. but I dont think she got the concept yet.. she will though.   one day!
Spent time with MArla yesterday and forgot to take my camera with me, but we stopped about bought a fairy, a little lamb and a pinwheel for her fairy garden at her house.  and I gave her the rocks that Torry had collected for her.  she told me that were precious precious rocks because they were from Torry.  
God... thank you for these precious grandpies.. I just love them soooo much!
And with that...  I now have 15 minutes to get dressed, feed the bird put on some makeup and pack a lunch!
oh yer mark.. get set.. go!
OH.. and it is pouring out!
happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 8, 2015

you'll be sick of my face after this post! lol!

I am so sorry!  Im such a bad bad blogger pal..  I have not had a chance in days to read blogs or to post.   I dont know what I did all last week...  but this past weekend I had a great time!
wednesday night I got it in my head that I wanted to go to the Rhinebeck country living fair.  so I called a couple friends and my daughter Jen, twisted some arms and made the plan to go!
Rhinebeck is a 5 hour ride without stops.. so with our three "pee" breaks, it took us about 6 hours.  we got there and sort of hurried through because it closed at 5:00 and it was already 1:00 when we arrived.. or close to it.   I knew that my friend Marlene Haveron was going to be there with Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka.  So we found them right away.  It was great to see miss marlene again and to meet Jenny and Aaron in person.  they are adorable!   
After we met up with them, we walked through a couple tents and then decided to eat!  and on our way to eat we ran right into one of my first on line friends, Lisa Kettel!  what a treat!  we had touched base the day before and knew we would try to find each other.. and we didnt even have to look!  we pretty much walked right into each other.  Lisa is adorable too.  She took this pic below of us.. which Im pretty sure she doctored it up because while she is totally beautiful, I am not.. and this is a way good picture of me.. I dont really look like that! LOL!
So.. while we were talking to Lisa and her lovely mom,  someone yells out  "Vivian Neroni"!  and there is Kecia Deveney.. another old time on line friend!   she had her good friend Jane with her that she often talks about.  So it was very nice to meet her.  I have met Kecia in person before, actually at the country living fair in Ohio about 5 years ago I think.
so we stayed til 5:00 and then headed home again.. we got back to our area about midnight!  talk about a long day.. but so worth it.. (to me anyways! ) I had a great day.   I didnt buy much, I picked up the old bears in the first pic I posted and I got some wool, a pattern and some tiny flags.  Next time I go, I need to be more impulsive and buy the things I think about buying.. because now I just keep wishing I had bought some of the things I didnt!  LOL!
On saturday, I took torry and violet out to breakfast with jen and Ella.. then to the playground and then to my house for little while.  Ran them home and then it was time to head out on another little trip!  Tony and I went to Canandaigua  to see Garrison Keillors prairie home companion show.  That was a lot of fun!  Tony and I dont usually do anything together.. we have totally different interests! lol!  And two hours away from home and I ran into 2 separate people I knew! such a small world we live in! 
 Which then brings us to sunday.  Up early, cleaning the house so I could head to the beach for a while.  Bethany, Torry and Violet came with me and it turned out to be a really nice afternoon.   The kids love the beach like their Grammie pie!
 Next time Marla needs to come with us as she loves it too.  The water was absolutely freezing cold so no one went swimming!   I love my beach!
soo.. then, while we were leaving the beach, I hear someone yell, "hey Neroni!"  and there is my dear old friend Debbie and her husband!  she had stalked my facebook and knew Id be at the beach.  so they drove all the way out.  they live about an hour and half away on another part of lake ontario!  anyways.. they followed us home and we had a nice little visit.  We all went out to get some dinner at our little hojack icecream shack in town. It was such a treat to see them!  Tiffany and the girls met us there as Deb and Tiff have become facebook pals and when we left, Marla came over to hang out with me for an hour.  but my camera battery was dead from the beach  so I didnt get a picture of her!    
so that was my weekend.  And it left me totally pooped out today! lol!  
lots of other stuff that has been keeping me busy.. but this is long enough already!  
mostly I just want to apologize for not keeping up well lately.   but dont doubt my love for you all.. cause I do.. love you all!  I will be blog hopping in the morning!  nighty night!